Does a Certification in IT Help From a Business Point of View?

Does a Certification in IT Help From a Business Point of View? | Technology | Emeritus

The Information Technology (IT) industry comprises entities selling IT services and related goods. It uses computers, computer peripherals, and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve, transmit, and maneuver data. IT is now associated with all aspects of digital communication and technology and, in today’s world, it has become omnipresent. As a result, the worldwide information technology market rose from $8,384.32 billion in 2021 to $9,358.51 billion in 2022 at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.6%. Let’s learn more about the IT industry in this blog.

IT Industry

What is Information Technology?

In its simplest form, IT uses computers, telecommunications, networking, and infrastructure systems to generate, process, store, secure, and exchange electronic data. It is often utilized in commercial operations, as opposed to personal or leisure technology. 

The brainchild of the Harvard Business Review, the term ‘Information Technology’ was created to distinguish between purpose-built machines and general-purpose computing devices. While the former executed a restricted set of duties, the latter—once configured—could accomplish various jobs. As a result, computing capability kept expanding as the IT industry evolved; devices began to cost less, and energy usage declined, too—a cycle we continue to see as new technologies develop.

Why is Certification Important in the IT Industry?

IT Industry

An IT certification is a recognized benchmark translated to a certain skill set based on standardized testing. Certification validates your commitment, enthusiasm, and technical expertise on a certain platform. Having this certification is of benefit to players in the IT industry in the following ways:

1. Certifications Help Job Seekers Stand Out to Hiring Managers

Recruiters look for specialized certifications done by candidates applying for jobs. It gives them a fair idea about the candidate’s forte.  

2. Job Retention Increases

Investing in an employee’s upskilling is one of the best decisions any firm can make. Employees who feel invested are more likely to stay on in their current firm. 

3. Gain Access to Networking Opportunities

While seeking a certificate, professionals can network with people from the same specialization. 

4. Easier to Build a Case for Promotions

Certifications add feathers to your cap. The more you have, the better case it makes for promotions. 

5. Partner Programs Require Certifications, Improving Services and Consultations

Some companies have a fixed quota of certified employees, which they must meet to retain high-end clients with diverse requirements. Certifications help by strengthening your resources and challenging competitors.

6. Grow Professional Credibility and IT Subject Matter Expertise

Your professional credibility grows with the certifications you take since it states that your expertise in a particular subject matter is worth investing in for the company. 

7. Organizations That Invest in Certification See Returns

Certified employees have knowledge and expertise on particular topics, which boosts productivity and raises the value of both the company and the individual.  

8. Get Recognized as an Expert

Gaining certification on a particular subject matter will make an employee the ‘expert’. 

9. Helps Achieve Personal Goals and Triumph Over Challenges

For either professional or personal reasons, you might have set yourself the goal of obtaining a new certification. Even better if it results in a raise or a promotion. These certifications require self-motivation and drive; in some cases, they are also quite challenging to earn.

10. Meet Professional or Corporate Requirements

Certifications meet organizational requirements since they help you gain clarity and keep an organization-first approach by developing problem-solving abilities.

Business Justification for Certification

Professional certifications can result in a wage raise and typically places certification holders ahead of the competition. But there are also advantages for your company. Here are four reasons why assisting employees in obtaining professional certification can benefit your company:

1. Results in Happy Employees Who Stay Longer

People like to work for companies that are involved in their professional development and committed to assisting them to step up in their careers. A sense of recognition and worth can go a long way toward encouraging them to stay.

2. Enhances Mental Well-Being

You can rely on your team’s ability to meet industry criteria and provide work of better and more consistent quality with greater ease and confidence. That peace of mind is worth investing in.

3. Increases Your Clients’ Trust in Your Business

Increases Your Clients’ Trust in Your Business

Encouraging your employees to obtain professional certifications demonstrates to your clients that your firm holds its personnel to the highest professional standards and will take excellent care of them. 

4. Boosts productivity

According to studies conducted by various firms such as Microsoft, IDC, CompTIA, and Novell, employees with a professional certification are more productive. This is because certifications better educate individuals to cope with day-to-day difficulties and make the most of emerging technology. 


IT is quickly becoming a powerful lever that the management utilizes to offer operational advantages—lowering operational expenses, accessing new markets, or growing across several geographic locations. In addition, companies are progressively pushing the boundaries to remain competitive as technology progresses. To learn more about the IT industry, do check out Emeritus’ online courses and build your knowledge.

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