What is Moment Marketing? 3 Reasons Why it’s Important for Your Brand

What is Moment Marketing? 3 Reasons Why it’s Important for Your Brand | Digital Marketing | Emeritus

Timing is a key factor in marketing. No matter how amazing your marketing campaign is, if you don’t deliver on time, it will not make the impact you were hoping for. If you are looking to create impactful campaigns and reach a large audience, moment marketing can be an excellent strategy for your brand. But what is moment marketing? This guide introduces you to the moment marketing approach, its importance, and examples, and discusses how you can implement it in your marketing strategies.

Moment Marketing

What is Moment Marketing?

Moment marketing is a marketing approach used by brands based on current trends, news, or events that they can capitalize on in order to boost brand awareness and sales. This marketing technique allows brands to take advantage of ongoing trending events and connect with the people by communicating the right message at the right time. 

It is a good strategy for brands and businesses to stand out from the crowd and place themselves in trending conversations. While it remains a low-cost marketing opportunity to create communication, it is also temporal and will only yield results when done correctly.

Why is Moment Marketing Important for Brands

Why is Moment Marketing Important for Brands

Here are some reasons why your brand should inculcate moment marketing: 

  1. Drives Engagement: Trends are a temporary but powerful way to connect with customers, boost brand awareness, and drive engagement and sales. Moment marketing does just that by making the most of the timing and engagement of these trends. 
  1. Low-Cost Marketing: Moment marketing is a low-cost marketing approach that doesn’t have to be a big campaign to yield results. As you are already taking advantage of the trending events, you avoid spending a large sum of money on campaign promotions.
  1. Connection: Moment marketing provides an opportunity for brands to build a connection with their customers. The customers feel that the brand is ‘listening’, and the relatability makes their connection an instant one. 

5 Tips on How to Leverage Moment Marketing

1. Be Ready

When it comes to moment marketing, timing is everything. You cannot market based on a trend that has phased out, as there is a possibility of the audience not recognizing the reference in your campaign. Keep your creative team on standby to create conversation, drive engagement, and capitalize at the peak time of the trend. Being ready with the marketing campaign also allows you to avoid risks or marketing disasters in case of last-minute requirements. 

2. Keep up with Trends and Events

Moment marketing is all about trends and ongoing events. Stay active on social media platforms and keep up with the news, events, and potential trends. Additionally, look at the interests of your target audience and identify patterns, so you can leverage trends and events that are right for your customers. Additionally, keep an eye out for events that tie well with your brand and prepare marketing campaigns for such events in advance. Remember, moment marketing may look spontaneous but most of it can be planned in advance.    

3. Drive Sales

Keep your product or service at the heart of the campaign. Moment marketing is a great way to start a conversation and create brand awareness; however, remember to leverage the trend to drive sales. Create a marketing campaign to connect the trending conversation with your product or service to increase customer interest and your sales. 

Humor is the key to a moment marketing campaign. Many trends are often full of memes and funny content on social media. They are excellent opportunities to create viral marketing campaigns. Be funny without being disrespectful. Try to use memes and relatable content in your marketing campaign, as this will increase the chances of the campaign being in news articles and shared online. Such marketing campaigns also allow you to humanize your brand and establish a rapport with your potential customers. 

5. Stay True to Your Brand’s PersonalityStay True to Your Brand’s Personality

Do not forget your brand personality while taking advantage of this kind of instant marketing. Do not jump on every trend and event to create marketing campaigns. Identify moments that are right for your brand. While humor and meme content are great to create a buzz, be sure the trend or event you’re leveraging is an appropriate fit for your company. Keep your brand values and key messaging in mind at all times to create effective moment marketing campaigns that are useful in the long run.      

Best Examples of Moment Marketing 

1. The Reddit Super Bowl ‘Accident’

Wow, that actually worked.

Social news website Reddit took a five-second expensive ad spot in Super Bowl 2021. However, instead of running a simple ad, Reddit utilized the five seconds to run an ad that looked like a glitch and created a huge buzz on social media during the event. 

redditCredit: Reddit 

2. Pepsi Squid Game

Pepsi Squid GameCredit: Pepsi Instagram

Netflix’s Korean show “Squid Game” became a viral phenomenon in 2021–2022. Along with many other brands, Pepsi used a reference from the show to drive engagement. 

Learning, the Emeritus Way

Moment marketing is a cost-effective and unique marketing strategy to connect with your customers, and boost brand engagement, visibility, and sales. If you want to have a better understanding of digital marketing and learn how to develop successful marketing strategies, check out Emeritus’ digital marketing courses. 

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Moment Marketing

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