Are You Future-proof? Emeritus Co-founders Tell You How to Secure Your Career

Are You Future-proof? Emeritus Co-founders Tell You How to Secure Your Career | Leadership | Emeritus

What a year it’s been for us at Emeritus! From being termed “The Good Unicorn” to making it to Forbes’ 2021 Impact List, it’s been a year of accolades and impact. And most importantly, reassurance in the mission we continue to hold close to our heart: “Make high-quality education accessible and affordable to all”.

Over the last 12 months, we’ve managed to impact and elevate the lives of over 100,000 students around the world. By helping them realize their full potential, we hope to impact the lives of many more individuals and families. Isn’t it amazing that it is possible to run a successful business while serving society and its larger needs?

As one of the most transformational companies in the world (an honor we don’t take lightly), we hope to touch the lives of 250,000 learners in 2022. We’ve identified several trending skills and areas of focus for the year 2022. Read Top 5 Skills You’ll Need in 2022 to Advance Your Career

However, the question of why upskilling and reskilling is important is taking over many global conversations. Let’s explore this. 

Why upskilling and reskilling is important

The workplace and employment have gone through drastic changes since the pandemic. The concept of defined roles and designations is also changing. Instead, skills have taken over. Who is best qualified to carry out the job is the question.

The flexibility in movement across teams has been a refreshing change of pace, giving driven individuals an opportunity to explore and grow. Recognising this pattern, corporates around the world have been encouraging training and skill development over and above the day-to-day. Investment in skill development has been one of the major developments in the last two years. 

Are you future-proof?

Simply put, will you and the role you’re playing right now be relevant five/ten years down the line? Are your skill sets outdated? The need of the hour is for you to continuously equip yourself with new skills – not just for the current role, but those that are relevant for the job you want to in the future. What will set you apart from the competition? What will help you dream bigger and fast track your career? That in essence is what Emeritus has been striving to do – helping people across diverse functions reach their potential.

What you need to keep in mind over the next few years is: 

  1. Job and skill relevance
  2. Are you tech savvy?
  3. Does your role have global appeal and can your service extend to a larger community?
  4. Develop resilience to handle any situation
  5. How open and flexible are you to handle rapid changes?
  6. Are you up-to-date on the developments in your profession, field and trends?

More from Ashwin Damera and Chaitanya Kalipatnapu on what makes the Emeritus journey so exciting and what you can do to invest in your development.

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