Emeritus Brings Tech and AI Upskilling to Global Fortune 500 Company

Emeritus Brings Tech and AI Upskilling to Global Fortune 500 Company | Learner Stories | Emeritus

In the case study below, we explore how Emeritus Enterprise worked with a client to solve a problem through our learning solutions.

The Client

A multinational Fortune 500 company with a workforce of more than 100,000 employees. 

The Problem

Throughout its long history, the client has constantly evolved its products and updated how it provides value to customers. In recent years, the organization has undertaken a digital transformation in part by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) across its various lines of business.

Broadly speaking, PwC data found that 52% of companies accelerated their AI adoption plans in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. And this will continue into the future.

Source: PwC

The client deploys AI and ML in a variety of ways. Whether in customer service, marketing, finance, manufacturing, or research and development, AI technologies have the potential to positively impact customers, employees, stakeholders, and shareholders.

The client’s research and development team knew AI had huge potential within the organization. The company wanted to ensure leaders and managers across various units and business lines who are involved in product research and development had the skills required to take advantage of AI and ensure it was not misused. 

Client leaders identified that managers would be crucial to an organizational culture shift that prioritized digital transformation. Those leaders needed to be able to grasp the technical aspects of AI well enough to communicate effectively with technical teams and colleagues.

After consulting with stakeholders, it was clear that the following problem statements existed:

  1. How can we help teams navigate digital transformation and applications of AI/ML?
  2. How can AI accelerate consumer insights or category growth?
  3. What AI experiments should we run?
  4. How can we avoid any detrimental uses of AI that may impact customers, employees, stakeholders, etc.?

The Solution

This client piloted a course with the University of California at Berkeley and Emeritus, enrolling a few employees to test the curriculum. The course, Artificial Intelligence: Business Strategies and Applications, was an eight-week, cohort-based online learning journey. Learners  interacted with professionals based around the world as well as with Berkeley faculty and practicing subject matter experts. 

The course covered a range of topics to help the organization’s leaders learn how to organize and manage successful AI application projects.

After pilot groups gave excellent reviews, the client decided to scale up deployment. In November 2021, a cohort of about 40 managers started the public course with learners from various other companies. But the client also partnered with Emeritus’ Enterprise team to supplement the eight-week course with two private additional sessions for its employees. These sessions provided a forum to discuss the application of AI within the client’s industry segment and specific AI projects that employees could implement within the organization. 

Led by an industry expert, the private sessions helped strengthen relationships among employees that will create ongoing learning communities. This development opportunity benefitted both the employees and employer, enhancing individual growth while building a strong, skilled, and committed workforce that benefits the future growth of the company.

Based on the success of the first cohort, a second cohort of about 40 learners was enrolled in the same AI course with Berkeley in March 2022. Three supplemental private office hours were also added. During the second cohort, leaders engaged in intimate conversations about the application of AI in their current roles and began designing capstone projects that would directly apply to their business unit.

The Results

The feedback from employees so far has been positive. In fact, the client’s research and development teams are moving forward with several of the projects that employees completed in the course. 

Learners shared that they appreciated learning the fundamentals of AI and feel confident in applying AI practices to help the larger organization in ways they had not previously thought about. The learners also said they valued the ease of self-paced independent learning and appreciated the ways complex concepts were explained with a clear structure in bite-sized pieces. 

The course included a capstone project that learners worked on individually and then received feedback on from the course leaders. 

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