The Top 10 Email Marketing Tools for Lead Generation

The Top 10 Email Marketing Tools for Lead Generation | Digital Marketing | Emeritus

Do people even read advertisement emails? If it’s a resounding no, then why do brands invest in email marketing tools? It would probably surprise you to know that email marketing is the top marketing strategy to get more customers and boost sales. In fact, 72% of consumers open advertisement emails every week. So if you don’t have email marketing as a part of your digital marketing strategy, you might be missing out on sales opportunities. Before we look at the list of 10 popular email marketing tools to help you grow your business, let’s understand what these tools are and why they’re important.

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What are Email Marketing Tools?

It is impossible to send emails to every customer? Or individually inform them about discounts? Or nudge them to take action on their abandoned cart. This job is simplified by email marketing tools that automate email sending and tracking for you. They allow you to create, optimize, schedule, and send customized emails to your customers. 

What are the Advantages of Using Email Marketing Tools?

Are you still skeptical about using email marketing tools for your marketing campaigns? Here are some reasons why you should invest in them:

  • You can save the time and effort required to draft emails by choosing customized email templates offered by email marketing tools
  • Email marketing helps you retain customers by creating an automated workflow and scheduling emails at regular intervals
  • Email marketing tools also prepare a report of clicks on emails and the engagement generated so you can analyze the outcome of your campaign

Email Marketing JobsHow Can I Compare Different Email Marketing Apps and Find the Best One?

Finding an ideal email marketing tool for your business from a plethora of options available in the market can be tricky. Here are a few factors that you can consider while selecting the software:

Define Your Objectives

First, you need to decide why you need an email marketing tool. Maybe you want to send automated transactional emails confirming orders or resetting passwords, drip campaign emails for lead conversion, or newsletters. Whatever the reason, you can shortlist the tools as per your goals.

Check Features

The next step is to compare the features of different marketing tools. Some of the features that you must consider are HTML editing for email codes, a vast email templates library, the volume of emails that can be sent at once, the number of free images or visuals, and automated scheduling.

Set a Budget

You can shortlist a few popular email marketing tools that fit in your marketing budget. For startups, small businesses, or solopreneurs, it is best to pick email marketing software that offers necessary features at a low price.

Take Trials

Many email marketing tools allow a free monthly trial option or access to a few features before purchasing the email marketing software. You can try a few tools to find out which one works best for you.

Best Email Marketing Tools to Use in 2023

Omnisend: Best for e-Commerce Stores of All Sizes

It is a marketing automation software mostly used by e-commerce stores to send promotional emails or SMS to their customers. Omnisend can be easily integrated with e-commerce tools like Shopify, Shopify Plus,  and WooCommerce.

It has a variety of templates that businesses can use to send personalized emails to their customers. Omnisend automatically captures visitors’ data (in compliance with data protection laws), stores it in the directory, and sends emails, increasing conversion rate and boosting sales.

digital-marketing-bootcampGetResponse: Best for Startups and Small and Medium Businesses

GetResponse can broadcast automated newsletters, auto-responder emails, and blog updates to a large customer or subscriber database. It offers various email marketing templates for specific email campaigns with interesting call-to-action (CTA) options for increased conversion. 

The reasonable pricing structure and several free features make it the best marketing tool for startups and small-sized businesses. What makes this tool stand out are thousands of free images and GIFs from Shutterstock and Giphy that make emails more engaging and increase click rates.

Drip: Best for Extensive Automation

Drip is considered the best email marketing tool for big e-commerce businesses and brands with an extensive database. It is equipped with an HTML builder that enables brands to create custom email templates and layouts. Drip offers a comprehensive plan for businesses to convert leads into active customers. It automatically sends welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, post-campaign emails, and sales offer emails to the large customer database. 

AWeber: Best for an Extensive Library of Email Templates

The secret to getting conversions or engagement from email marketing campaigns is writing incredible email copy that catches your readers’ attention. This requires creativity and a lot of brainstorming. A majority of email marketing tools available in the market offer standard email templates. So if you want to take email marketing up by a notch and send out interesting emails to customers, AWeber is the perfect email marketing tool. It offers a variety of layouts and designs that you can use to create and send engaging emails in just a few clicks.

MailerLite: Best for Small E-Commerce Businesses

This email marketing tool is best for small e-commerce businesses to streamline email marketing campaigns and increase customer retention rates. You can create a free account to get started. It has drag-and-drop, HTML, and rich-text editors to allow email customization. MailerLite also offers a variety of newsletter templates and free images. It monitors campaign performance and helps you improve your marketing strategy.

Moosend: Best for New E-Commerce Stores

Moosend email marketing automation software sends automated emails to customers to take action for abandoned carts at frequent intervals. It is best for new and growing e-commerce businesses that are establishing a customer base. It also tracks user activity on the website and offers several designs for email sign-up forms. You do not require coding knowledge to operate Moosend.

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ActiveCampaign: Best for Email Marketing with Built-in CRM Integration

It is an integrated marketing software that allows email marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) features for offering enhanced customer experience. ActiveCampaign stores customer data, tracks their activity, and sends personalized email campaigns to all customers.

HubSpot: Best for SaaS Businesses

HubSpot is a marketing automation software that offers advanced email marketing features suitable for software-as-a-technology (SaaS) businesses. It offers integrated services like marketing analytics and dashboard software, search engine optimization marketing, and effective CTA options.

Sendinblue: Best for Businesses on a Budget

If you are looking for an email marketing tool that offers high value at a low price, check out Sendinblue. It automatically creates a professional email based on your input in no time and adds personalized details for all the recipients. Its machine learning feature schedules emails for automatic dispatch at the most suitable time. Sendinblue offers a wide range of email marketing services without burning a hole in your pocket.

Mailchimp: Best for Solopreneurs and Startups

Mailchimp is the best email marketing tool for solopreneurs and startups who are growing their businesses and do not want to invest a lot of time in sending out emails. It uses artificial intelligence software that suggests engaging content for an email copy. It not only analyzes the performance of your email marketing campaigns but also offers you recommendations for improving your content by analyzing the data of all its users. 

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies to facilitate business growth. If you are a marketing professional and want to accelerate your career, you can check out Emeritus’ online courses on digital marketing.

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