How to Create Engaging Content Online: A Guide for Social Media Handlers

How to Create Engaging Content Online: A Guide for Social Media Handlers | Digital Marketing | Emeritus

Nearly every business owner’s million-dollar question for their social media team revolves around creating engaging social media content. Managing an organization’s social media presence is a greatly valued skill. It is a common belief that social media proficiency is the only prerequisite for becoming a social media handler. The truth, however, is that there’s more to that role than you imagined. One must have a strong flair for creative thinking and strategic and analytical skills to become a successful professional in the field. This blog outlines the importance of creating captivating content to boost audience engagement on social media. 

How do You Create Engaging Content for Social Media?

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Sharing engaging content on social media is among the most powerful brand-building tools that can generate limitless possibilities for businesses. More importantly, engaging posts on social media also have the power to convert target audiences into loyal customers. Here are five proactive steps that a social media handler can take to accomplish this objective:   

Social Media Handler1. Identify the Audience

The first step to creating engaging social media content is understanding the target audience and learning about their interests. One must research audience demographics, pain points, and motivations. This will help curate content that is relevant and aligns with audience preferences. 

2. Utilize User-Generated Content (UGC)

Repurposing UGC is a great way to generate brand awareness and boost audience engagement. It can include images, videos, testimonials, posts, or blogs created by users. Moreover, these posts improve the connection between the brand and its audience. This further increases the chances of users sharing this content with others.  

3. Develop Creative Visuals

Any content uploaded on a brand’s socials should be visually appealing. In addition, the content must be high quality and effectively capture audience interest. Pay close attention to the text-to-image ratio and choose clear fonts. Also, try to maintain a cohesive brand aesthetic regarding signature colors and designs. 

4. Tell Stories

Storytelling through visuals is a powerful way to engage an audience and build an emotional connection. Therefore, as a social media handler, sharing stories that reflect the brand’s mission, vision, culture, and values is important. Furthermore, Handlers can also share how the product or service has impacted customers’ lives. 

5. Use a Call to Action (CTA)

A CTA can focus the audience’s attention on the next step. This could be visiting the website, signing up for a newsletter, or purchasing. What’s more, a compelling CTA can do wonders for driving sales and boosting audience engagement. 

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What Techniques Can be Used to Captivate Your Social Media Audience?

In today’s competitive business landscape, engaging social media content is the best way to make a brand stand out. In fact, it is a key aspect that propels audiences to remain connected with the brand. But what does it take to create captivating content on social media? Here’s a three-step guide that every social media handler should know about:  

1. Have an Informed Content Strategy

In terms of visuals, begin by developing a good understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Use the right combination of photos, videos, and infographics, and find the best time to post. Furthermore, stay on top of current trends and see what type of content is performing well within the specific business segment. However, determining the type of content that works best within a specific business segment requires understanding the target audience, industry trends, and the goals of the content marketing strategy. 

2. Optimize Posts for Individual Social Networks

Social media optimization can take a business’s digital strategy to the next level. But optimizing for individual platforms is where the magic happens. Learn about each platform’s features, benefits, and limitations and curate content accordingly. For example, you may curate more creative and visually appealing content on Instagram. Whereas on Twitter, you may use more informative and concise content with catchy headlines. Getting this right can improve engagement, boost followers, and increase conversions. 

3. Leverage Automation Tools

Social media automation refers to the process of using automation tools to optimize social interactions. It involves scheduling future posts, republishing content, tracking engagements, etc. Some examples of popular automation tools are Hootsuite, SocialPilot, Buffer, and BuzzSumo. Reducing manual work makes a social media handler’s job much easier. Moreover, it helps maximize reach and analyze social data in real-time. 

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How do You Identify Your Target Audience on Social Media?

As a social media handler, a key aspect of the job is to create and manage content that caters to the brand’s target audience. But is there a way to find the ideal audience on social media? To begin with, it is important to have a generalized representation of who a specific brand’s ideal buyers would be. The most effective way is to base this action on research and data. With this in mind, we have outlined five steps to help you get started: 

  1. Define a target audience by listing their demographics, preferences, and psychographic attributes.
  2. Leverage the Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning (STP) approach.
  3. Use audience analytics tools like Google Analytics or platform-specific tools like Facebook Insights to learn about your current customers and interests. 
  4. Observe competitors, the content they create, and who they are appealing to.
  5. Generate email survey campaigns to determine a brand’s loyal customers.

What are the Best Social Media Strategies for Content Marketing?

Social Media HandlerSocial media channels are an impactful medium for promoting a range of business content. Social media is, therefore, a powerful platform that helps brands discover and reach prospects. Moreover, it can drive sales and enable brands to connect strongly with their target audience. Finding the best-suited strategies to make the most of this medium is thus necessary.

Here are three such strategies that a social media handler can utilize:

1. Follow the 70-20-10 Rule

Avoid using social media platforms to pitch the business. Instead, try to create value-added posts that can be both interesting and useful to the target audience. Ideally, your posts should be 70% informational, 20% emotional, and 10% promotional. 

2. Develop a Strong Brand Aesthetic

Integrating content with images, text, fonts, and colors that match the brand’s identity can boost engagement and drive traffic. Besides, it builds brand awareness and makes the profile look visually appealing. 

3. Get the Community Involved

Running social media contests is a great way to enhance customer participation and encourage them to get involved in activities. Social media handlers can also create branded hashtags that followers can use, spawning more potential engagement. For example, #ShotoniPhone by Apple and #ShareACoke by Coca-Cola are successful hashtag campaigns. 

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How Important is Content Creation for Social Media Marketing?

According to the Content Marketing Institute, more than 50% of marketers expect their organizations to increase their marketing budget in 2023. The role of content creation in social media marketing is undeniably important. So, content is essentially the foundation on which social media platforms function. Here are the top five reasons why content creation is key for social media marketing: 

  1. Educate, entertain, and inspire target audiences. 
  2. Display brand identity.  
  3. Discover and retain customers. 
  4. Improve return on investment (ROI).
  5. Boost brand recognition.

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Today, social media can reach a wide range of audiences worldwide. As a result, it has become a crucial aspect of marketing. In fact, according to the Global Digital Marketing Market Report, the digital marketing industry is projected to reach $807.92 billion by 2028. So, a good way to make a splash as a social media handler or digital marketing expert is to be well informed and knowledgeable. The best way to do that is by exploring Emeritus’s online digital marketing courses. Master the knack for design, storytelling, and digital trends by building a successful career as a social media handler! 

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