How to Elevate Your Business Performance with Financial Analysis and Management

How to Elevate Your Business Performance with Financial Analysis and Management | Finance | Emeritus

In an era of global metamorphosis, the growth of an organisation often hinges on numbers. Financial analysis and financial management have taken over the business world to forecast and leverage opportunities to meet tomorrow’s goals. 

Many organisations know that high-quality data will drive them in first gear. However, it is paramount that businesses thoroughly understand and execute a well-defined strategy to achieve its mission. And that starts with understanding the basics—what is financial analysis? It is a process set up to assess historical data, including evaluation of businesses, projects, and other finance-related transactions, and make projections on the company’s future performance and its leap of growth. And what is financial management? It is a practice that strengthens the art of financial planning, organising and monitoring financial resources to achieve business objectives. 

The number one problem in today’s generation and the economy is the lack of financial literacy, according to Alan Greenspan, Economist & Former Chair of the Federal Reserve of the United States. The roles and responsibilities of finance professionals have become more substantial than ever in reviving the domination of the financial sector in the global economy. With a variety of financial strategies and clear frameworks, you can improve your financial decision-making skills and problem-solving abilities to bring in extensive business expertise to your organisation. 

Would you like to accelerate your career and business growth with a strategic viewpoint? The Professional Certificate Programme in Financial Analysis and Financial Management from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Kozhikode will help you amass the necessary financial knowledge to take your career and business a notch higher as a multi-dimensional asset. 

The meticulously curated live online curriculum includes risk mitigation strategies, modes of capital management, and principles on using corporate valuation for investment, taught by India’s most renowned experts. This programme will help you perfect your conceptual and practical knowledge and skills in financial accounting, management accounting, corporate finance, investment decisions and risk management. It will also deepen your understanding of how finance functions and will accelerate your career as a certified finance professional.

This programme is beneficial for early-career professionals who are keen to transition from their existing field into various finance roles. It’s also beneficial for mid to senior-level finance managers and chartered accountants who want to expand their knowledge in advanced financial tools. Business leaders and consultants who are interested in developing a strategic mindset to analyse financial statements and make sound financial decisions can also benefit from this programme along with the small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to utilise time-tested strategic financial management techniques to manage and expand their businesses smoothly.

On successfully completing the finance course online, you will become industry-ready with learning through real-world business applications and receive a Certificate of Completion from one of India’s leading B-Schools. You will also become eligible to receive the prestigious IIM Kozhikode Executive Alumni Status and expand your professional network.

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