A Comprehensive Guide on How to Make a Business Plan Presentation

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Make a Business Plan Presentation | Business Management | Emeritus

An effective business plan presentation is key to attracting investors and securing funding for your business. So what are the fundamentals that go into creating a winning deck? This guide is a complete breakdown of the various elements of a business plan presentation, what slides you need to add, and a downloadable template you can follow to create your presentation. Before diving into that, let’s briefly recap what a business plan is and why you must create one. 

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What is a Business Plan?

A business plan is a formal written document that outlines the company’s goals, objectives, and strategies. It serves as a blueprint for the business and can be aimed at either internal or external audiences. It is used to secure funding from investors or to guide the decision-making and direction of the company. 

A business plan typically includes an executive summary, company description, market analysis, organizational structure, product, and service offerings, marketing and sales plans, and financial projections. Whether it is new or already established, every company should have a business plan that is periodically reviewed and updated. 

Objectives of Creating a Business Plan

The main purpose of a business plan is to serve as a roadmap for a business’s success and provide a clear picture of the company’s goals, strategies, and financial projections. Here are some of the objectives for a business plan: 

Monitoring Progress

A business plan can be a benchmark for measuring success and helps track progress toward goals. Furthermore, this plan is frequently reviewed to reflect on the goals and modify the plan accordingly. 

Providing a Roadmap

A roadmap you can follow to manage your business, prioritize tasks, allocate resources, focus on your priorities, plan a course of action, and make effective decisions. 

Securing Funding

An investor looks at many things before investing in a business. A plan can be a valuable tool to show the investors the purpose, potential, and future direction of your business and help you secure funding. 

Communicating Strategy

A good plan provides a way to communicate the company’s vision, mission, and strategies to all stakeholders, including employees, customers, and partners.

Attracting Talent

You need top talents to execute your plans and help you scale your business; a comprehensive and well-structured business plan can be used as a recruiting tool to help you create a great team. 

Key Elements of Creating a Business Plan PresentationBusiness Plan Presentation

Company Overview

Start with a basic introduction and overview of your company with contact information to provide the key information and help the audience understand what your business does. 


This section details the major problems your target customers are experiencing. These are the issues that your business is expecting to solve with your product or service. 


Now that you have established the problem, you must outline the solutions. Explain how your product or service will address these issues and emphasize the solution’s scalability. 

Financial Plan

A business plan presentation should describe the company’s expenses, profits, budget, and plans. For startups, this financial plan can predict the company’s future financial plans and how it will meet goals while staying within budget.

Operation Plan

The operation plan describes how your business will function regularly. This section will highlight the logistics and steps to achieve your business goals, including your operation’s resources, capital, and expense requirements. 

Marketing Strategies

Market strategies give a comprehensive insight into how your company will attract and retain your target market. This section of the business plan presentation also includes advertising and marketing campaign plans. 


This section introduces the project team members who will help build your business plan; it includes their qualifications, background, roles, and responsibilities. 


A timeline is one of the key elements of any business plan presentation, as it outlines the future and key milestones your business hopes to accomplish. The timeline gives stakeholders, including investors, the assurance and conviction that you will successfully execute your business plan.

In addition to these key elements, a business plan presentation can include visuals such as charts, images, and infographics to help illustrate the information efficiently. 

Business Plan Presentation

Ten Slides You Need in Your Business Plan Presentation

Here are ten slides that are commonly included in a business plan presentation:

  1. Introduction: A brief explanation of the purpose of the presentation 
  2. Company Description: An overview of the company 
  3. Problem:  The problem the business is solving 
  4. Solution: How will the business provide the solution to the problem 
  5. Product/Service Offerings: Description of the products or services
  6. Target Market: An overview of the potential customers, their demographic, needs, and preferences
  7. Marketing Strategies: The company’s plans for reaching, selling, and retaining its target market
  8. Financial Planning: Outline of the capital requirements, budget, and major expenses
  9. Team:  Introduction to the key team members 
  10. Timeline:  Projection for the future and an estimate of project completion 

Also note that these slides are not set in stone, and the number and content may vary depending on the company, its goals, and its audience. The most important thing is to communicate the key elements of the business plan effectively and persuasively.

Business Plan Presentation Example (Downloadable PPT)

Here is a simple example of a business plan presentation that you can modify to fit the specific needs of your business. You can follow our downloadable presentation or the template below to create your presentation.

#1 Slide: Introduction

  • A brief overview of the company
  • Contact information
  • Purpose of the presentation
  • Brief explanation of the product/service offered

#2 Slide: Problem 

  • State the problem you are trying to solve
  • Explain why it is a problem 

#3 Slide: Solution 

  • Provide the solution 
  • Explain why it is a great solution

#4 Slide: Product/Service

  • A detailed explanation of the product/service
  • Unique selling proposition
  • List of features and benefits

#5 Slide: Market Analysis

  • Identification of target market
  • Competitor analysis
  • Market size and growth potential

#6 Slide: Marketing Strategy

  • Explanation of the marketing plan
  • Advertising and promotion plan
  • Sales plan

#7 Slide: Financial Planning

  • Income statement 
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow statement
  • Break-even analysis

#8 Slide: Team

  • Introduction of key team members
  • Description of their experience and qualifications
  • Explanation of roles and responsibilities

#9 Slide: Timeline 

  • Project schedule 
  • Launch of marketing campaigns 
  • Timeframe for each key milestone

#10 Slide: Conclusion

  • Ask for questions 
  • Next steps, final thoughts, and future outlook
  • Summary of key points
  • Call-to-Action

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Bottom Line

The main goal of a business plan presentation is to effectively communicate your business’s value and potential and persuade the audience to support the company’s goals. A great business plan presentation is one of the most essential tools for entrepreneurs seeking to scale their business or land initial funding to get their business off the ground. Along with the above elements, be sure to create your presentation in simple and clear language with a clear structure and compelling visuals to engage investors. Explore Emeritus’ Business Management Courses to learn more about this subject.

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