Choosing the Right Platform for Big Data Online Training: 5 Factors to Consider

Choosing the Right Platform for Big Data Online Training: 5 Factors to Consider | Data Science and Analytics | Emeritus

The world’s current business environment has created a need for innovation, competitive advantage, and enhanced business efficiency. Given the role that data analysis can provide companies in gaining that edge, there is a huge demand for big data analytics professionals. In this scenario, big data online training offers enhanced customer insights and is crucial in helping businesses achieve their objectives. However, what is surprising is that despite this huge demand, big data professionals still face difficulties securing jobs. This is primarily due to the data analytical skills gap in the market. Therefore, big data online training programs aim to reduce skill shortages and boost employability. Let’s see how such a program can transform careers.

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What are the Benefits of Big Data Online Training?

 big data online training 1. Learn the Latest Skills

Skill-based hiring is the new approach to building a resilient workforce. Companies seek to hire and retain talent with the requisite skills instead of focusing only on experience. Hence, there is a dire need to learn the latest big data skills. Big data online training programs teach in-demand big data skills such as data mining, predictive analytics, quantitative analysis, machine learning, and SQL (Structured Query Language). These skills enhance resumes and make data analysts eligible for various big data roles at leading companies.

2. Learn the Relevant Tools

Knowledge of big data analytics skills is also necessary, along with technical skills. Big data online training programs teach learners to use and implement various tools such as Apache Spark, Hadoop, Tableau, MongoDB, Python, Zoho, and Cloudera. Know-how of these tools offers a competitive advantage and increases chances of getting promising big data roles.

3. Know the Latest Industry Insights and Big Data Trends

The big data field is constantly evolving, and new trends are dominating the industry. Therefore, professionals must keep up with the latest big data trends for better decision-making. Knowing industry insights is crucial for big data professionals seeking leadership roles. Big data online training programs advance career growth by offering industry insights and knowledge of the latest trends.

4. Connect With Big Data Professionals

Networking is another key benefit of big data online training programs. Such programs promote collaboration, teamwork, and discussions among learners—moreover, these aid in building professional connections and exchanging ideas.

5. Build a Portfolio

Big data online training programs teach skills through real-life case studies, research, and practical projects. You can, therefore, create a portfolio of projects to demonstrate these acquired skills.

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What Factors Should One Consider While Choosing a Big Data Online Training Platform?

As big data is a popular technology, many educational institutions and edtech platforms have introduced big data online courses. Hence, one can choose a big data online training program based on the following factors:

1. Skills Taught

What big data analytics, data science skills, and tools will be taught during the course? What is the overall learning outcome of the course? Does it align with your career goals?

2. Mentorship

Does the big data online training program offer career mentorship support? 

3. Partnerships and Accreditations

Whether the course will be offered in collaboration with an educational institute or big data organization, and whether the courses have received accreditations from a recognized organization.

4. Cost

Compare a few relevant courses to ensure which is the most cost-effective and offers the best value in proportion to the cost.

5. Instructors

Research big data online training instructors, their experience, and qualifications.

How do Big Data Online Courses Differ From Traditional In-Person Training?

 big data online training Even though in-person training has its perks, big data online training courses have gained immense popularity over the course of time. Here are five ways the benefits of picking an online program differ from traditional classroom courses:

1. Flexibility

Remote learning and flexibility are key aspects of big data online training programs. Working professionals who want to upskill and advance their careers find managing traditional in-person training programs difficult as they often have to take a career break. On the contrary, big data online training programs allow access to quality education anywhere in the world, helping people grow in their careers while focusing on their jobs.

2. Access to Education From Global Institutions

Big data online training platforms partner with leading global universities to offer data science and analytics courses. Such training programs are focused on learning outcomes and provide specialized courses. On the other hand, traditional in-person training programs restrict the choice of courses for professionals.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Attending in-person training programs can be costly as professionals have to move to different states or countries to attend university classes. However, one can access big data online training programs within the comfort of homes or workplaces. Needless to say, this reduces the cost of traveling or moving to a different place. 

4. Self-Paced Learning

Big data online training programs also offer self-paced learning through recorded videos and study material. Learners can watch classes and ask doubts at their convenience. They can also revisit challenging or important concepts with the help of online big data study material. Opposed to this are traditional classroom classes where the learning cannot be self-paced. Furthermore, the classes are often not recorded, thus making it difficult for professionals to revise concepts.

5. Focus on Skills

Traditional in-person big data training is often based on a theoretical approach. However, big data online training is focused on learning outcomes and has a skill-oriented approach. As online training big data industry experts teach the course, learners get better opportunities to gain practical knowledge.

What Kind of Support Can One Expect From Big Data Online Training Platforms?

Big data online training programs offer a holistic learning experience. Here is how they can support your career:

  • These courses offer an interactive learning experience by facilitating quizzes, projects, coding assignments, and discussions
  • They provide discussion forums where learners can ask queries, receive inputs, share insights, and resources related to data science
  • Big data online training programs also offer support and assistance through emails, live chats, and separate sessions for clearing doubts
  • These programs further encourage performance tracking to measure completed assignments and modules
  • Apart from the above, regular tests and skill-based assignments are also conducted for better learning. Learners receive regular feedback on their performance, helping them stay motivated

Why is Emeritus the Right Platform for Enrolling in Data Science and Analytics Courses?

Big data usage is expanding across various domains for better decision-making and efficiency. However, employers’ expectations are also growing. The need for upskilling has increased multifold if one wants to build a career in data science. Here is how Emeritus can assist you:

Instructor-Led Training

Emeritus’ online data science courses are taught by data science experts and world-class faculty. They teach important data science skills and share their experiences with learners, thereby facilitating quality learning.

Focus on Skills

Emeritus uses a backward-design methodology for skill-based big data online training programs. Rather than focusing on concepts, Emeritus has designed courses as per the learning outcome for data science professionals. These teach skills like applied marketing analytics, machine learning, business analytics, strategic decision-making, and natural language processing.

Partnerships With Leading Universities

Access to top-quality education is another reason why our online data science and analytics programs are ideal for data science professionals. It offers specialized data science courses in partnership with the best global institutions.


Industry leaders teach data science and analytics courses. Learners, therefore, have an excellent opportunity to build a professional network. Moreover, it facilitates career growth opportunities. Like-minded peers are also a good way to strengthen one’s professional network.

Big data analytics has taken the world by storm, empowering businesses to make strategic business decisions and experience enormous growth. Hence, organizations value and seek skilled big data analytics professionals with sound business acumen. If you want to upskill, learn the latest skills, and boost your career, then opt for Emeritus’ online data science courses.

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