How to Become a Content Marketer: Is it a Good Career Choice?

How to Become a Content Marketer: Is it a Good Career Choice? | Digital Marketing | Emeritus

Have you ever read up about a product or service on a blog before making a high-value purchase? If you have, then congratulations are in order. You have experienced the impact of content marketing! Forbes quoted in one of their recent articles that 71 per cent of corporate buyers read blog content during their buying journey. This is essentially a testament to the power of content marketing in today’s day and age. In the last decade or so, content marketing has evolved most distinctly as a career path within digital marketing. If you are drawn to this career and are wondering how to become a content marketer, here’s all you need to know.

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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach used for customer acquisition and retention. It involves providing relevant and valuable information deliberately and consistently to potential customers. As a content marketer, you must view content as property that helps you achieve an end goal, which is either traffic or sales and sometimes both. 

How to Become a Content Marketer

how-to-become-a-app-developer1. Understanding the Difference Between ‘Writing’ and ‘Content Marketing’

The basic difference between a content writer and a marketer is the goal each is trying to achieve. Writing is a creative pursuit and can be a goal in itself. But as a content marketer, you must create content that is attuned to achieve a certain goal like awareness for a brand or influencing a buying decision. 

2. Knowing the Basic Marketing Concepts

As a content marketer, you need to understand the marketing concepts such as the marketing funnel that includes awareness, consideration, purchase/conversion, and advocacy. You must also understand the buying journey for the product/service you are creating marketing content for. 

3. Hone Your Writing Skills and Learn About the Different Content Buckets

Content marketers need to know what makes a piece of content engaging. Also, they need to stay up-to-date with the latest content trends to ensure the company is producing relevant content that drives results. Content is rarely a one-fit-for-all option. So, as a content marketer, you need to be able to understand and use different types of content buckets across media to get the desired results. 

4. Learn From Experts

While a formal degree is not essential for becoming a content marketer, it can be a good starting place. Explore the digital marketing courses on Emeritus to get a holistic perspective of content marketing as a career. 

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What Skills and Traits Must a Content Marketer Have?

1. Content Creation and Editing

Good writing and editing skills are non-negotiable for content marketers to create exceptional content.

2. Research Skills

Research is an essential part of content creation. However, to produce high-quality content, it is necessary to refer to authentic sources and write information backed by factual data.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Content marketers must learn how to optimize their content for search engines to attract a relevant and high-intent audience. This is termed organic traffic. It is the most desirable kind of traffic for any brand because it’s free and has excellent conversion rates. 

4. Planning and Organization

Content production is very time-consuming. So to deliver consistently, you need to possess great planning and organization skills. Content calendars need to be prepared with a lot of deliberation and factoring in various dependencies. 

5. Analyzing Content

As a content marketer, you must be able to measure or track the effectiveness of your content to optimize for the output. You can collect and analyze data using tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Do You Need a Degree to be a Content Marketer?

It is optional to have a particular degree to become a content marketer. However, if you have a degree in English Literature, Journalism, and Mass Communication, you might have an advantage over the other candidates. In addition, experience in writing and relevant content marketing certifications will help you advance your career in content marketing. You can also consider the Emeritus online courses in digital marketing as they combine the best resources from well-renowned universities. 

What Does a Content Marketer Do Every Day?

what-is-a-smart-goalAs a content marketer, your responsibilities include the following:

  • Developing and implementing content marketing strategies backed by data 
  • Planning and setting up content calendars
  • Content creation for different channels and platforms, 
  • Editing and optimizing
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of the content created using data analytics tools

Career Outlook for Content Marketing

Content marketing’s recently gained popularity will continue to rise in the coming years due to the potential of a high return on investment for companies. In fact, 50 per cent of companies plan to expand their content teams in 2022. Marketing career opportunities are expected to grow by 10 per cent between 2021 and 2031. However, many more opportunities are also available due to the higher turnover rate.

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How Can Emeritus Help You Become a Content Marketer?

Emeritus provides a range of online digital marketing courses that reputed international universities offer. Designed to keep key learning outcomes in mind, they help you accelerate your career quickly. So, in addition to having intuitive skills, online courses are how to become a content marketer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Does It Take To Become a Content Marketer?

There is no definitive timeline for becoming a content marketer. However, most companies will prefer at least one year of experience as a writer or editor when hiring a content marketer.

2. What Degree Do You Need To Be a Content Marketer?

A degree is not mandatory. However, having a degree in English literature, journalism, and mass communication can give you an added advantage.

3. How Can I Get Into Content Marketing With No Experience?

Starting with internships or working as a freelancer can be a great option to start your career in content marketing with no experience. If you have your own blog that is making sufficient numbers, then it is an added bonus. 

Content marketing can be a gratifying career for you if you are creatively inclined with a knack for driving business impact. We hope this article answers all your questions on how to become a content marketer. Get started in your content marketing career by signing up for the best digital marketing courses available.

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