Course Preview: Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing from Imperial College Business School Executive Education

19 October 2022

[Video Transcript] Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing from Imperial College Business School Executive Education

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Hello everyone! Welcome to Imperial's Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing. We are so happy to have you here. During our time together, we hope to provide you with the strategies, tactics, and tools to develop and execute a cutting-edge digital business strategy. 

To accomplish these goals, we will cover a variety of topics related to customer behaviour and relationships, online product positioning, search and content marketing, customer engagement and social media marketing, digital marketing analytics, and strategies for brand management in the digital world. 

Now, let's take a moment to meet your faculty for this programme. 

My name is Andreas, and I will be one of your faculty for this programme. I'm a professor of Marketing at Imperial College London, Imperial College Business School, and for my sins, I'm also head of the Department of Analytics, Marketing, and Operations. During this programme, I will be teaching you about customer behaviour, online product positioning and customer engagement, and brand and customer relations management. Now, I would like you to meet Omar Merlo, another faculty for this course. 

Thank you, Andreas. My name is Omar Merlo. I'm a faculty member in the business school. I'm an academic director, done a lot of consulting work with organisations helping them create customer value using all of these new digital channels that we have available. 

During my portion of the programme, I will be teaching you about customer experience, winning attention in online advertising, online customer engagement, brand management for the digital world, and importantly, managing customer relationships. I'm very excited to explore these topics with you in the coming weeks. Now, I'd like you to meet Daniel, another one of our instructors. 

Thanks, Omar. I'm Daniel Rowles, and I spent the last 25 years helping global brands create effective digital marketing. I'm a programme director at Imperial College, CEO of, and host of the digital marketing podcast. 

During my portion of the programme, I'll cover topics related to search and content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimisation, and frameworks for implementing digital marketing. Now, I'd like to introduce you to Gokhan, another of this programme's instructors. 

Thank you, Daniel. My name is Gokhan. I'm an associate professor of marketing at 

Imperial College Business School and I got my Ph.D. from Carlos III University of Madrid. And I have been working on market and research topics for more than 10 years now, and I'm very happy that I will share my expertise and knowledge with you. 

What I do in my research is I look at how marketing actions taken by marketing managers impact online and offline consumer behaviour and how the changes in consumer attitudes, in turn, drive company performance. Recently, I have been engaging a lot in consultancy projects, and in those projects, I analysed targeting and retargeting performance measurements for companies. 

And I looked at the sentiment analysis for brands analysing their social media channel information. And I looked at how we can analyse consumer attitudes by leveraging social media data. Okay. So, this is what I do in my research. In terms of teaching at the Imperial, I teach in the full-time MBA, executive MBA, and MSc programmes. And I teach marketing analytics, digital marketing, and marketing management. 

So, throughout this programme, I will be showing you how to incorporate data analytics strategies and artificial intelligence into areas like customer segmentation, digital performance metrics, A/B testing, and sentiment analysis. I'm excited to get started. 

Thank you, Omar, Daniel, and Gokhan for these wonderful introductions. We are excited to jump into this programme with you.

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