Course Preview : Programming with Python at CMU

7 November 2022

[Video Transcript] Programming with Python at CMU

Hello everyone and welcome to the program. My name is Professor Anil Ada.

And my name is Professor Kelly Rivers, and we'll be your faculty over the next several weeks.

First, we would like to recognize the awesome investment you're making in yourself by taking part in this program. It's a really great decision and kudos to you for making that decision.

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Programming is a crucially important skill in the modern world. Learning how to read and write code will change the way you think about problems and multiply your ability to get tasks done.

This program will teach you the fundamentals of computer programming. You will learn about how to think like a computer scientist when faced with a programming task, and you will learn the basic building blocks of computer programming and how to compose those blocks to solve interesting problems. And you will learn the best industry practices for writing code. All of this is a necessary foundation when you want to learn more about or work in any area related to computing.

Another large part of this program will be your Capstone project. You'll complete a homework assignment every week to practice the skills we teach you. And the final assignment, this Capstone project, will combine all the knowledge you've accumulated into one medium-sized project that you'll be able to code yourself. Successfully completing the Capstone project will help you demonstrate that you've mastered the core skills and principles of programming.

Beyond the Capstone project, we also hope that you'll take the skills you learn and apply them in your own domain and your own areas of interest.

As you learn new ways of thinking and new skills over the upcoming weeks, try to think about how you can apply these ideas to your area of work or your hobbies.

Even before the program concludes, you might find yourself writing small Python scripts to make your day-to-day life a bit easier.

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