10 Great Reasons Why Professionals Should Learn Cybersecurity

10 Great Reasons Why Professionals Should Learn Cybersecurity | Cybersecurity | Emeritus

The evolution of new technologies and constant threats of sophisticated cyberattacks have resulted in high demand for cybersecurity experts to safeguard computing systems and critical data from malicious attacks. Cybersecurity has become one of the fastest-growing and most sought-after fields. If you are thinking about pursuing a career in the same, here’s a basic guide about its importance and the top reasons why you should learn cybersecurity.

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Importance of Learning Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity prevents attackers from gaining unauthorized access to sensitive or confidential data. The increasing relevance of technologies such as cloud services, smartphones, and the Internet of Things (IoT) has made learning cybersecurity essential. Cyberattacks can potentially destroy businesses and lead to sensitive data leaks, financial loss, intellectual property theft, database destruction, reputation damage, and more. This makes cybersecurity critical for organizations tasked with safeguarding sensitive records such as national security, health, and finances to ensure everyone’s safety.

According to IBM, the average cost of data breaches in 2022 was $4.35 million globally and $9.44 million in the U.S. alone. These expenses include discovering and responding to the breached revenue, downtime loss, and reputation damage. Additionally, stolen or compromised credentials took the longest to identify and cost $150,000 more than the average cost of a data breach. With such dire consequences, it has become necessary to learn cybersecurity

Benefits of Learning Cybersecuritylearn cybersecurity

The need to safeguard organizations from attackers has increased the demand for cybersecurity professionals across industries. According to a McKinsey report, at present, there are 3.5 million cybersecurity job openings globally. As technologies continue to grow, along with our reliance on them, the need for cybersecurity experts will keep evolving. 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts job growth of 35% for information security analysts in the next ten years, making it one of the fastest-growing jobs on the market. Additionally, Glassdoor pegs the average annual salary of a cybersecurity engineer in the U.S. at $106,411, making it an exceptional career opportunity. Those are pretty good motivations to learn cybersecurity, and we give you even more!

Top 10 Reasons to Learn Cybersecurity

Here are the 10 top reasons why you should consider learning cybersecurity: 

  1. High Demand
    Cybersecurity experts are in high demand. As mentioned earlier, there are about 3.5 million cybersecurity job openings globally, making it an exciting career opportunity. 
  2. Job Opportunities Across Industries
    With cybersecurity skills, you can work across many industries, and this includes the government, banking, business, education, and healthcare sectors. 
  3. Great Salary Benefits
    Cybersecurity offers fantastic earning opportunities. According to Glassdoor, the highest annual salary for a cybersecurity engineer in the U.S. is $153,865. 
  4. Working with Top Organizations
    Many big companies are on the lookout for cybersecurity experts. Mastering the required skill set can make you qualified to work with organizations such as Google, Meta, Apple, and Microsoft. 
  5. Empowering Businesses and Employees
    Learning cybersecurity can provide knowledge and skills to secure the organization’s data and reduce potential cyberattack threats.
  1. Reduced Cost
    Investing in cybersecurity courses can help you learn ways to detect and contain data breaches and reduce the cost of damages.
  2. Reducing Response Time
    Human error is one of the main causes of cyber breaches. By learning cybersecurity, you can understand and identify potential threats and contain them on time. 
  3. Retain Customer Trust
    Learning cybersecurity will strengthen business security and protect customers’ data. A strong cybersecurity system will promote trust and retain customers. 
  4. Staying Updated with New Threats
    As cyberattacks are growing more and more sophisticated, constantly learning and sharpening your skills in the field has become paramount. 
  5. Learn Cybersecurity Any Time
    Whether you are a beginner or changing your field, cybersecurity can provide lucrative opportunities to advance your career. 

learn cybersecurityIs Cybersecurity Easy to Learn?

Cybersecurity professionals need advanced technical knowledge which can be difficult for some. However, if you are passionate about and love to work with technology, cybersecurity can be an easy and fun learning experience. If you want to work in this specialization, you will have to employ both technical and soft skills. The ability to work and thrive in a high-pressure environment, problem-solving, and attention to detail are as important as knowledge of computer science, platform security, and cybersecurity methodologies. Similar to any learning, by practicing and staying dedicated to learning the coursework, you can become a cybersecurity pro and enter this highly sought-after profession.

Learn Cybersecurity with Emeritus

Cyberattacks are increasingly becoming a pressing global issue.Learn cybersecurity to tackle them and be part of one of the most coveted careers in tech. Online cybersecurity courses have become an industry-standard marker of proficient cybersecurity specialists. 

If you are switching fields or looking to advance your career, you should consider investing in online cybersecurity courses and certificate programs offered by Emeritus in collaboration with leading universities. Among its various benefits, Emeritus courses provide structured learning, flexibility to learn at your own pace, and a chance to work on projects and learn from experts in the field. Make sure to take advantage of the opportunity presented!

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