What Top Trending Digital Skills are Employers Looking for in 2023?

What Top Trending Digital Skills are Employers Looking for in 2023? | Career | Emeritus

A tech-driven future is riddled with uncertainties. Consider how, on the one hand, people talk of Artificial Intelligence (AI) rendering humans obsolete, while on the other, companies are grappling with severe tech-labor shortages in the era of Great Resignation. Meanwhile, it is also believed that we stand at the helm of Industrial Revolution 4.0, which will upend the ways companies manufacture, improve, and distribute their products. The question marks persist around how technology will shape the business landscape shortly. What is clear, however, is that professionals will need a specialized set of digital skills to keep their career trajectories growing with agility. This blog lists seven highly-valued digital skills that will top the charts in the coming years. 

Digital Skills

Digital Content Marketing

The AI-digital marketing synergy has fuelled a culture of highly interactive marketing content, opening marketers to unique opportunities to entice customers and consolidate their brand authenticity. In this hyper-personalization era, digital marketing skills are imperative to improve targeted website traffic. As a result, trends in digital marketing point toward an elaborate universe of upskilling—SEO writing, online blogging, social media marketing, content marketing, and marketing analytics, among others. Gartner data further indicates the rising importance of digital marketing with up to 36% of digital marketers now holding the title of CMO (Chief Marketing Officer).

U.S. Salary Range: $54,000 – $87,000

Search Engine Marketing

A Smart Insights report claims that Google processes over 3.5 billion searches daily, of which online product searches and product comparisons account for 50% of all searches combined. Thus, job seekers with a working knowledge of search marketing will enjoy a heavy demand due to their website optimization skills that drive organic search and the highest possible conversion rates. Moreover, with mobile surfing superseding desktop searches, it has had a significant impact on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) as high-ranking desktop searches didn’t make it to the top 10 results in mobile searches. Search engine marketing fosters brand visibility as organizations want to ensure their products are easily accessible and searchable. That makes this skill highly in demand in the job market.

U.S. Salary Range: $73,00 – $113,000

Data Analytics

 Digital Skills

Students exploring the recent developments in data analytics will find employment opportunities across varied domains ranging from product development to optimized manufacturing. There are innumerable opportunities for upskilling in this field as it has many subfields such as data visualization, machine learning, statistical modeling, business analysis, and data warehousing expertise, among many others. Meanwhile, freshers can enter the industry with the fundamentals of data science such as coding, a strong understanding of STEM subjects, etc. before diversifying. 

U.S. Salary Range: $98,000 – $163,000

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The advent of blockchain is a case in point for the rise of disruptive technology. Blockchain stands on distributed ledger technology and is radically changing the way we undertake financial transactions and potentially transforming all the core industries such as banking, fintech, agriculture, manufacturing operations, and healthcare, among others. Thus, acquiring blockchain-related skills will increase your hiring chances manifold. The set of relevant skills in the blockchain domain often overlaps with that of data sciences in the areas of programming languages, coding, and working with data structures. However, other important skills in the domain include mastering databases and networking, cryptography, and cryptonymous—the heart of blockchain business models.

U.S. Salary Range: $80,000 – $133,000

What Is SIEM In CybersecurityCybersecurity

Next-gen AI-driven cybersecurity experts seem to be the best antidote in the face of extensively sophisticated cyber attacks and limited cyber awareness among businesses. The global industry faces a severe shortage of master cybersecurity experts who can secure businesses on the edge. Additionally, this would entail bot attack prevention, compliance with the IDS/IPS regulations, and advanced API protection, among others. With the massive rise of AI, hackers are now armed to target critical infrastructure as we saw with the 2021 Colonial Pipeline attack. Keeping this in mind, the demand for cybersecurity experts will only grow further. 

U.S. Salary Range: $73,000 – $118,000

Metaverse Marketing

One of the most sought-after digital skills of 2023 is ‘metaverse marketing’. Most multinationals, such as Adidas, Gucci, and Tommy Hilfiger, among others. have already tapped into this unexplored market, creating immersive 3D environments that accommodate hyper-personalized shopping. Now is the perfect time to invest your learning energy in the metaverse and be open to finding unique ways to attract customers. 

U.S. Salary Range: $150,000 – $300,000

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UI/UX Design

Today, it is a fact that app architecture, design, and aesthetics directly influence app usage and success. The fact that even the minutest of interface changes can radically influence your revenue stream has enabled User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) design to become one of the most coveted digital skills. Moreover, building user-centered original products has necessitated the rise of comprehensive design systems that promote the reuse of previously effective UX designs. UI/UX designers are needed to push innovations that reduce the time for design cycles and optimize visual and behavioral consistencies of interfaces.

U.S. Salary Range: $64,000 – $100,000

To sum up, you can future-proof your career and ride the waves of the democratized internet by opting for Emeritus’ latest online courses to integrate your digital skills with deep industrial insights. 

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