What is Meta Threads? How Can It Benefit Businesses?

What is Meta Threads? How Can It Benefit Businesses? | Digital Marketing | Emeritus

“Threads is kinda like ‘Love is Blind’ cuz everybody is all about the engagement!” This post by Netflix on its Threads account aptly describes how Meta Threads has become the new popular platform that is generating a real Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) kind of feeling among businesses. Like every other social app, businesses are concerned about their Threads engagement. Why is that? How can brands leverage Meta Threads for marketing? Before we get down to the nitty-gritty of it all, let’s first understand what Meta Threads is.

Meta Threads

What is Meta Threads, and How Does It Differ From Traditional Social Media Platforms?

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram has built Threads, a new app that allows users to share text updates primarily. Users can provide real-time updates and initiate public conversation on various topics. It is considered a rival to Twitter.

Traditional threads apps in the digital space are mostly used for sharing news or political views. However, the Meta Threads app has been introduced to initiate productive and creative conversations with existing connections or other people. Another significant difference is that other digital threads platforms require users to create a separate account. For Meta Threads, however, users can log in using their Instagram account. Individual and brand users do not have to build their connections from scratch. 

How Can Businesses Leverage Meta Threads to Enhance Customer Engagement and Improve Marketing Strategies?

Meta Threads With over 100 million registered users in less than a week of its launch, Meta Threads has become one of the most popular social media apps, especially for brands. In fact, brands are already receiving more engagement on Threads than Twitter. Let’s understand how businesses can leverage Meta Threads to boost their customer engagement:

1. Share Industry Insights

Rather than sharing the same content on all social media platforms, brands can utilize their accounts to post different types of content. Since Threads is a purely text-based platform, brands can use it to share knowledge bits, the latest updates about themselves, industry-specific insights, and other relevant information. This will increase user engagement from a specific audience segment.

2. Build Loyal Communities

Brands can leverage Meta Threads to engage with their audience and create a community like Discord. They can focus on real-time conversations on various issues and trends. Businesses can also post exclusive content on the app to attract more engagement. This will help brands build a loyal community and enhance their brand visibility.

3. Enhance Advertising

Brand advertising on Threads can be simple in comparison to other social platforms. This is primarily because the app allows only text-based content postings. Hence, it seems simpler than other platforms that allow visual content. Moreover, it makes it easier for brands to focus on a single type of content rather than juggling multiple types of marketing and advertising campaigns. What brands require are good copywriters and marketers to post quality content. This will help enhance their presence on Meta Threads app.

What are the Potential Benefits and Opportunities That Meta Threads Offers Businesses? 

Benefits of Meta Threads for Businesses

  • Threads supports microblogging and engaging creative interactions and discussions. Thus, it will enhance brand engagement
  • The app can be integrated with Instagram; businesses do not have to build a community from scratch
  • Threads provides users with multiple business tools that can be used to understand consumer behavior and track analytics. Businesses can use these tools to deliver tailored content to their audience

Potential Opportunities for Businesses Using Meta Threads

  • Businesses can build a loyal community by initiating productive discussions
  • They can post exclusive content on Meta Threads for their audience. This will help in attracting more users
  • Helps in boosting customer value and satisfaction by communicating directly with customers in a seamless manner

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What Challenges Should Businesses Know When Integrating Meta Threads Into Their Plan? 

1. Creating Engaging Content

How to engage with users is one of the greatest challenges businesses are likely to face while integrating Meta Threads into their operations. While Instagram allows users to primarily post image- and video-based content, which garners more attraction, switching to a completely text-based app can make it difficult for businesses as people have a short attention span. Brands will therefore have to step up their content creation game.

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2. No Paid Ads

The Meta Threads app does not support paid ads. While this feature is favorable for individual users, it can be detrimental to businesses. Brands run customized paid ads on platforms like Instagram and Facebook to boost their brand visibility and advertising and get more leads. However, this will not be possible on Threads. Currently, the only way for businesses to get more brand engagement is to share quality or relatable content.

What Does the Future of Meta Threads Look Like?

Meta Threads Despite getting a large number of users within a week, the Meta Threads app is still unpopular. A lot of people consider this to be the initial excitement of using a new social media app. Many also believe that businesses should not take the new app too seriously.

However, brands can utilize this time to explore the platform and experiment with different content styles. This will allow them an advantage in comparison to other brands that might join the Meta Threads at a later stage. Let’s see the expected advancements for the Threads app and what it will mean for businesses.

1. Influencer Marketing

Like Instagram and Facebook, influencer marketing is likely to become popular on Threads. Even if businesses cannot market their products and services through paid ads, they can connect with popular influencers to market and promote their brand. This will help businesses target a wide range of audiences.

2. Diverse Interconnected Networks

Meta will make Threads compatible with ActivityPub, an open social networking protocol. This will also allow users to interact with their connections or followers on similar apps without creating separate Threads accounts. Consequently, businesses will be able to engage with a large audience, even on different platforms.

3. Additional Features

Meta might soon introduce a bunch of new features on the Threads app, such as a search feature to discover content on relevant topics. This is likely to create intense competition among brands to increase engagement. 

Upcoming Meta Threads trends will make it crucial for businesses to develop a custom content strategy. However, before that, businesses will have to allocate resources to understand engagement behavior and the latest trends on the app. Businesses must also consider various features, such as whether their target audience is active on Threads, how to align their goals and vision with content strategy, and how to utilize these features for better engagement.

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Interestingly, the introduction of Meta Threads will likely create a high demand for digital marketing experts. As a matter of fact, this is a clear indication that digital marketing trends are changing rapidly. In essence, this makes digital marketing one of the most promising careers at the moment. Are you hoping to upskill in this in-demand category? Check out Emeritus’ online digital marketing courses and boost your career today.

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