What are the Best Jobs for Introverts in 2023? Find Out Here

What are the Best Jobs for Introverts in 2023? Find Out Here | Career | Emeritus

There is almost a one-in-two chance that you are an introvert; several reports suggest that introverts account for 40% of the population. You prefer to keep to yourself and draw energy from alone time, as opposed to extroverts who thrive in collaborative environments. Your less socially-inclined personality is not a drawback, far from it. In fact, as an introvert, you have a distinctive way of functioning. You need to embrace that and find a career that brings out the best in you. Given that successful introverts span varied careers — from Elon Musk to Albert Einstein — there are no limitations to what you can do. However, certain professions are clearly well-suited to an introverted personality. Here’s a look at what the best jobs for introverts are, and you can decide whether they work for you. 

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What is an Introvert?

There is no one-size-fits-all definition for an introvert, but the dictionary definition from Cambridge is “a quiet person who is more interested in their own thoughts and feelings than in spending time with other people.” Beyond the shy and quiet stereotype, an introvert is someone who is at their best in solitary environments. 

Although research has revealed that these traits are common across introverts, they can be further categorized into four sub-groups: 

  • A restrained introvert, who always thinks before making any decision 
  • A thinking introvert, who thinks and possesses a highly creative imagination
  • An anxious introvert, who prefers being by themselves 
  • A social introvert, who chooses small groups to mingle with 

As we said, one size really doesn’t fit all introverts.

What are the Best Jobs for Introverts?

An understanding of this personality type is necessary to identify some of the best jobs for introverts. Of course, at this juncture, it is important to note that these are only seven of their many best-suited jobs. Also, fair warning, the roles listed below involve some engagement with clients and other employees. But for the most part, the onus rests solely with you.

1. Writer

Job Description: If you are competent with the written word, then a career as a writer is tailor-made for introverts. You can explore a variety of options such as copywriting, technical writing, content writing, or creative writing – imagine being holed up in a cabin writing your book! Whatever option you choose, this can be as solitary as you want it to be. You can work as a freelance writer or with an organization, depending on your need for human contact. 

Qualification(s) Needed: To become a writer, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree in English, Communications, or any equivalent field. You can also take writing and search engine optimization (SEO) courses. If you intend to become a technical writer, then take a course or certification program to expand your technical knowledge. 

Expected Average Salary: You can expect a salary of around $69,510 per annum, which is the average salary for writers in the US as of May 2021. However, your experience and skills will have a huge impact on this figure. 

2. Photographer

Job Description: Photography is a well-paying profession, with several specializations on offer. These include fashion and modeling, events, weddings, scientific photography, and news, among others. This tends to be a solo career, apart from engaging with the people you photograph and those who assist you on your shoots. 

Qualification(s) Needed: A bachelor’s degree in photography and a master’s degree are recommended. You can also take up a certificate program or course that is related to photography. Experience can enhance your salary expectations. 

Expected Average Salary: The average annual photographer’s salary is $38,950 in the US. 

3. Graphic Designer

Job Description: Graphic designing is a profession on the rise, and the demand for skilled talent in this industry is unlikely to abate, given that digital media is here to stay. If you have the technical and creative skills required for this career, then it is well-suited for you as an introvert. You will be expected to interact and communicate with your clients to understand requirements. However, the central designing part of your job will involve only you. 

Qualification Needed: You should at least have a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design or in an equivalent field. Apart from that, you must consider applying for courses that will allow you to broaden your knowledge of design theory and tools. 

Expected Average Salary: According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, $50,710 is the average annual salary of a graphic designer in the US. 

4. Accountant

Job Description: Are math and numbers your strong suit? And are you detail-oriented? If the answer to both questions is ‘yes’ then a career as an accountant is worth considering. It is a challenging profession, which will need you to help organizations and clients manage their books and make the right financial decisions. You will be required to be on top of your game as far as paperwork is concerned. This will include, among other things, preparing documents related to taxes, conducting due diligence on prospective clients, assessing financial statements and records, and evaluating costs. 

Qualification Needed: You need at least a Bachelor’s degree in accounting. You can also acquire certifications for Certified Management Accountants, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), and Certified Internal Auditors. 

Expected Average Salary: The average salary for accountants is $77,250 per year in the US. 

Explore finance courses on Emeritus to acquire new skills in this field.

5. Translator

Job Description: As the name suggests, a translator is someone who translates documents or written material from one language to another. It is as simple as that. If you are well-versed in one or more languages, a translator’s job gives you solitude and learning opportunities both.

Qualification Needed: In addition to possessing a Bachelor’s degree in any field, you should also consider taking language and translation courses. Having experience in translating documents will prove advantageous in getting work. 

Expected Average Salary: The average annual salary for translators is $49,110 in the US. 

6. Software EngineerWhat is SQL

Job Description: Software engineers combine their programming knowledge with their understanding of business. Their purpose is to build software applications to resolve problems and issues an organization may face. This job role uses the individual’s ability to plan, solve problems and find solutions. Part of this job will require teamwork and interactions across departments, but the programming job will be individual. This is one of the best jobs for introverts if you choose roles where you can be an individual contributor. 

Qualification Needed: Begin by first acquiring a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. You can also take up an associate degree in either software engineering technology or software systems engineering. 

As this is a technology-related field that goes through dynamic changes, you can stay updated by exploring coding, artificial intelligence, and machine learning courses on Emeritus. 

Expected Average Salary: Software engineers earn an annual average salary of $124,400 or more in the US. 

7. Data Analyst

Job Description: As a data analyst, you are expected to procure information, process it, and then arrange this data to gather useful insights. The data you collect is obtained from customers, organizational performance, and more. That is the interactive part of the job. The insights and conclusions you draw will be a solo effort and help organizations make critical decisions. 

Qualification Needed: To become a data analyst, you should have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, statistics, or mathematics. Professional certificate programs in coding languages like Python, R, SQL, HTML, and JavaScript are recommended.

Explore data science courses by Emeritus to get the edge in data analytics, which is one of the best jobs for introverts. 

Expected Average Salary: Data analysts earn an average salary of $70,946 in the US. 

We hope this list of best jobs for introverts has helped you shortlist a suitable career. As a next step, you can start enhancing your skills for these jobs by exploring the courses that Emeritus offers and signing up today.

By Annabel George

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