The 5 Best Marketing Podcasts You Should Be Listening to!

The 5 Best Marketing Podcasts You Should Be Listening to! | Sales and Marketing | Emeritus

With more than 160+ million US citizens listening to a podcast at least once in their life, it’s safe to say that podcasts are becoming an integral medium for all kinds of content creators. According to Grand View Research, the global podcasting market size was 11 Billion USD in 2020. If you are into marketing, the following list consists of the best marketing podcasts that can be your bible to learning, understanding, growing, and shaping your marketing mindset. 

5 Best Marketing Podcasts

1. This Old Marketing

Hosted by: Joe Pulizzi & Robert Rose, the world’s most recognized experts in content marketing strategy.

What is it About: This hour-long weekly podcast brings you the best and latest marketing trends and news. It also discusses strategies to scale up businesses using digital marketing. Finally, it covers the A-Z of digital content marketing. You’ll find every marketing topic under the sun covered here. 

Why is it Unique: This podcast is entertaining, with Joe and Robert ranting about the industry’s marketing trends and sharing daily content headlines.

Top 3 Episodes:

  1. The greatest marketing predictions Episode ever (2021 version)
  2. The future of content marketing, Tik Tok and Football
  3. The content war for creators has begun

Available on: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and Deezer.

2. Marketing Growth Podcast

Hosted by: Shane Barker, who is an influencer marketing specialist.

What is it About: This podcast spills the marketing beans for you! From practical tips to utilizing resources, this podcast brings you all the action behind the curtain on the show. In every episode, a new industry expert shares the secret of their successful business. If you want to learn what software, technologies, tips, tricks, and hacks the pros use, this podcast is for you!

Why is it Unique: This interview-style podcast averages 20 minutes per episode, making it easier to consume! 

Top 3 Episodes:

  1. Influencer Marketing for E-commerce Growth: A Talk with Vivien Garnes
  2. Starting a 7-figure business from scratch: Daisy Jing, Founder of Banish, Shares her story
  3. How to create a Winning Marketing Strategy with Wayne Mullins of Ugly Mug Marketing

 Available on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts.

3. Perpetual Traffic

Hosted by: Ralph Burns, CEO/Founder of Tier 11 & Kasim Aslam, Founder of Solutions 8

What is it About: The Perpetual Traffic podcast focuses on generating traffic for your business. Hosted by two successful Founders of ad agencies, this podcast gives you insider knowledge of how to generate traction for your products and businesses. Everything from SEO, social media marketing, paid marketing, etc., is covered under the umbrella of this podcast. This is a twice-a-week podcast with an average of 40 minutes per episode. They have a vast library of over 300+ episodes, so you never run out of content!

Why is it Unique: This podcast is very much to the point. It cuts to the chase and focuses on the topic providing valuable insights.

Top 3 Episodes (According to DigitalMarketer):

  1.  Your First 3 Steps: Facebook Ads ( Case study: Betty Rocker Part 1)
  2. The Future of Paid Traffic
  3. Facebook Video Ad Game Plan

Available on:  Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts

4. Yours in Marketing

Hosted by: Blake Emal

What is it About: Yours in Marketing is a podcast laser-focused on upgrading your marketing game. This is a weekly podcast by Directive, a performance marketing agency based out of Irvine, California. It focuses on sales, leadership, marketing, etc., in the B2B ecosystem. 

Why is it Unique: It’s an interview-style podcast with various B2B leaders ranging 50-minutes on average per episode.

Top 3 Episodes (According to 99 signals):

  1. SEO tools with Tim Soulo
  2. Starting a podcast with Adam Posner
  3. Video strategy with Ethan Beute

Available on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts

5. Gary Vee Audio Experience

Hosted by: Gary Vaynerchuk, a well-known entrepreneur, investor, vlogger, and public speaker 

What is it About: If you are a netizen and have heard the term ‘Hustle’ over the internet, you are likely to know Gary Vee. A successful entrepreneur, vlogger, and public speaker, Gary Vee is a powerhouse of marketing tips, tricks, and hacks based on his personal experience. On this podcast, you’ll find a mix of excerpts from #AskGaryVee show episodes, keynote speeches on marketing and business, and segments from his Daily Vee video series on YouTube. This podcast focuses on building the mindset required to have successful businesses. Also, marketing your skills to leverage them and earn income. It’s a crash course at its finest!

Why is it Unique: Gary Vee is a well-known public figure. His relatability with people is the reason behind his popularity. His approach is much more modern and practical, and his way of saying things connects with the youth effortlessly! 

Top 3 Episodes (According to Gary Vee):

  1. The Airplane Project
  2. A Fire Reddit AMA
  3. Ray Dalio, Principles, The evolution of Bridgewater Associates & Meditation

Available on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Google Podcasts

With so much to choose from, one thing is certain: podcasts are here to stay! And in the upcoming years, the growth might be exponential. The most important thing is to find an industry expert you’re comfortable listening to daily. That way, you’d be consistent, and you’d be learning from someone you like. To enhance your marketing skills, you can switch things up with our portfolio of marketing courses from the top universities around the world. Happy listening and happy learning!

By Siddhesh Shinde

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