Course Preview: Product Management and Strategy at Wharton

31 October 2022

Online Course Preview | Product Management and Strategy at Wharton

Program Introduction  

This program is focused on product management and strategy. It's comprised of six modules. One of the key roles of product managers is to lead the creation of new products from nothing. I'll teach you a process for doing that, and that process will be a structure I  reference throughout the program. Some of you are product managers, or you aspire to be a product managers. For you, this course should be directly relevant to daily work. However, many of you work in an ancillary function, says engineering manager or product marketing manager. 

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That's great. In this course, I'll put you in the shoes of the product managers that you likely work with every day. You'll understand the issues and challenges they face and will be a  better partner. Some of you are general managers or CEOs and oversee product managers.  In those cases, I hope to help you be a better leader understanding best practices for product managers, so that you can set appropriate expectations for your team, for all of you,  regardless of job title. The heart of this course is a problem-solving methodology, the triple diamond model. That model is targeted first and foremost at helping product managers lead the development of great new products. 

However, essentially the same method can be used to apply design thinking to essentially any problem. As such, I hope this tool becomes an essential part of your toolkit. Whether the challenge is creating a new product or perhaps some other managerial challenge, like improving operational performance or optimizing your sales process. More than half of the tools and concepts in this program can be applied outside of the narrow domain of product management and so are relevant to pretty much anyone. 

Finally, I want to comment a bit on my choices of examples and illustrations. You are a very heterogeneous audience and product management exists as an important function in all kinds of different companies. I am going to deliberately take examples from many diverse industries, from snack foods to enterprise software. I've worked in dozens of different industries and I find that we can learn a lot from every one of them. I hope you'll enjoy sampling a lot of different contexts, even if you mostly expect to work in a single industry. It's been a real pleasure and privilege to organize my thoughts on product management and strategy, and I very much hope you enjoy the program.

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