Embracing digital transformation in today’s economy

Embracing digital transformation in today’s economy | General | Emeritus

In a thriving disrupted ecosystem, the Middle East is accelerating economic diversification and digital transformation. According to The National, organisations in the Middle East are expected to spend $30 billion (AED110.1 bn) on digital transformation in 2020. Gartner analysts expect robotic process automation and IT infrastructure monitoring tools will achieve early mainstream adoption by 2021, by penetrating 20% to 50% of the businesses in the Gulf Cooperation Council. Given today’s pace of technology, understanding and creating winning value propositions for leading businesses will help build on a history of innovation.

How can your company take on digital transformation? It starts with you. And a programme like the Executive Programme in Digital Transformation of Business – Middle East from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow provides a comprehensive curriculum with a global focus on new-age business models, marketing and finance in a digital world, innovation and change management, as well as business analytics and communication.

If you are ready to manage a future-ready business, then gear up to learn how to develop sustainable business models through frugal innovation, co-creation and crowdsourcing. You will also explore technological disruptions driving change across industries and leverage the potential of big data and analytics to enable effective changes in your business transformation processes. To gain proficiency in transformational organisational leadership and communication, you will understand new business practices with a focus on design thinking principles and entrepreneurship.

This digital transformation certification programme is delivered through engaging live online sessions and three-day face-to-face classes in Dubai. You will use various digital tools and strategies to understand digital transformation, learn tech-driven strategies for gaining competitive advantage and gain leadership skills to drive organisational transformation. 

This high-impact online course is for mid to senior-level executives working in digital transformation projects in their organisations or aspire to lead such initiatives. CXOs, business leaders or functional heads involved in strategic planning and driving digital transformation strategies will be able to identify new products and markets that can be accessed through digital technologies. Consultants working with clients to help them transition, transform and scale their businesses will be able to understand how businesses and leaders can respond to this global paradigm shift. And entrepreneurs interested in leveraging transformative technologies and solutions to stay ahead of the competition will be able to have a pulse of the market and recognize whether new technologies are a threat or an opportunity for business. 

To advance, you will have access to digital transformation initiatives, real-world case studies and receive a global outlook through interactions with leading IIM Lucknow faculty and international industry experts.

To anticipate and adapt to disruption, digital transformation must be practised through the daily workings of a business—a fundamental change that drives transformation of cloud computing concepts and architecture, big data concepts and techniques, internet of things and a winning ecosystem. And for successful customer experiences, marketing tools, automation and artificial intelligence play a major role. 

This programme will give you effective tools and techniques that can be applied across business divisions. In addition to that, on successful completion of the programme, you will be awarded a certificate of completion and will be eligible for the IIM Lucknow Executive Alumni Status. You will also receive onsite access to the IIM Lucknow Campus Library. 

The pace of digital transformation requires both an understanding of the digital technologies driving the change as well as the ability to transform your organisation and accomplish business goals. So, go ahead and grab your place in the programme because change is coming fast, and digital transformation is the floodgate to any future business innovation.

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