How MIT Sloan’s Executive Program in General Management Propelled Priyadarshan Chaturvedi to Startup Success

How MIT Sloan’s Executive Program in General Management Propelled Priyadarshan Chaturvedi to Startup Success | Learner Stories | Emeritus

This article originally appeared on MIT Sloan Executive Program in General Management’s LinkedIn page. Program alum in focus: Priyadarshan Chaturvedi.

Today’s fast-paced global business environment offers exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators. However, constantly changing trends can make it difficult to stay informed about best practices and novel approaches to business development, especially for professionals in emerging markets. MIT Sloan’s Executive Program in General Management (EPGM) addresses this issue by helping mid-career executives launch entrepreneurial ventures and gain the skills to transition into global leadership positions. This impactful management school prides itself on a commitment to rigorous academics while fostering creativity and innovation among its students.

Priyadarshan Chaturvedi

We caught up with an EPGM alum to discover how the program influenced his career and general management strategy. Priyadarshan Chaturvedi, Industry Principal, SAP, was a part of the fourth cohort and shares his insights on why this program appealed to him and how it benefited him.

Chaturvedi completed his MBA in 1995 and began his career at a media company in India. He subsequently progressed from management trainee to business head in a consumer product organization. In 2005, he moved into IT consulting, where he worked for multinational companies including Tech Mahindra, TCS, and Accenture. Early this year, he was appointed to the global role of Industry Principal at SAP, one of the world’s largest enterprise software companies based in Germany. In addition, he mentors and invests in startups.

Why he chose MIT Sloan’s EPGM

Executives need to evolve with their skills over time. Chaturvedi had extensive industry experience that he wanted to build on to advance his career to the next level. Being in the IT industry, a program with an emphasis on digital business models and operations was important to him.

“My objective was to upgrade myself with the latest global knowledge on leadership, management, and digital innovations,” Chaturvedi explains. “EPGM helped me grasp and apply new perspectives.”

The program’s curriculum is based on the cutting-edge research and expertise of more than 20 eminent MIT Sloan faculty, thought leaders, and guest speakers from around the world. The modules also cover strategy, technology, entrepreneurship, and team building to provide participants with a detailed understanding of contemporary business ideas.

Peer learning is a vital feature of the program. Participants can expect to learn as much from their accomplished cohort of multicultural peers as from the acclaimed faculty.

“Everyone in the cohort was remarkable and left long-lasting impressions on me,” Chaturvedi says. “I enjoyed the time we had at the MIT campus at Cambridge with an amazing cohort.”

Over the duration of the program, participants work together in teams to carry out Action Learning projects aimed at solving real business problems. This facilitates the sharing of diverse professional knowledge and experience, as well as the practical application of theoretical concepts.

Career impact

According to Chaturvedi, the modules ignited new ways of thinking. He found Entrepreneurship, taught by Professor Bill Aulet, and Digital Innovation, Design Thinking, and Neurosciences, led by Dr. Tara Swart Bieber, to be particularly motivational.

Aulet’s lessons actually inspired his foray into startups. “One of the startups is doing extremely well and getting accolades from customers. It was recently recognized by Startup India, an initiative by the government of India,” he elaborates.

Joining a global network

Chaturvedi considers the peer group instrumental in contributing to his career advancement. “Their network continuously keeps me reminded of the lessons learned. Some of them are still in touch with me and doing extremely well post EPGM,” he shares.

Participants who complete the program are eligible to become one of 120,000+ MIT Sloan alumni in over 90 countries and receive benefits such as invitations to exclusive networking events.

Elevate your career with MIT Sloan’s EPGM

EPGM enabled Chaturvedi to bring his business knowledge on par with global standards with a focus on innovation, as well as connect with high-achieving talent. In addition, the stimulating viewpoints presented in the modules compelled him to develop an unexpected and rewarding interest in entrepreneurship.

“As we heard at MIT, it is like ‘drinking from a fire hose’ there. I would recommend and advise this program to whoever wants to dive deep into the organizational, technological, and innovation perspectives of a global knowledge base from a world-class academic institution,” he elaborates.

You can learn more about the MIT Sloan Executive Program in General Management by visiting our program homepage here.

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