Why Companies With Sustainable Development Goals Matter to Job Seekers

Why Companies With Sustainable Development Goals Matter to Job Seekers | Sustainability | Emeritus

Established in 2015, the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a blueprint for creating a more sustainable future by 2030 and it has been adopted by 193 countries worldwide. As a part of this plan, businesses, governments, voluntary organizations, and individuals are expected to work hand-in-hand to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and protect our planet from climate change. As a result, the terms “sustainability” and “green companies” are hot topics in the corporate world today. There are companies across industries that are adopting and enforcing practices that are more sustainable. Fortune 500 companies are also assigning key roles to help organizations grow keeping the 3Ps in mind – people, profit, and the planet. 

Sustainability has thus become imperative for businesses from an adaptability and growth perspective.  Let’s find out why sustainability is now lucrative and more importantly, gaining prominence among job seekers. 

Adopting Sustainable Development Goals

Forward-thinking companies are increasingly focusing on reducing their carbon footprint and using renewable resources to create a positive impact on our environment. While some manufacturers are eliminating plastics, some others are off-setting carbon in their fulfillment centers. Businesses have understood that these pillars are a sustainable compass that needs to be properly integrated into day-to-day operations. 

An offshoot of this development is that sustainability managers and consultants are in huge demand to help companies adopt these measures and transition seamlessly without adversely impacting profits. As a part of their role, these professionals help companies track sustainable growth better. Issues surrounding environmental and social causes can be metrics too that can be tied back to growth KPIs such as revenue, investment viability, and employee retention.

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3 Reasons Job Seekers are Looking for Sustainable Companies

PwC’s Future of Work Report – A Journey to 2022 found that 65% of people across China, Germany, India, the UK, and the US want to work for an organization with a strong social conscience. This in turn is pushing nearly 36% of HR professionals to build their hiring strategies around their organization’s social and environmental stance. Here’s why sustainability matters to people: 

1. Sustainability Shows Companies Caresustainability

When a company invests in green initiatives, it suggests that its leaders genuinely care about the well-being of society in general. Furthermore, it can be assumed that they must treat their employees with respect and utmost care too. Companies are trying to reinforce that belief and do more for the environment and society in general, and seamlessly integrate this into their people practices. Job seekers are looking for such sensitive and empathetic organizations. 

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2. Turning Green is a Matter of Pride

Job seekers are looking for opportunities where they can be a part of a company that is stable, reputed, and most importantly, futuristic. Sustainability actions lift a company’s status, and this reputation pushes job seekers to want to work for such companies as it is a matter of pride. It is a huge competitive advantage too and helps organizations – both young and old – celebrate a distinctive reputation in the market.

3. Aligned Values are Vital

When candidates are applying to companies they are looking for employers who have good values that fit with their own. Efforts to protect the environment are high on that list. Individuals find it hard to make a dent in the universe as the scale of their efforts is small. However, via an organization, they believe they can impact the world and become planeteers. Companies now update websites and marketing collateral with their sustainability efforts. This is to attract more like-minded individuals who are also interested in sustainable development goals. However, let’s also acknowledge that some companies do try to greenwash, but candidates see right through that!

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A Career in Sustainability: What Does the Future Hold?

Organizations are looking for professionals who can deliver large-scale solutions via business innovation while keeping the planet, people, and profits in mind. There is a huge rush to transform business models and systems for the future. This has opened up new positions that never existed a decade ago. 

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