5 Best Data Analytics Courses to Boost Your Career

5 Best Data Analytics Courses to Boost Your Career | Data Science and Analytics | Emeritus

Data today has enormous value when properly processed. A data scientist can turn raw data into useful insights and knowledge for organizations, aiding their growth. What’s more, the field is expected to grow by 22% by 2030 with data scientists earning an average annual salary of $140,772. Data science and analytics have vast potential as a career. Interest in this field has also led to a proliferation of data analytics courses that interested professionals can avail of. But picking the right one can be quite a challenge. So, which are the best data analytics courses out there? We give you all the information you need to pursue this lucrative career path.

best data analytics courses

Data Analytics: Relevance and Scope

Data analytics examines data sets to identify patterns, relationships, and insights to make informed decisions. In the digital age, data is being generated at an unprecedented rate. That makes it critical for businesses and organizations to make sense of this information to gain a competitive advantage. Data analytics covers a wide range of industries, including finance, healthcare, retail, marketing, and much more. 

Who is Eligible for Data Science and Analytics Courses

The eligibility requirements for getting into the best data analytics courses may differ depending on the educational institution and level of the program. In general, the following criteria are a must:

  1. Educational qualifications: Admission to a data science or analytics program typically requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, or Physics.
  2. Programming abilities: Data science and analytics professionals must be proficient in at least one programming language, such as Python, R, or Java.
  3. Knowledge of mathematics and statistics: Data science and analytics require knowledge of mathematical concepts such as calculus, linear algebra, and probability theory.
  4. Work experience: Applicants to some programs may require relevant work experience in the data field.

Is an Online Data Science Course the Best Option for Working Professionals?

Online courses give busy professionals the flexibility, affordability, and convenience they need to pursue their career goals. Working professionals can learn at their own pace and time, allowing them to balance both work and education. Online courses are also less expensive than traditional on-campus programs. Furthermore, because online courses can be accessed from anywhere, working professionals can learn from the comfort of their own homes or offices. 

However, finding the best data analytics courses among the many on offer can be a task, but we’ve simplified that for you below: 

Best Data Analytics Course for Beginners

MIT xPRO Professional Certificate in Data Science and Analytics

Overview: This course teaches you how to use data to optimize or improve organizational decision-making. It trains you to organize, run, and analyze data sets and models using Python and Google Colab. Furthermore, the course will teach you how to analyze and translate technical results into actionable insights for executives, allowing you to effectively communicate the value of data-driven decision-making to key stakeholders. You will also have the opportunity to create a portfolio that showcases your hands-on application of data science skills for model optimization and strategic decision-making.

Course Duration: 6 months, online, 15–20 hours a week.

Fee: $7,450.

Best Data Analytics Courses for Pros Looking to Specialize

Best Data Analytics Courses for Pros Looking to Specialize

Rotman School of Management: Healthcare Analytics: AI, Big Data, & Digital Transformation

Overview: This course allows learners to increase their healthcare data literacy, teaching them to effectively communicate with data analysts and understand, incorporate, and build a healthcare analytics perspective into their organizations and teams. By the end of the course, learners will be able to interpret data analysis results and make data-driven decisions in the healthcare industry for optimal outcomes. They will also learn about the emerging roles of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare and how to use it to improve organizational processes and outcomes. 

Course Duration: 7 weeks, online, 4–6 hours per week. 

Fee: $1,777

Kellogg Executive Education: Product Analytics Program

Overview: The program is ideal for those looking for an analytical approach to improve their products and services through data measurement. The curriculum also teaches executives how to leverage product data and use it to benefit the organization.

Course Duration: 6 weeks, online, 4–6 hours per week.

Fee: $2,600

University of Cambridge: Business Analytics: Data-Driven Decision Making

Overview: This course provides an in-depth approach to comprehending and utilizing big data. The program further discusses the value and opportunities big data presents and how to design experiments to collect and analyze data to chart a course for your organization. It teaches you how to use machine learning tools and models, identifies neural networks, and analyze data to make better business decisions. The course also addresses the inherent biases in business analytics and prepares you to ask for the right information to avoid loopholes. Overall, the course equips you to leverage the power of big data to achieve your goals.

Course Duration: 3 months, online, 4–6 hours per week.

Fee: $1,780

The Best Data Analytics Course for Leaders

UC Berkeley Executive Education: Chief Analytics Officer (CAO) Program

Overview: The Berkeley CAO Program is designed to provide learners with the knowledge and skills needed to use data and analytics to drive organizational innovation and strategy. Because the program is centered on foundational frameworks in business analytics, some prior knowledge of statistics and math is required. The program may be at an elementary level for those with a relevant graduate degree. The program culminates with a three-day networking event on the Berkeley campus in California, which provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to network with peers, industry experts, and faculty, while also building a global professional network.

Course Duration: 13 months, online and in-person.

Fee: Download the brochure for fee information

What Does an Online Course at Emeritus Look Like?

Online courses by Emeritus are designed to provide a rich, interactive, and engaging learning experience. The course content is delivered in a variety of formats, including video lectures, live sessions, case studies, quizzes, assignments, and discussions. As always, Emeritus provides the best data analytics courses in tie-ups with renowned universities across the globe. The common thread between all these courses is that they feature Capstone projects, a good mix of theory and practical course content, exceptional professors, insightful faculty interaction sessions, and internship or job opportunities. So make the most of the opportunity and get learning with Emeritus!

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best data analytics courses

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