“Emeritus Helped Me Power a Career Switch in Sales in 11 Weeks!”

“Emeritus Helped Me Power a Career Switch in Sales in 11 Weeks!” | Sales and Marketing | Emeritus

Younass Idrissi, a trained nurse, had a clear vision:  “I want to be a beast in sales. I want to develop, enhance my skills and grow.” His extensive product knowledge and passion for health care and orthopaedic technology made him the perfect candidate for a career in sales. However, sales is still a dynamic field that requires training. Having spent his early career working in hospital services, he gathered in-depth experience and expertise with materials and procedures in casts. Earlier this year, he decided to switch his career into medical sales and sought the help of the best sales courses online to equip him for his new role.

Why Medical Sales?

The evidence of growth in the field of medical device sales speaks volumes – the total average compensation makes a $37,000 jump after just two years of experience in the field. The commissions in the field pay well too. Post-Covid the global medical devices market is projected to grow from $455.34 billion in 2021 to $657.98 billion in 2028, offering career opportunities for medical sales professionals. 

While Younass amassed a comprehensive product knowledge – an essential sales skill in the industry – he had no prior experience working in sales. Sales – its processes, operations, and nuances were alien to Younass. 55% of the people making their living in sales don’t have the right skills to succeed. Along with his senior manager, Younass identified that he needed to upskill in the sales domain to succeed in his new role. His senior manager recommended one of the best sales courses, the Mastering Sales Program by Northwestern Kellogg University, and that is where Younass began his transition into the world of sales.

Which is the best sales course available online?

Deciding to learn with Kellogg was a nanosecond decision for Younass. The reputation of the Kellogg Sales Institute by Professor Craig Wortmann precedes the program. The brochures shared by Emeritus program advisors outlined a detailed structure of the Mastering Sales program, which was vital in helping Younass decide to join the one of the best sales courses available online today.

The roster of eminent speakers and faculty and their story in there, motivated him that he is truly learning from the best. Learning with the program made Younass confident that he can easily succeed. He shares, “I understood that the aim was to make our lives easier in our careers. The idea of the program – unlike a Master’s Degree – is to help professionals learn in the best way possible. And I really think we learned the best way possible!” 

How did the Kellogg’s Mastering Sales Program help him in his sales career?

Northwestern Kellogg’s Mastering Sales Program equipped Younass with ideas and essential tools through structured learning across each module. He enjoyed learning through videos, live sessions with Craig Wortmann, faculty webinars, and guest star interviews. The interactive application exercises, assignments, and feedback helped him evaluate his learning journey and assess where he needed extra guidance to become a confident seller.  

From registering for the program to assistance during the program, Younass found tremendous support in the Emeritus team. “I thoroughly enjoyed the program and didn’t have too many hindrances. Whenever I had any questions, Emeritus responded to my queries quickly and solved my problems in an instant. And I’m not used to that kind of quick service.” 

Customise how you learn

Younass chose a self-paced mode of learning, carving out time to study each day through the summer. During his regular work week, he found himself applying the coursework from various modules in his daily tasks. He shares, “I kept having these coincidences, where that week’s learning module would correspond with my week’s work plan. I was learning Module 2: Targeting with focusing filters and in the same week, I was filtering for new clients. A similar experience repeated when I was learning Team Selling (Sales Toolkit). In that same week, I joined my colleague for a (sales) meeting. It was mind-blowing.” 

Younass Idris speaks to Emeritus

Results IRL

The real-world application of the coursework enabled Younass to succeed week-on-week and added value to his learning progress. So much so that his senior manager noticed Younass’ development through his learning journey and indicated he’d like to consider the program too.  

“The tools I learned through one of the best sales courses have helped me navigate my new medical sales career. It continues to help me post-completion of the program too. I no longer do things the difficult way. Each tool enables me to find an easier way to achieve efficient results and save time. This course is the best thing – a blessing from above – that has happened to my career. I want to thank Emeritus and every person that was part of my learning journey.”  

Are you also interested in switching to a career in sales? Check out the Kellogg’s Mastering Sales Program and speak to our advisors for a program that fits you! If you’re looking to transform your career, equip yourself with one of our top-ranked courses

By Janice Godinho

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