Course Preview: Mastering Digital Marketing from London Business School

4 November 2022

[Video Transcript] Mastering Digital Marketing from London Business School

Programme Overview

Hello, and welcome to the programme. Let's do a quick overview of what's there in this programme and get a feel for all the different topics.

First, let's start with understanding the new generation of digital customers. How does this new digital consumer generation behave, how can we as marketers connect and convert them, and how do we engage with them and build long-term relationships with them?

Next, we will do a session on content marketing. Content marketing is the basis of a lot of digital marketing, and we have to understand how to build a content marketing strategy, and we will come up with a strategy and slot it into the 3C framework that we have developed. Plus, we'll also come up with a set of metrics that will help us define how we are going to be successful or not.

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Next, let's talk about connect strategies, particularly how to build a strategy for organic search marketing because search is so crucial to connecting with people on the internet. How do search engines work, what's a good way to do search engine optimisations, and how can we build better content to optimise SEO?

Next, let's talk about how to convert customers using the sponsored search or pay-per-click search. In this, we will talk about Google Ads and pay-per-click search, and also ads that we will run on the Amazon platform, including search engine optimisation for Amazon as well.

The next thing we will do is talk about understanding two things related to the mobile medium. One is: how do we really use mobile applications to connect and convert and engage your audience? At the same time, we also want to talk about the mobile medium: how to use it for advertising, particularly through the platforms of Google and Facebook.

Next, we will do social media marketing. Particularly, we'll do this in two parts. The first part of social media marketing is all about listening to the consumer, and how do you gain insights into consumer needs from listening? And within that same part, we'll also talk about how you create the social content you need that customers will interact with.

In the second part of social media marketing, we're going to talk about how you build content that gets shared widely. How do you get the viral effect, things of that sort? And we'll talk about that in some detail. Plus, we'll talk about how to get social media advocacy. How do you create the advocates you want out there to take your message out to the larger audience?

Next, we'll talk about some other techniques in digital marketing, particularly: personalisation and digital loyalty marketing. How do you go about personalising digital content? What do you have to do? What techniques are there? Plus, from the loyalty perspective, how can you use digital tools such as wallets and apps to improve customer loyalty? And what loyalty programmes can you create where you integrate wallets, apps and payments, and all these various methods that are available to you?

Next, we'll talk about omnichannel marketing. Here, again, there are two parts. The first part primarily refers to a part of omnichannel marketing which is called location-based marketing, and we need to figure out how this works, how you can target people when you're using location-based targeting, and how it all fit into the omnichannel framework. There are quite a few challenges involved in this space, and we'll go through all of that.

And in the second part, we are going to talk about building an overall strategy for omnichannel, and this is actually the last and concluding part of the discussion, which ties all the other pieces together. What is the omnichannel journey? How do we target our marketing to various omnichannel touchpoints, as we call it, and how do you combine the whole digital and brick-and-mortar thing into a unified marketing strategy?

We're going to be talking about a wide set of topics, but digital marketing is a wide area and it covers a lot of breadths. But I hope you'll enjoy this course with me because I love teaching it.

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