12 Best Jobs 2024: Your Guide to Excellent Career Opportunities

12 Best Jobs 2024: Your Guide to Excellent Career Opportunities | Career | Emeritus

Here we are, moving toward the last quarter of a rather tumultuous year of job loss, inflation, and talks of recession. Therefore, it’s a good time to bring out the crystal ball, gaze four months into the future, dip into that vast ocean of career forecasting, and feel the currents. After all, knowing what the next year holds, professionally, means you can prepare for what’s to come. Change jobs? Upskill? Reskill? Activate a career transition move? This is why this best jobs 2024 list attempts to help professionals figure out their next steps and strike while the iron is hot. So read on and get your professional groove on with this best jobs 2024 ready reckoner. 

best jobs 2024

1. Software Developer

 best jobs 2024

They develop, design, and code the IT infrastructure and systems for business-to-business or business-to-consumer enterprises. What’s more, developers have a host of choices regarding the industries they want to work in. 

Why Should You Become a Software Developer

According to McKinsey, high-skill jobs are going to be in demand. Moreover, global consulting firm Korn Ferry believes that if the shortfall is not addressed, almost 85 million jobs will go “unfilled” by 2030. Now is the time to move in and secure a lucrative, valuable career.

Skills Required

  • Expertise in coding languages such as Java, Python, C++
  • Proficiency in Structured Query Language (SQL) as well as reading and securing databases across various systems
  • Knowledge of different data structures and algorithms to optimize information storage  
  • Moreover, know-how in debugging a program to remove errors 
  • The skills to use text editing software such as Atom, TextMate, Notepad++, etc
  • Data encryption
  • Additionally, familiarity with cloud platforms

Average Salary

$105,907 as per Glassdoor. Also, check out Emeritus’ IT courses for a leg up. Learn the most in-demand skills and tools for a career boost.

2. AI Engineer

Technology is a hydra-headed, many-faceted entity—and AI is now its most talked-about aspect. Artificial engineering has changed the way businesses function. AI engineers design, develop, and program networks of algorithms to mimic the human brain. 

Why Should You Become an AI Engineer

According to PwC, AI may contribute $1.5 trillion to the global economy by 2030. Therefore, it’s easy to see why it’s among the best jobs 2024 line-up, with vast growth potential.

Skills Required

  • Understand programming languages such as Python, C++, etc
  • Knowledge of various deep learning methods, from neural networks to knowing the building and application of such networks
  • Good hold over data analytics to pick out vital information from vast data to generate AI models
  • Expertise in maths, statistics, algebra, etc     
  • Machine learning expertise in concepts and frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, supervised and unsupervised learning, and regression, among other things

Average Salary

$160,809 as per Glassdoor. Sign up for artificial intelligence and machine learning courses to leverage this lucrative career path. 

3. Data Analyst/Scientist 

Data is the engine that runs this digital hyperloop the world is currently riding. It’s, therefore, safe to say that businesses across industries will ratchet up their demand for professionals who can decipher, analyze, study, and harness big data. 

Why Should You Become a Data Analyst/Scientist

Think about this: It is anticipated that 147 zettabytes of data are expected to be generated in 2024. Like its other technology kin, data scientists are needed across industries.

Skills Required

  • Data collection, visualization, and extracting information from big data
  • Additionally, data mining, or finding patterns and connections with large sets of data to drive growth
  • Critical thinking skills to parse, analyze, understand data, and explain it to nontechnical stakeholders
  • Knowledge of complex algorithms, statistics, AI, and ML

Average Salary


4. Data or Information Broker

This spin-off of the above-mentioned genre of jobs has seen heightened demand. A data broker explains, gathers, analyzes, and structures data before licensing it for the businesses that hire them. For example, if it’s a consumer-centric business, they might contract a data broker to collect, analyze, and understand consumers’ behavior patterns to help optimize sales. 

Why Should You Become a Data Broker

Given the surfeit of data and the competitive nature of doing business today, a data broker job is set to become quite prominent. To put that into perspective, in 2021, the global data broker market was just over $319 billion; by 2028, it’s expected to reach over $545 billion. As far as best jobs 2024 blockbusters go, this one is bursting with potential.

Skills Required

  • An interest and talent for data research 
  • Also, a comprehensive knowledge of data research tools and programs
  • Excellent communication and critical thinking abilities 
  • Also, extensive knowledge about data privacy norms to stay within the bounds of legality

Average Salary

$70,000, according to Comparably. Furthermore, Emeritus data science courses have the potential to lay the foundation for a prosperous and fulfilling data career.

5. Cybersecurity/Information Security Expert

With most of us living half our lives latched on to laptops, mobile devices, and gadgets, the concept of security has evolved. Consequently, there has also been an alarming rise in the sheer sophistication of cyberattacks. Therefore, building an impenetrable bulwark against it is not a choice. 

Why Should You Become a Cybersecurity Expert 

This year, the average cost of data breaches is anticipated to reach $4.2 million. That is reason enough for companies to reinforce their defenses and build a virtual moat around their digital infrastructure. That’s the main reason why a job in cybersecurity is high in the best jobs 2024 list; it’s also on the much-required jobs list for companies. So, unless we roll back time to a pre-Internet era, it’s a job that’s here to stay. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that jobs in this space will grow by 35% by 2031.

Skills Required

  • Deep technological knowledge of firewalls, network configuration, and management
  • Programming knowledge to not only write internal systems but also pre-empt breaches
  • Identify and manage risks
  • Notably, staying up-to-date on evolved security technologies and new forms of cyberattacks 
  • Automation, logical reasoning, and troubleshooting as well

Average Salary 

As per Glassdoor, the average salary is $96,855. Also, if you are looking to upskill, cybersecurity courses by Emeritus offer a head start in this in-demand field.

6. Blockchain Developer

In this world of insecurity, there is a high demand for tightening up loopholes in systems, and nothing does this better than blockchain technology. It is, after all, a method of saving and recording information that is difficult to change, hack, or manipulate. A blockchain developer thus creates the blockchain architecture, puts in place protocols, and ensures its smooth functioning. 

Why Should You Become a Blockchain Developer 

PwC has the statistics to back the claim of the popularity of this job. As stated in its Time for Trust report, 40 million jobs will be enhanced by this technology by 2030. This clearly is a not-to-be-missed opportunity.  

Skill Required

  • Extensive knowledge of blockchain architecture and how it works 
  • Additionally, a solid foundation in cryptographic concepts
  • Familiarity with data structures as well
  • Knowledge of different programming languages

Average Salary 

$101,800 as per Glassdoor. 

From blockchain experts to cryptocurrency analysts, the world of technology is booming with new jobs. If you are looking to upskill, check out technology courses on Emeritus.

7. Digital Media Content Creator

According to a LinkedIn ‘State of Content’ report, all content creators can breathe easy; their jobs are not in jeopardy despite the economic downturn. The report, based on a survey of over 1,200 marketing and creative professionals, found that brands across the globe will continue to invest in content creation, management, and distribution. 

Why Should You Become a Digital Media Content Creator

It’s creative, it’s fulfilling, it’s fun, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. If that’s not enough to make it to the best jobs 2024 coveted list, then 69% CMOs saying they plan to increase their investment in hiring outside talent should. The scope for growth is certainly there—and it’s interesting to boot.

Skills Required

  • A creative bent of mind, first and foremost
  • Knowledge of SEO strategies and using them creatively to optimize content
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Knowledge and ability to use text-, image-, and video-editing tools 
  • Social media management and content strategizing too

Average Salary

$90,267 as per Comparably. Explore the digital landscape and bag some of the best jobs with digital marketing courses only on Emeritus.

8. Nurse Practitioner

Not to be confused with registered nurses, a nurse practitioner is a more advanced position. In this job, they have the authority to prescribe treatment and medication to patients, apart from imparting care. 

Why Should You Become a Nurse Practitioner

The US market has registered an explosive growth in this career in the last few years. In fact, BLS anticipates an incredible 40% climb in the job outlook till 2031. That, therefore, should be enough to convince us that this one deserves to be on the best jobs 2024 chart.  

Skills Required

  • Provide clinical instruction, carry out research, and inform and educate others
  • Excellent communication and critical thinking abilities
  • Staying up-to-date with evolving healthcare needs 
  • Implementing knowledge and new research to improve patient outcomes 

Average Salary


9. Health and/or Medical Manager 

A health or medical manager monitors, supervises, plans, and directs the activities of health-care providers, typically hospital and medical practices. Moreover, they are also keyed into the financial aspects, patient care, and records.

Why Should You Become a Health Manager

The business of health care is set to experience growth. There were 480,700 jobs in 2021, charting an upward trajectory of 28% up to 2031. Furthermore, it is a challenging job with clearly great growth prospects.

Skills Required

  • Excellent communication skills
  • An understanding of the healthcare sector as well as business management
  • Great time-management too

Average Salary

$72,074 as per Payscale. Explore healthcare courses on Emeritus and get high-quality, career-relevant knowledge to boost your career today.

10. Financial Managers

Keeping an eye on a business’s investments, monitoring money flow in the systems, accounting, and creating annual reports—all finance-related activities fall under the purview of finance managers. They are also responsible for risk assessments and implementing financial strategies for business growth.

Why Should You Become a Finance Manager

They’re invaluable to a company because they ensure it stays competitive and successful. There is also the fact that this best jobs 2024 entry is also a highly lucrative career to pursue. 

Skills Required

  • Exceptional analytical skills
  • Deep knowledge of finance as well as fintech
  • An understanding of the different financial tools 
  • Being updated on financial, banking, and investment trends

Average Salary

$185,625 as per Glassdoor.

Also, finance courses on Emeritus will prepare professionals for lucrative roles in this field. Learn from a host of topics, including venture capital, private equity, and personal finance. 

11. Web Developer

 best jobs 2024

Creating, building, and maintaining websites and software applications falls under the purview of a web developer. They can be front-end, back-end, or full-stack developers. While back-end developers focus on the software server-side of things and front-end involves the visual aspects that users see, full-stack includes both.

Why Should You Become a Web Developer

The digital migration of businesses, or at the very least a digital arm, is inevitable—essentially, everyone will need a robust, well-functioning website. Statistics, too, back this up, with the BLS projecting a 23% growth between 2021 and 2031 

Skills Required

  • Complete and extensive coding knowledge 
  • Familiarity and knowledge of UX/UI design
  • Extensive HTML as well as CSS knowledge
  • Analytical skills 
  • Responsive web design skills, which essentially means adapting a site for different devices, such as mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc 

Average Salary

As per Indeed, the average salary is $82,586.

If you want to upskill and learn the latest web development skills, check out full-stack development courses on Emeritus and learn from the best!

12. Business Management Analyst

Professionals in this space look at ways to improve the overall efficiency of a business in the black, financially solvent, and operationally productive. In short, they manage, oversee, and advise on the growth and development of a business.

Why Should You Become a Management Analyst

The salaries tend to be at the higher end of the spectrum, and such analysts have the independence to work in the industry of their choice. 

Skills Required

  • Great analytical skills to interpret findings and data
  • Staying on top of the trends and practices in the industry they serve
  • Excellent problem-solving and time-management abilities
  • Communication and interpersonal skills are a must as well  

Average Salary


You, too, can become an expert in this space; sign up for the business management courses by Emeritus. 

This is a quick round-up of the top 12 lucrative, future-ready best jobs 2024 shortlist. Also, check out Emeritus’ extensive and diverse online courses that range across topics; it’s an excellent way to boost your career, regardless of your chosen path!

best jobs 2024

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