Amazing Tech Jobs: How to Become a Blockchain Developer

Amazing Tech Jobs: How to Become a Blockchain Developer | Technology | Emeritus

Several businesses have begun to adopt blockchain technology as a valuable tool for their operations. It has found applications in finance, entertainment, real estate, and several other sectors. As this technology continues to grow, the demand for people who can create and manage it will increase. These are the blockchain developers. According to the Blockchain Council, the global demand for blockchain engineers was above 517 per cent in the last couple of years. So if you are wondering how to become a blockchain developer, here is a quick guide. 

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What is Blockchain Development?

A blockchain is basically a ledger of information stored on thousands of computers located around the world. The information on any one computer cannot be tampered with without authorization. This increases security. Programmers who are able to create and maintain this technology are known as blockchain developers. 

What Exactly Does a Blockchain Developer Do?

Blockchain developers program, develop and test blockchain software and systems. They are of two types: 

  • Core Blockchain Developers: They develop and maintain the architecture of blockchain systems. They develop protocols and security patterns and maintain the entire network. 
  • Blockchain Software Developers: They build blockchain applications on existing blockchain platforms. They handle the development, maintenance, and troubleshooting of these applications.

How to Become a Blockchain Developer?

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1. Blockchain developers need a combination of technical and soft skills.

  • Technical Skills 
    • Understanding of cryptography
    • Proficiency in various programming languages
    • Knowledge of data structures
    • Knowledge of blockchain architecture
  • Soft Skills 
    • Strong communication skills
    • Ability to seamlessly collaborate
    • Problem-solving
    • Time management

2. Consider Online Blockchain Courses and Bootcamps

Numerous online courses and blockchain bootcamps teach you the skills you will need. Explore Emeritus’ technology courses here.

3. Understand the Basics of Blockchain

Take the time to study courses, watch videos and speak to your peers about how the technology works.

4. Master Cryptonomics

The world of cryptocurrencies is based on blockchain technology. Study cryptocurrency applications since they can help boost your understanding of blockchain. 

5. Research and Learn about Ethereum and DApps

DApps are applications that run on decentralized blockchain networks like Ethereum. Learning about DApps can help you understand the various applications that can come out of blockchain technology. 

6. Research and Learn About Smart Contracts and Solidity

Solidity is a programming language used in the development of smart contracts. Smart contracts are self-executing digital contracts based on blockchain technology. 

7. Connect With Others in the Industry

As a blockchain developer, it is necessary to connect with others in the industry to learn from them and meet potential employers. 

8. Ask for Someone to Mentor You

A mentor can be hugely beneficial to someone entering the field of blockchain. They can help you in understand the field and guide you past some of the common challenges.

Do You Need a Degree to be a Blockchain Developer?

While a degree in computer science or software engineering will be beneficial, it is not absolutely essential. You can also make do by learning the necessary programming languages and reading up on blockchain technology online. 

What is the Career Outlook for Blockchain Developers?learn-blockchain

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall employment in computer and information technology professions is projected to grow by 15 per cent between 2021 to 2031. This is a higher-than-average growth rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Being a Blockchain Developer a Good Job?

Blockchain developers’ jobs are extremely promising. They can be very fulfilling for those looking to work on applications based on the latest technologies.

How Much Do Blockchain Developers Make?

According to Glassdoor, the average base pay for a blockchain developer is $1,08,136 per year in the US.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Blockchain Developer?

Depending on the kind of program you are signing up for. You can become a blockchain developer in 3 months or up to 3 years. 

Can a Blockchain Developer Work from Home?

The pandemic has offered software developers around the globe the ability to work from home. This also extends to blockchain developers. 

If you’re interested in being a part of the evolving world of blockchain technology, working on the latest applications like smart contracts and cryptocurrency, it makes sense for you to explore the world-class technology courses offered by Emeritus. 

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