Course Preview: Deep Learning with Carnegie Mellon University

17 August 2022

[Video Transcript] Deep Learning at Carnegie Mellon

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Hello and welcome to the program. I hope you're ready to begin. To get started, I'd like to tell you a bit about what you can expect from this program over the next several weeks. First, the program is composed of ten modules. Throughout the program, you will find activities and assessments that allow you to practice key concepts and apply the methods covered in the lectures.

In addition, there are several programming assignments designed to give you hands-on experience working with neural networks. So, let's talk about this program. This experience is really all about advancing your working knowledge of key principles and methods behind deep learning.

To accomplish all of this, we'll focus on helping you to develop an understanding of key jargon and concepts, explore use cases for various types of neural networks, ease your apprehension to use and apply deep learning methods, prepare for additional self- improvement after the program, notice the rapid pace at which the field of deep learning is evolving, explore opportunities for self-improvement improvement, and think differently about how to approach global problems.

As you move through the program, remember that you're a part of a global cohort from a wide variety of cultural and professional backgrounds. We hope you'll use this opportunity to compare notes and network with your colleagues.

This program includes 24-hour support for technical issues. Experienced learning facilitators will respond to content inquiries to further your learning. And these resources are available for your benefit, so please take advantage of them if you need help. I hope you're ready to go, so let's get started!

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