What It Means to be Among the Best in EdTech

What It Means to be Among the Best in EdTech | General | Emeritus

Entrepreneur Magazine India recently named Eruditus the “best education start-up of the year” for 2019, which puts it among the top EdTech companies. This honor is emblematic of our higher goal of helping those who take our courses to reach their full leadership potential. It also proves we are already making progress in fulfilling our mission of making high-quality education more accessible and affordable.

Eruditus, and its sister company Emeritus provides Small Private Online Courses (SPOCs) to students all over the world. In large part, they are replacing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), which failed to realize expectations in the education community. MOOCs, which were free and open to anyone without any repercussions for not participating or tending to coursework, has a whopping 97 percent drop-out rate, compared to 86 percent course completion among Eruditus students.

Eruditus Fills A Need with EdTech: To turn this system on its head, Eruditus partnered with the top business schools in the world, such as Columbia Business School, The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, and UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, to provide condensed, intense, practical, and convenient programs, which can either be conducted completely or partially online.

While students are using online platforms, they are interacting with faculty and each other, much like in a traditional classroom. In addition, they are paying an affordable fee to participate, which gives them an added incentive to make the most of their investment. Finally, they must apply to the courses (granted, it’s not as rigorous an application process as that of bricks-and-mortar programs) and complete assignments and coursework to earn their certificate.

Increasing Access to Needed Training: In the case of Eruditus, the online pedagogy consists of cohort-based, byte-sized learning that includes peer-to-peer feedback, simulations, games, role-playing, real-world applications, and grading and evaluation.

In 2018, nearly 30,000 students from across more than 80 countries took a course through Eruditus and its sister company Emeritus. This is what drives us.

Providing high-quality is of the utmost importance. We do not just disseminate content; we provide a holistic education. Outcomes matter and we aim to have the education we provide transform students’ lives. In essence, we are providing an unfulfilled service by training managers, executives, and leaders for the future. Many of our programs focus on emerging technologies, such as machine learning, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.

This Is Who We Are: We help leaders better understand how to apply new technologies to ensure better business outcomes and more productivity and efficiency. We also stand behind the use of traditional case studies to help people understand how theory applies to the real world.

More importantly, we understand today’s executives. They have busy lives, which prohibit them from picking up and moving or taking two years of time in a full-time MBA program. A number of our programs provide core business training that easily fits into the supercharged professional and personal lives of participants.

Access has many aspects to it and is reflected in what we are providing: blended programs in emerging markets, helping schools offer online courses, flexible learning formats, courses in Spanish, Portuguese, and soon Mandarin. In addition, affordability makes education more accessible, and the two go hand-in-hand.

If we stay true to our mission, we know many more awards will come our way. But the greatest recognition of our work is the tremendous impact we have on our students.

As beneficiaries of high-quality education that transformed our lives, Chaitanya Kalipatnapu, Eruditus co-founder and director, and I launched the company with the hope that we could provide the same kinds of experiences and opportunities we had, and offer that to other students around the world.

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