10 Best Online Data Science Courses Hand-Picked for You

10 Best Online Data Science Courses Hand-Picked for You | Data Science and Analytics | Emeritus

Data is the new oil. In a crude, unrefined form, it is of no real use. But once it is cleaned and processed, its value shoots up. From understanding customer behavior to sales performance, everything makes more sense when data is analyzed the right way. The ability to take existing data, and process it with sector and industry knowledge to generate insights for the organization, is no easy feat. Thus, the role of a data scientist has gained prominence in the recent past and is expected to grow over the next decade. A plethora of the best data science courses is now available at your fingertips. But, how can you choose one that is a great fit for you from a skill, credibility, and investment point of view? We are here to help you on this mission! 

Visualization and Storytelling Using DataDid you know? The average annual salary for a Data Scientist in the US is $140,772. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field is expected to grow by 22% by 2030 which is thrice the rate of other average professions. Read on to know more about this lucrative career choice. 

How to Choose the Best Online Data Science Courses

If you are thinking of enrolling in an online data science program to advance your career, then there is no better time than now! In other words, the benefits are tangible. Also, you have the convenience of learning from anywhere and developing new-age data skills that can push your career to the next level. However, there are thousands of online courses available. Hence, how can you choose a course that you will enjoy and reap benefits from at a price point that isn’t rough on your pocket? 

Before signing up for a new, online course, answer these questions:

  1. Are you self-motivated and disciplined?
  2. Will it help your career? 
  3. Do you have access to technology and the knowledge to use it? 
  4. Does it fit with your learning style? 
  5. Will it work with your schedule?
  6. Can you afford it? 
  7. Is the faculty qualified? 

Once you have answered these questions, start with your preliminary research. Firstly, make a list of all the data science courses that match your line of interest. 

Things to Consider Before Signing up for a Data Science Course

  • What is the data career path I wish to specialize in? 
  • What is the duration of the course? 
  • Is the university reputed? Also, will it boost my profile in this competitive corporate world?
  • Does the fee fit within my budget? However, do I have a buffer if it is a top-class university and program?
  • Are the faculty members reputed? Also, what do they offer that the others don’t?
  • Is the program’s curriculum what I wish to learn and specialize in? 
  • Does the program have a capstone project?
  • What are the pre-requisites to take up this course?
  • Will I get a certificate at the end of the program?
  •  Is it fully online or do I need to attend some classes physically?

What Skills are Required for a Career in Data Science?

Firstly, a good mix of technical and soft skills is necessary to excel in the field of data science. Also, being able to effectively communicate, present, and collaborate will help data scientists stand apart from their peers in large organizations. Furthermore, if you are a number cruncher with an analytical mind looking to find creative solutions to problems, then this might be the career for you.

Here are the critical skills required before entering the field of data science:

  1. Data analysis and modeling
  2. Problem-solving
  3. Intellectual curiosity
  4. Critical thinking
  5. Math and statistics
  6. Basic knowledge of coding: Java/ Python is an added advantage
  7. Market understanding
  8. Business acumen
  9. Communication and collaboration
  10. Visualization and presentation skills

Top Data Science Courses

All the 10 programs listed below are available on the Emeritus website. Most importantly, this is only a listing and not a ranking. Thus, the programs have been analyzed based on a few factors like duration, fees, faculty, scope, and university. Additionally, the information has been consolidated to help you make a well-informed decision and pick the right kind of data science program that suits your requirements. 

National University of Singapore (NUS) Data Analytics Program: From Data to Insights

Data analystScope: NUS’ Data Analytics Program helps learners understand how to apply data analytics techniques. Moreover the methodologies will help leaders uncover key insights and drive business strategies.

Duration: Four months (fully online). Six to eight hours per week.

Fee: US $1,600

What makes this program different? 

Through real-world examples from multiple industries, learners will see how the theories of data analytics are applied. Also, learners will be able to demonstrate their newly gained analytics skills by applying what is learned to build a simulation of real-life projects. Moreover, no coding experience is required.

Faculty to watch out for: Dr. Ai Xin

Who is the program right for?

Analysts, engineers, professionals, and managers with up to 15 years of experience. Moreover, the program is applicable across major industries, including IT services, financial services, Banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), management, consulting, and across all functions.

UC Berkeley Executive Education: Chief Analytics Officer (CAO) Program

Scope: The Berkeley CAO Program intends to enable learners to leverage data and analytics to drive strategy and innovation across organizations. Also, the program focuses on foundations and foundational frameworks in business analytics. Therefore, a cursory background in statistics and math is necessary. However, the program may be elementary-level for those possessing an appropriate graduate degree.

Duration: 13 months, online and in-person

UC Berkeley CampusFee: US $29,000

What makes this program different? 

The program concludes with a three-day networking event on the Berkeley campus in California. In fact, it is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to meet peers, industry experts, and faculty to build a global network.

Faculty to watch out for: Shachar Kariv and Steve Tadelis

Who is the program right for? 

This program is ideal for senior managers and leaders (with a minimum of 10 years of experience). Also, the curriculum will help senior leaders leverage analytics in their decision-making processes and build data analytics teams in their organizations.

Singapore Management University: Data Science & Analytics for Strategic Decisions

Scope: Participants get to learn how to process and understand data. This helps them drive better, smarter decisions within all kinds of organizations. Also, through real-world examples from multiple industries, learners see how theories are put into practice. For instance, examples or use cases in the program include Tesla, Apple, Netflix, Google Trends, Spotify, and Microsoft.

Duration: Two months (fully online). Four to six hours per week.

Fee: US $1,500

What makes this program different? 

Learners get hands-on experience running various data analysis methodologies. Additionally, they also get free access to XLSTAT for a year along with this program.

Faculty to watch out for: Sandeep R. Chandukala and Michelle Cheong

Who is the program right for? 

The program is designed for both tech and non-tech professionals with six to 20+ years of relevant work experience. No coding is required; however, a basic knowledge of Excel will be necessary. 

Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine: Data Science in Healthcare 

Scope: Data is continuously being generated by patients, hospitals, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies. There is an urgent need for experts to understand and analyze this data in order to improve our healthcare systems. If you are interested in data and healthcare, then this program is for you. 

This course requires a moderate knowledge of some types of analysis coding tools (such as SaS, SPSS, or R), college-level mathematics, and statistics. Additionally, learners can take the self-assessment test to verify their math skills before the course commences. Check out some sample questions and answers

Duration: Eight weeks (fully online). Four to six hours per week.

Fee: US $1,950

What makes this program different?

The impact of big data on both businesses and patient health is equally important. Course designers too, have kept this in mind.  Therefore, learners understand how to appropriately format, analyze, and present healthcare data to optimize its use using real-world examples.

Faculty to watch out for: Christian Darabos

Who is the program right for? 

This program will be particularly useful for entry to mid-level professionals in roles like analysts and managers, especially those in insurance, pharmaceuticals, or biotech.

Columbia Engineering: Visualization and Storytelling Using Data

Scope: The objective of this program is to help learners use strong points of view and recommendations to build a data story. Also, this will help drive business decisions and enhance career growth. 

Duration: Six weeks (fully online). Four to six hours per week.

Fee: US $1,657

What makes this program different? 

This course comprises six weekly modules. It offers a systematic approach for delivering applied design theory principles. Also, the university and Emeritus have designed this course curriculum so that learners can enhance your their role within the organization and in the industry too. Additionally, the curriculum includes live fireside chats with faculty, design exercises, and peer discussion groups, apart from the real-world capstone program.

Faculty to watch out for: Michelle S. Glaser 

Who is the program right for? 

The Visualization and Storytelling Using Data course is designed for professionals who work with data regularly and strive to make a bigger impact on business outcomes. Hence, it is ideal for business managers, analysts, marketing managers, and data scientists. 

UC Berkeley Executive Education: Data Strategy Program

Scope: UC Berkeley Executive Education’s Data Strategy online program is designed as a practical guidebook to help learners leverage data insights to drive innovation strategy. Additionally, across the organization, leaders will be able to leverage data management, governance, technology, analytics, and a data-driven culture to generate untapped potential and value.

Duration: Two months (fully online). Four to six hours of effort per week.

Fee: US $2,316

What makes this program different? 

Faculty member have years of experience developing data strategies at the world’s best organizations. Using their insights the program is carefully curated. Also, guided by faculty experts and industry best practices, participants learn how successful organizations use data as an organizational asset. Therefore, when the program ends, learners will be ready to develop their own data strategy.

Faculty to watch out for: Richard Huntsinger

Who is the program right for? 

The program is ideal for technology leaders, IT managers, and data managers. Additionally, this will help leaders develop data strategies that align with their organizations’ business goals. Also, this program is relevant for entrepreneurs and consultants, who are looking to provide comprehensive data solutions to their own firms or their clients.

University of Cambridge’s People Analytics Program 

Scope: The program is focused on helping Human Resources (HR) leaders chart a vision for the future by leveraging people analytics to achieve positive change across employees, organizations, and society. Learnings from this program are applicable across most major industries, including financial services, telecom, utilities, real estate, consulting, government as well as labor unions.

Duration: Eight weeks (fully online). Four to six hours per week for this program.

Fee: US $1,700

What makes this program different? 

Participants learn practical approaches to set up people analytics teams and leverage data that already exist within the organization. They also learn to solve strategic challenges at the workplace. 

Faculty to watch out for: Luning Sun

Who is the program right for? 

Learners will understand the opportunities and threats of big data and machine learning in HR. They also learn to quantify and predict the impact of people’s behaviors on business outcomes. 

The program is ideal for mid-level to senior HR professionals, people or data analytics professionals, HR consultants, and analysts, as well as project managers. 

Kellogg Executive Education: Product Analytics Program

Scope: The program is ideal for those seeking an analytical approach to enhance their products and services by measuring performance using data. Furthermore, the curriculum will empower learners to leverage product data and put it to use to benefit the organization. 

Duration: Six weeks (fully online). Four to six hours per week.

Fee: US $2,600

What makes this program different? 

This program guides learners through a data journey from raw data to useful analytics. Furthermore, using automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence they find differentiated value for scaling organizations. Also, participants also build a Product Requirements Document (PRD) to apply learnings in various organizations. 

Faculty to watch out for: Birju Shah

Who is the program right for? 

By gaining the right frameworks, tools, and experience, participants become effective data managers across all types of organizations. Also, the program is ideal for product managers, product analysts, data scientists, technology managers, and entrepreneurs.

Dartmouth Engineering: Professional Certificate in Applied Data Science

Scope: This program is curated such that professionals can take advantage of new opportunities and face new challenges in the field of data science with confidence. Also, this course requires a moderate knowledge of calculus, linear algebra, statistics, and probability.

Duration: Six months (fully online). 10 to 15 hours per week.

Fee: US $7,500

What makes this program different? 

This program includes a career coaching segment. The Triumvirate is Thayer School’s personal career success team. Additionally, it includes one-to-one sessions with career coaches, webinars, and mentorship. 

Faculty to watch out for: Geoffrey Parker

Who is the program right for? 

In just six months, learners become skilled in the fundamentals of data science by mastering critical concepts using Python. Also, participants can accelerate their careers as data scientists by receiving one-on-one support from a mentor who is an expert in the industry. 

MIT xPRO Professional Certificate in Data Engineering

Scope: Looking for a competitive edge in the marketplace? The need for data engineers who can understand data and build out necessary infrastructure is intensifying. Therefore, with job-ready data engineering skills, this course is ideal for data engineering aspirants. Also, receive one-on-one career support as a part of this program and introductions to hiring partners. (This is for eligible participants only. However, there is no job guarantee.)

Duration: Six months (fully online). 15-20 hours per week. 

Fee: US $6,332

What makes this program different? 

Firstly, learners get to build a user interface to view and interact with large amounts of live streaming data. They also get to create a GitHub portfolio to present their own projects and share it with potential employers.

Faculty to watch out for: John R Williams

Who is the program right for?

Ideal for recent Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) graduates, postgraduates, and interns. Additionally, if you are looking to start a career in this high-growth field by gaining exposure to data engineering, then look no further. Also, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree or higher with strong math skills and programming experience. 

Ready to pick a data science course?

Reach out to learning advisors from each of these universities if you have any further questions. All you need to do is open the course page and find their contact information. Find all the best data science courses only on the Emeritus website. Happy learning!

By Manasa Ramakrishnan

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