Top 6 Skills You Need to Become a Business Systems Analyst

Top 6 Skills You Need to Become a Business Systems Analyst | Data Science and Analytics | Emeritus

Are you interested in a career that combines technical expertise with interpersonal skills? If so, the role of a business systems analyst might be just what you are looking for. In brief, a business systems analyst works closely with others to improve processes and systems; they develop, deploy, and maintain software systems that support business processes. In addition to this, a business systems analyst’s career path offers many opportunities for growth and development. Let’s explore the role of a business systems analyst, the skills required to succeed in this field, and the industries that are looking to employ their expertise.

 Business Systems Analyst

What Skills Do I Need to Become a Business Systems Analyst?

In order to effectively bridge the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders within an organization, a successful business systems analyst must possess the following:

  1. Analytical skills: Analyzing data and information to identify patterns and trends; additionally, knowing how to use this information to make sound decisions.
  2. Communication skills: Effectively communicating with technical and non-technical stakeholders within an organization; for example, this includes active listening, asking probing questions, and being able to explain technical concepts in simple terms.
  3. Project management skills: Creating project plans, setting and managing project timelines, and monitoring project progress, among other activities.
  4. Technical skills: Having a strong understanding of computer systems; in addition, having proficiency in software development methodologies and database management.
  5. Problem-solving skills: Identify problems and then solve them in a logical and systematic manner.
  6. Business knowledge: Understanding business operations and processes is essential for designing; additionally, it is also crucial for implementing effective systems and solutions.

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What are the Daily Tasks of a Business Systems Analyst?

Business Systems AnalystA business systems analyst’s daily tasks can vary depending on the organization and specific project requirements. In general, they include:

1. Gathering and Analyzing Requirements

Collaborating closely with stakeholders to collect and analyze business requirements for new or modified systems.

2. Designing Solutions

Designing solutions to meet the needs of the business based on the requirements gathered.

3. Writing Specifications

Creating detailed specifications for the development team that outline the system’s requirements and design.

4. Testing and QA

Participating in testing and quality assurance activities to ensure the system meets the requirements and functions as expected.

5. Project Management

Setting timelines and tracking progress. Additionally, it also includes communicating with stakeholders.

6. Troubleshooting

Deal with troubleshooting and resolving problems whenever they arise. 

7. Documentation

Recording and storing the system’s design, requirements, and test results. 

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What is the Difference Between a Business Analyst and a Business Systems Analyst?

Business Systems AnalystBusiness analysts and business systems analysts have similar job titles. However, they perform different roles within an organization.As a pivotal member of an organization, a business analyst takes on the important role of analyzing business processes to identify opportunities for improvement. Moreover, they collaborate closely with stakeholders to gather requirements for changes or new initiatives and develop actionable plans to implement them. Overall, their focus is on the business side of operations, including processes, procedures, and policies. By utilizing their data analysis and business strategy expertise, business analysts can help companies optimize their operations, increase efficiency, and ultimately achieve their goals.

In contrast to a business analyst, a business systems analyst takes on the responsibility of analyzing and designing systems to support business processes. Concurrently, they work closely with stakeholders to fully comprehend their technical requirements and design systems that meet the requisite requirements. In simple terms, their focus is on the technical aspects of the project—for example, software development methodologies, database management, and system architecture. Additionally, by leveraging their expertise in both business and technology, business systems analysts can bridge the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders. Furthermore, they also ensure that the systems are both efficient and effective.

What is the Salary Range for a Business Systems Analyst?

Country Average Annual Salary
U.S.  $80,576
UK $56,071
China $26,975
France $53,562
India  $11,078

What Industries Require Business Systems Analysts?

A business systems analyst designs, implements, and maintains business systems. As a result, they are required in the following industries:

Information Technology

They are in high demand in the IT industry as they design and implement software systems that support business operations.


Such analysts outline and execute systems to manage financial transactions and data.


They are tasked with planning and executing electronic medical records systems. Moreover, they draft and enforce other health information technology solutions.


In addition to the above, these analysts are also in charge of creating systems that manage retail inventory, sales, and customer data.


The role further demands building and executing systems that influence production processes, inventory, and supply chain data.In conclusion, a career as a business systems analyst can be extremely rewarding, as it allows you to work in various industries and have a real impact on business operations. Therefore, if you plan to pursue a career in this field, you should start honing your skills and gain the required experience immediately. As a start, you can explore Emeritus’ wide range of data science courses developed in tie-up with the best universities worldwide.

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