11 Essential Skills Every Prospective Leader Ought to Have

11 Essential Skills Every Prospective Leader Ought to Have | Leadership | Emeritus

A good manager is the secret sauce of a successful company. Qualities of a good manager, like leadership, patience, etc, help them bring out the best in their team while keeping the ship sailing smoothly. They oversee day-to-day operations and ensure that employees work efficiently and productively. But like all good things, there is only a handful of them around, primarily because of the lack of understanding of what it takes to be a good manager. So, if you’re one of those vying for a managerial role, read on for some excellent insights.

Qualities of a good manager

Why it is Important to be a Good Manager

A managerial role brings with it plenty of responsibilities. When you’re a good manager, your team will look up to you for guidance and inspiration, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction. Conversely, a bad manager can cause turmoil, low morale, and high turnover rates. This is why firms hiring for managerial roles must give weight to candidates’ soft skills rather than just their academic or professional background.

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Essential Qualities of a Good Manager

Essential Qualities of a Good Manager

1. Leadership Skills

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. The leader leads, and the boss drives.” A good manager is a leader, plain and simple. From delegation to motivation, they can do it all. So, if you want to be a great manager, start by honing your leadership skills by enrolling in a course with Emeritus.

2. Excellent Communication

Another superpower that a manager should possess is excellent communication. It’s one of the most sought-after qualities of a good manager. They know how to convey their expectations, provide constructive feedback, and listen to their team’s ideas. So, if you want to be a manager who is always in the loop, start by working on your communication skills and always remember to have an open dialogue with your teammates.

3. Time Management Skills

Time management is a skill every good manager should excel at. This essential skill comes in handy when juggling multiple tasks, deadlines, and responsibilities. From prioritizing their tasks to keeping their team on schedule, managers ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. To become a successful manager, start honing your time management skills today.

4. Listening Skills

Active listening skills go a long way in making you a good manager. By truly listening to your team, you understand their perspective, foster a positive work environment, make informed decisions, and solve problems faster. A manager willing to hear from their colleagues will always be preferred over someone who follows the “my way or the highway” philosophy.

5. Empathy and Sensitivity

Good managers can handle situations with grace and sensitivity. They can better understand and support their needs by putting themselves in the shoes of their team members. A happy and productive work environment is often a result of an empathetic manager

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6. Making Decisions (and Accepting Responsibility)

One of the key qualities of a good manager is the ability to make tough decisions. They don’t hesitate to make difficult calls but have faith in themselves and their teams to get the job done. This ability to step up, take responsibility, and lead from the front separates them from the pack.

7. Being a Role Model

Good managers are the ones who set the bar for others to follow. From hard work and dedication to a positive attitude and honesty, great managers embody the values they want their team to emulate.

8. They Set Clear Expectations

Clarity of communication is important to good managers. They always ensure team members know their roles and responsibilities. Whether it is outlining deadlines, spelling out responsibilities, or laying out the goals for the team, a great manager always ensures everyone is on the same page. And if anyone strays off course, they’re there to redirect them back to the path to success.

9. They Mentor and Develop Their Teams

A good manager goes to great lengths for the development of their team. They take pride in the team’s success and are always ready to share their vast knowledge and expertise for the team’s benefit. In short, they don’t just give orders and sit back; they roll up their sleeves and get in the trenches with their team.

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10. Rewarding and Recognizing Employees

Whether it’s a simple pat on the back, a public shout-out, or a tangible reward like a gift card, good managers know that taking the time to acknowledge their employees’ contributions is key to keeping morale high and motivation levels up.

11. They are Fair in Evaluating Performance

While workplaces have their fair share of stories about biases, one of the qualities of a good manager is to be neutral toward everyone. They keep facts at the forefront while making decisions and try to give rational responses when evaluating performance. 

Establish Your Leadership Skills With Emeritus

There’s often a belief that leaders are born, not created. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Leadership is often a painstaking evolution of a person into a top performer. You, too, can be one and create your legacy within your organization and beyond by taking up any of the leadership courses from Emeritus

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Qualities of a good manager

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