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A Microsoft survey revealed that more than 40% of working professionals were considering switching to a new job in 2022. The pandemic has made people rethink their priorities, for sure. Additionally, it has encouraged them to make better career choices. Switching to a new job or taking up a fresh career path is a big decision. And we especially recommend it if you are empowered by the right learning and training. Do you also want to bid goodbye to an unhappy workplace and a stagnating career? Say hello to Emeritus.

What is Emeritus?

Emeritus is a learning destination for anyone who wants to upskill or reskill. In a world of edtech startups, Emeritus has the distinction of being the “good” unicorn. Furthermore, we are on a mission to transform the way working professionals learn, grow, and excel. We have been successful in creating an impact that is larger than ever right now. In particular, we believe this is a result of our cause being rooted in the development of every learner.

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Note: A Quality Matters (QM) certified course is an online or blended course that has met QM standards for a QM rubric in an official course review. Furthermore, you can click here to explore.

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What is the history of Emeritus?

The Eruditus group consists of Eruditus Executive Education and its online division, Emeritus. We partner with top-tier universities across the United States, Europe, Latin America, India, and China, to bring world-class business and professional education to a global audience.

Ashwin Damera and Chaitanya Kalipatnapu, Co-founders What is Emeritus
(L to R: Chaitanya Kalipatnapu and Ashwin Damera)

Eruditus was founded in 2010 as a blended learning organization. Initially, it first started with comprehensive leadership programs. Subsequently, Emeritus was founded in 2015 as a response to the high demand for digital learning. Co-founders Ashwin Damera and Chaitanya Kalipatnapu wished to democratize high-quality university education for working professionals worldwide. Additionally, in the interest of ensuring a wider reach, they decided to keep it fully online.

Emeritus’ mission is to teach the skills of the future. Furthermore, we make high-quality education accessible and affordable to individuals, organizations, and governments across the globe.

In the words of Kalipatnapu, “According to the World Economic Forum, 50% of all employees will need reskilling by 2025 due to technological advancements. We are here to bridge that gap.” Emeritus aims to become the one-stop reskilling and upskilling destination for all working professionals globally.

Emeritus Courses

Our Partners

Emeritus has collaborated with 50+ top-tier universities. We offer courses of varying durations to learners at different stages of their careers, based on their specific learning needs. Learning with these well-renowned universities is a coveted experience, no doubt.

Our courses too, are designed to help individuals learn new skills and improve their lives, organizations, and careers.

Let’s dive right in and know more about how learning, upskilling, and reskilling happen at Emeritus.

Why learn with Emeritus?

As of today, Emeritus has impacted over 250,000 learners in 160+ countries. We follow a unique learning model that is a marriage of state-of-the-art technology, innovative curriculum, and hands-on instruction curated by experienced educators.

#1: Instructor-led learning schedule that results in one of the highest completion rates for courses in the edtech industry

All courses powered by Emeritus are instructor-led and follow a schedule. This is unlike self-paced modules offered by other edtech platforms. It has resulted in a more than 80% completion rate, one of the highest in the industry.

#2: Bespoke courses that address specific knowledge gaps

As each course is carefully designed and customized to meet learning outcomes, the experience is one of a kind. Currently, there are 120+ courses on the platform spanning digital analytics, sustainability, circular fashion, and much more. The modules are immersive, engaging, and focus on the real-life application of every concept. Ashley Chiampo, Emeritus’ Chief Learning Officer, adds, “Our partnership relations with top-grade universities ensure our courses are bespoke. Each of them is so perfectly and beautifully designed, like a piece of art. We aren’t and will never be a course-producing factory.”

What is Emeritus#3: Courses that help professionals at different stages of their careers

There is a course for everyone on the Emeritus platform. From those starting their careers to those in executive positions. The right course to help you learn and grow is just a click away. Additionally, our portfolio of courses is also constantly updated and fast-growing to keep up with the demands of the corporate world.

#4: Cohort-based learning approach that facilitates networking and peer-to-peer learning

We pride ourselves on our cohort-based learning approach. A group of passionate, like-minded individuals learn together, collaborate, and network throughout the program. During the course, discussion boards are actively used to gather different perspectives and approaches on topics, especially assignments. This helps learners understand challenges faced in other geographies, industries, and sectors. In turn, it enhances their problem-solving capabilities.

Faculty members also have office hours. This is a weekly live session with industry leaders to provide a real-world perspective. The cohort comes together for group discussions and idea exchange sessions periodically too. Once a course ends, learners continue to interact with their peers and stay active in discussion forums. Also, more than 60% of the learners we surveyed in 2021 insisted that interacting with peers and faculty members globally has had a significant impact on their professional lives.

#5: New-age job opportunities across industries via our employer partners

Emeritus partners with in-demand employers across the world. Every cohort gets the opportunity to connect with these companies to land their dream jobs. Hence, employer partners handpick freshly trained learners for roles across levels and industries.

Programs offered by Emeritus are rigorous, effective, and practical. Faculty from top-tier schools and Ivy League impart the best knowledge to all our participants. Additionally, career coaches and industry experts mentor our learners and prepare them for the corporate world. This ensures that they exit the program ready to excel. To know more about the Emeritus Employer Partnership Team, click here.

Next promotion is a course away

Is an Emeritus course right for you?

Balancing a day job, online course, family, and your physical and mental wellness is hard. We at Emeritus understand this. Thus, our courses are designed by experts to help you maximize your return on your investment and have an unmatched learning experience with clear learning outcomes.

“At the beginning of a course, we decide what the learning outcomes will be. We know exactly what the learners wish to know and achieve by the end of the course. Every element included in the curriculum has a purpose. By avoiding random inclusions, we are respecting a learner’s time, needs, and cognitive load,” says Chiampo.

When we embark on creating a new course, we simply do not convert a classroom offering into a digital one. The learner is at the center of everything we do at Emeritus. Hence, our learning team designs courses from scratch, in close collaboration with global university partners.

Our goal has always been to keep learning as application-oriented as possible. “We have a one-third/two-thirds rule when we design a new course. One-third of the time, learners consume content. And two-thirds of the time during the course, they are actually applying their learning. This could be in the form of a case study, a project, or at their respective workplaces,” says Shaun Dubash, Emeritus’ Chief Product Officer.

What are the objectives of an Emeritus course?

Lisa Brem, Director of Design at Emeritus, shares that before a course is designed, an Emeritus instructional designer works closely with the university faculty to identify the course’s objectives and goals:

  • What are the learning outcomes?
  • Will the skills be applicable in the real world?
  • How can you measure success?
  • How can learners demonstrate learning?

“We start with the end goal in mind and work backward. Therefore, we ensure that

Emeritus programs

all course elements are well-aligned,” says Karen Mahon, Instruction Design and Learning Excellence Director. Hence, by following this backward design approach, Emeritus gives learners a great chance to achieve their desired learning outcomes and boost their careers.

A new course takes anywhere between 20 to 30 weeks from conceptualization to launch. We ensure that the learning journey is engaging, intuitive, and simple. We align our courses to a set of quality standards for online education established by Quality Matters. This has helped us improve our offerings and provide nothing but the best to all our learners.

Here is a quick glimpse of the kind of courses we offer. To know more about specific courses and universities, click here.

How is Emeritus revolutionizing education?

Earlier last year, Emeritus made it to the Forbes 2021 Impact list. In addition, we were also named a “Good Unicorn.” This reassured our team that we were, in fact, moving in the right direction. We are indeed making high-quality education accessible and affordable to everyone. It also serves us as a reminder that it is possible to run a successful business while servicing society and its larger needs. Being one of the world’s most transformational organizations, an honor we hold in the highest regard, we hope to impact more lives every year.

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How do we keep up with the times?

With the education sector continuously evolving, our methodologies and courses are evolving too. Firstly, one can measure the quality of Emeritus courses by the number of learners who are able to successfully boost their personal and professional lives. Furthermore, in addition to direct learners who use our platform, we also collaborate with organizations to offer our courses as a part of their learning and development programs.

In five simple ways, we ensure that every course we offer helps learners become future-proof:

#1: We constantly update the curriculum and pedagogy to stay up-to-date

#2: Our course design encourages learners to embrace change, build a network, and learn from peers

#3: The learning team adds new courses based on industry requirements as well as learner and faculty inputs

#4: The team periodically removes redundant and outdated information from the course material to ensure it is always relevant

#5: With capstone programs and discussion boards, we encourage learners to change their behavior toward lifelong learning and inculcate it in their daily lives

Is online learning for you?

Before signing up for a course on the platform, as a learner, it is important to understand your professional and personal goals and the need to upskill or reskill.

You could start by asking yourself these questions:

  1. Are you self-motivated and disciplined?
  2. Will it help your career?
  3. Do you have access to technology and know how to use it?
  4. Does it fit with your learning style?
  5. Will it work with your schedule?
  6. Have you thought about the financial implications?
  7. Is the faculty qualified?

Undoubtedly, there is a continuum of education that today’s professionals need, and we at Emeritus are here to make this a reality.

How do you find the right course on Emeritus?

Emeritus specializes in designing Small Private Online Courses (SPOCs). These cohort-based courses are a good mix of digital elements, like videos and interactive peer-to-peer exercises with discussions and lectures. Hence, SPOCs appeal more to working professionals and organizations.

Emeritus offers these types of programs:

  1. Boot Camps or Professional Certificates
  2. Short-form or Long-form Online Certificates
  3. Senior Executive Programs

Program ComparisonYou will find every essential detail for each course on the Emeritus website. This includes dates, brochures, faculty information, pricing, and testimonials from former learners. Moreover, courses are available primarily in English. In some cases, Spanish, Portuguese, and Mandarin too.

Before signing up for a course, we recommend that learners go through all the collateral and speak to a learning advisor one-on-one. In short, based on one’s career goals, a learner can find, enroll, and pursue the right course, in just a few clicks.

“From humanities to media and journalism, learners can expect many more exciting programs in the near future. Indeed, we are slowly and steadily adding more courses.” Dubash adds. As the world changes at a rapid pace, Emeritus strives to be leading learners to adapt.

What do learners have to say?

Andrew Woller Learner


“I took that leap of faith, and I think people need to do that as well. With everyone working from home, it’s super important to get out of your comfort zone. Learning something new and continuing to upskill is necessary for your personal growth. Therefore, I decided to break that barrier, went back to school, connected with so many people, learned something new, and succeeded. Who knows where I’m going to go from here! I prioritize learning now, and I prioritize continuing to develop my skill set.”

Andrew Woller, Sales Manager turned Digital Marketer

Read more such inspiring learner success stories here. 

Do you have any more questions for us? Drop us a mail at content@emeritus.org or explore our website today. Also, you can follow us on social media to stay updated: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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