Why Learning Big Data Online is a Smart Investment for Your Future

Why Learning Big Data Online is a Smart Investment for Your Future | Data Science and Analytics | Emeritus

Did you know Netflix saves one billion dollars every year on customer retention using big data? Today, big data technologies are used across multiple industries, governments, banks, and research. Simply put, big data has transformed how businesses operate and emerge as a lucrative career option over the past few years. The global big data and analytics market has been projected to reach $146.71 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 9.96%, according to Business Wire. This is perhaps why big data online training, certifications, and degree programs have become a go-to for data professionals who want to upskill and advance their careers in this competitive field. Moreover, the criticality of insightful data in decision-making has made these professionals highly sought-after. 

DBig Data Online Training

In this blog, we’ll help you understand how you can upskill as a big data professional and, as a result,  propel your career development. 

5 Useful Skills to Learn From Big Data Online Training

The big data landscape rapidly evolves in real-time and has transformed into a highly competitive field. Nearly every organization today leverages the benefits of big data to draw valuable insights. This has created an inherent demand for skilled data professionals across multiple business segments. Data scientist jobs are expected to experience 36% growth between 2021-2031, as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics

If you’re a data professional, upskilling is paramount to gaining a competitive advantage in this evolving market. Here are the top five skills you can learn from a big data online training program: 

  1. Multi-Programming Skills

There is a great demand for experienced programmers in big data analytics. Hence, become proficient in Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) languages such as  C++, Java, Scala, and Python. Additionally, learn how to work with data structures and algorithms and conduct statistical analysis. 

  1. Big Data Online Training Data Mining

Equip yourself with data mining skills to generate insightful data analysis and improve organizational decision-making. Most data professionals are known to solidify these skills by learning from top data mining tools such as Rapid Miner and KNIME.  

  1. Business Intelligence

Experienced big data professionals work with massive data sets and derive insights using big data tools. However, in order to derive useful insights, they should have adequate statistical and technical knowledge of business processes. A comprehensive big data online training program will help you learn how to use Business Intelligence (BI) technologies like Microstrategy and SAS. These are essential for understanding business goals and deriving insights from large amounts of data. 

  1. Data Visualization

Working on big-scale analytics projects involves drawing in data from multiple sources. This makes it essential to upgrade your skills and know how to work with big data-compliant integration technologies. For instance, Talend, Flume, and Sqoop are some popular technologies. Moreover, learning how to present structured and unstructured data visually by using effective data visualization tools is key. A few popular examples of these tools include Tableau, QlikView, Data Wrapper, and Plotly. 

  1. Understanding Frameworks

Data professionals must be familiar with key big data tools and technologies to grow in their careers. Therefore, develop your skills by understanding frameworks such as Apache Hadoop, and Apache Spark, among others. Furthermore, technologies like HDFS, Linux, SPSS, R, and MatLab are in great demand in the big data industry. 

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What are the Advantages of Learning Big Data Skills Online?

Being a competitive field, the demand-supply gap for skilled data professionals is expanding. While upskilling is an excellent way for existing professionals to drive career growth, pursuing a degree may not always be viable. Time constraints, budget restrictions, and lack of access could be a few limiting factors. This is where online learning comes into play. Let’s look at four reasons why big data online training is the ideal choice for you: 

  1. Accelerates Professional Growth

Enrolling in a big data online training program is an excellent way for working professionals to drive career advancement. What’s more, upskilling can help you learn new skills, earn a promotion, make career transitions, and offer instant competitive advantage.

  1. Offers Flexibility and Convenience

Learning virtually while maintaining a work-life balance is perhaps the biggest advantage of online learning. In fact, you can learn about prominent big data tools and technologies like Apache Hadoop, Qubole, and Spark at your own pace. Moreover, you can further solidify your learning by accessing course material and lecture notes anytime, anywhere. 

  1. Is Time and Cost Efficient

The duration of an online course in big data is typically anywhere between three months to a year. This is particularly great for working professionals as they can learn and progress in their careers within a shorter duration. Furthermore, online courses are far more cost-effective than pursuing a degree in data science.

  1. Provides Certifications From Renowned Institutions

An online course gives you the opportunity to get a certification or degree from top-tier institutions. Additionally, this adds significant value to your resume and reflects your expertise in the field. For instance, Emeritus offers online big data courses in collaboration with more than 50 esteemed institutions, such as the University of Cambridge, Columbia Business School, and the University of Toronto. 

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How Can Big Data Skills Benefit Your Career in Business Management?

Big Data Online Training Big data has been crucial for various companies, including finance, IT, healthcare, and business. Before the development of big data technologies, most businesses utilized only a small amount of data in analytics and operational applications. However, today, big data technologies draw valuable insights from large structured and unstructured data sets that, in turn, improve business processes. 

Here are the top five benefits of acquiring big data skills that will enhance your career in business management. You will learn how to: 

  • Identify operational issues and manage supply chains 
  • Conduct risk and predictive analysis to identify data patterns 
  • Drive improvements such as cost savings and smarter audience targeting  
  • Gain accurate insights on market trends, products, and competitors 
  • Generate gap analysis of a company’s data architecture 

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  1. What are the Top Tools & Techniques Used in Big Data Analysis?

The most popular tools that big data analysts use are Apache Hadoop, Apache Storm, Cassandra, Sparks, and Talend. Furthermore, some useful big data analysis techniques are data fusion and integration, A/B testing, data mining, Machine Learning (ML), real-time computing, and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

  1. How Can I Improve My Data Visualization Skills?

The key characteristics of good data visualization are to keep the layout accurate, clear, and empowering. But, above all, it is essential to learn the business context, use simple charts, digitize metrics, maintain a consistent visual language, and utilize color theory to maximize impact. 

  1. How Does Machine Learning Fit Into Big Data Analytics?

Machine learning and big data are powerful analytics pairing. Big data analysis refers to the extraction of useful information from large data sets. ML, on the other hand, offers automated tools to integrate large amounts of data and make predictions in real time without any human interaction.  

  1. What are Some of the Best Practices for Processing Large Datasets?

Using distributed computing systems like Hadoop or Spark is a great way to process data across multiple machines. Besides this, using interactive queries, Extracting, Transformation & Loading (ETL) operations, columnar databases, and operational memory are a few ways to process large data sets using big data technologies. 

Upskill in Big Data With Emeritus

To conclude, there isn’t a better time to capitalize on valuable learning opportunities and target advanced job roles in the big data ecosystem. To enhance your skills and stay updated on technological advancements in this competitive field, enroll in the data science courses from Emeritus. These are offered in collaboration with renowned global institutes and tailored for professionals seeking to expand their network. Get ready to embark on your big data online training journey and achieve success in this rewarding career. 

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