Top 5 Reasons Why Leadership Training is Essential for First-Time Managers

Top 5 Reasons Why Leadership Training is Essential for First-Time Managers | Leadership | Emeritus

“Titles and desks don’t make great managers or loyal employees,” said noted leadership coach Chery Gegelman. According to Gegelman, becoming a leader or manager requires skills, knowledge, the right attitude, and the ability to achieve great results. For instance, if you are a first-time manager, you must remember that leadership or management is not always an inherent skill. Therefore, it requires training and development. This blog focuses on the challenges faced by first-time managers and how leadership training for managers can be beneficial for them.

leadership training for managers

What are the Top 5 Challenges Faced by First-Time Managers?

  1. Lack of Training and Proper Resources

According to a recent Gartner report on Workplace Trends for 2023, managers are facing intense pressure as they struggle to balance leadership requirements and employee expectations. Moreover, remote working and changing needs of employees are causing poor management. Thus, providing fresh support and training to managers can help them learn effective management skills. 

  1. The Transition from Contributor to Leader

Transitioning to a management position also leads to psychological challenges, such as dealing with the stress and anxiety of additional responsibilities, learning new behaviors and skills, and unrealistic performance expectations. Moreover, there is also self-imposed performance pressure on managers. Hence, it often becomes overwhelming for people to take on managerial responsibilities smoothly.

Leadership training for managers helps set clear goals and objectives, adjust perspectives, and define leadership styles. Therefore, it allows a smooth transition from a contributor to a manager.

  1. Building Trust

New managers often face issues with micromanagement, delegation of tasks, and building solid relationships with their team members. As managers struggle with personal goals and responsibilities, team development and coaching take a back seat. Therefore, managers often have to face team conflicts. Leadership training for managers teaches interpersonal skills like effective communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, and time management. These help managers build strong relationships with their team members.

  1. Lack of Experience

Leadership and management skills come with experience. First-time managers are usually inexperienced in coaching and directing a team. They often fail to communicate effectively or set clear goals and expectations. Thus, companies must offer leadership training for managers to support them. Companies usually appoint a mentor or coach to help first-time managers understand management techniques.

  1. Balancing Personalities and Team Goals

Different team members have different perspectives and goals. Managers have the responsibility to consider the perspective of each team member and make them feel valued. Moreover, they have to ensure that the goals of each team member align with organizational goals. Hence, it is challenging for first-time managers to consider varying views and opinions. Leadership training for managers teaches them effective communication and leadership techniques for overall team development.

How Can Leadership Training Help First-Time Managers Become Successful Leaders?

leadership training for managersAccording to the Global Leadership Forecast Report 2021, the most significant challenge for companies is developing the next generation of leaders. Therefore, the need for leadership training for managers—especially first-time managers—is high. Let’s understand the benefits of leadership training for managers and how it improves organizational growth. 

  1. Reduces Burnout Rate

As mentioned above, first-time managers face anxiety, stress, and performance pressure, often leading to burnout. Leadership training for managers helps develop skills and strategies to manage their workload and prevent burnout effectively. They can learn relevant techniques such as prioritization, time management, and delegation to balance their personal and professional lives. Additionally, it helps avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed.

  1. Provides Skill-Based Learning

Leadership training for managers is all about helping managers learn technical and interpersonal leadership and management skills. It can help them acquire communication, decision-making, conflict resolution, problem-solving, and team management skills. Moreover, learning these skills helps improve competency and boosts confidence in their roles. Consequently, it enhances overall performance and helps managers achieve the desired outcomes for their teams and organizations.

  1. Ensures Transformational Leadership

Leadership training for managers emphasizes transformational leadership, focusing on inspiring and motivating others to achieve their full potential. Training helps managers learn how to create a strategy, communicate it effectively, and inspire their team members to achieve their goals. Leadership training for managers involves coaching, mentorship, and providing constructive feedback. Furthermore, it helps managers learn how to foster a culture of growth and development within their teams. Ultimately, it drives innovation and overall organizational success.

  1. It Helps in Learning Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is an essential skill for leaders. Managers need to be self-aware and  empathize with others to build strong relationships. Leadership training for managers helps them acquire emotional intelligence skills and teaches them how to apply the same in their leadership roles. They can learn how to regulate their emotions and handle conflicts in the workplace. Moreover, emotional intelligence helps managers build trust, enhance communication, and create a positive work environment. Therefore, it leads to better team performance and employee satisfaction. 

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How Can First-Time Managers Benefit From Enrolling in Emeritus Leadership Training Programs

Emeritus’ leadership training programs are focused on skill development through flexible learning. Here is how you can benefit from these specially-designed leadership programs: 

Latest Leadership Trends

With the increasing use of digital technology, preference for hybrid working jobs, changes in market demands, and shifts in consumer demands, the modern role of leaders requires aspirants to be ahead of the curve. Therefore, they need to understand and adapt to the latest leadership trends. Emeritus’ leadership courses help you stay updated with the latest leadership trends and teach you how to navigate through a dynamic business environment.

Understanding Management Better

leadership training for managersAs a new manager, the understanding of management is still at a nascent stage. However, they can surge ahead by opting for Emeritus’ leadership training for managers courses. These courses will help first-time managers understand various facets of management and acquire skills like change management, people management, negotiation, corporate governance, strategy, decision-making, and more.

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Upskill With Emeritus

As a first-time manager, it is best to take things slow to avoid burnout. Emeritus’ leadership coaching programs provide skill-oriented modules, courses, and programs that teach you the relevant skills you need to become a manager. They also show you how to utilize those skills to get the best results. These courses provide practical knowledge and industry insights that can help you in your leadership journey. 

To conclude, Emeritus offers flexible, online certificate and diploma leadership programs in collaboration with top global universities. Explore these online leadership courses today and pick one that best suits your professional needs. 

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