UC Berkeley Haas School of Business honors Eruditus and Emeritus

The Lifelong Learning Award from UC Berkeley Haas School of Business reflects our mission to make high-quality education more accessible and affordable.

I was honored to see that the work we are doing at Eruditus and Emeritus, to provide professional education courses from top-ranked universities to global students, is being recognized. The University of California, Berkeley recently gave us the first Lifelong Learning Laureate Award for “helping to increase the impact on business and society and extending the important work of faculty beyond the traditional bounds of the University.”

This award is of great significance to us. It reflects our mission to make high-quality education more accessible and affordable – and it is validation that we are succeeding.

This honor highlights the impact we are having on a global group of learners and serves as an inspiration for us. We partner with top institutions of higher learning, including UC, Berkeley, MIT, Dartmouth, Columbia, Wharton, INSEAD and others to teach programs in subjects that include general management, digital technologies and business analytics. Many of these topics are important to global businesses because there is a critical skills gap in these areas that we are helping to narrow and – we hope – eventually to close.

Emeritus Team at UC Berkeley Opportunity Summit

The best faculty at these elite institutions teach these courses and bring with them an unmatched breadth of research. They deploy the latest technology to ensure the programs are rigorous, but also interactive and vibrant. We are reaching a global pool of professionals who would not otherwise have access to such a high-caliber education, and our prices are affordable.

In the years to come, we plan to continue the tremendous growth we’ve had with outreach to global students who are excited to have access to these institutions and their world-class faculty. By June 2020, we expect to offer 110 programs, up from the current 65. In addition, we will continue to extend our reach by providing programs in Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin. Our portfolio of partners will expand. As a result, we will continue to fulfill our mission to make high-quality education more accessible to professionals all over the world. And this honor wouldn’t have been possible without our dynamic global team of 612 members across eight countries!!

By Chaitanya Kalipatnapu, Executive Director and Co-founder, Eruditus & Emeritus