AI Engineer Salary: One of the Most Lucrative Career Paths

AI Engineer Salary: One of the Most Lucrative Career Paths | Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning | Emeritus

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most talked-about topics in the tech world today. Thousands of aspirants are flocking to the field, and with good reason, given the vast potential it offers across different industries. Not to mention the fact that an AI engineer salary bracket is certainly nothing to sniff at. But to know more about the future of AI—and why it’s such an attractive draw—it’s a good idea to know where it came from. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of computer and information research scientists will grow by 21 per cent between 2021 and 2031. AI engineering is now seen as one of the most lucrative careers in the world and all the top-tier companies are scrambling to hire the best talent with the right skill set. Then there is the rather high AI engineer salary scale that has galvanized interest in the field. 

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What is an AI Engineer?

Computer science professionals who use AI and machine learning (ML) techniques to build real-life AI-based applications are AI engineers. They build AI systems for organizations that can be used to boost efficiency, reduce costs, improve profits, and derive insights to make vital business decisions.

Chances are that you have encountered some applications of AI engineering in your day-to-day life. These include the image processing in your smartphone camera, the recommendations you receive on Netflix or Amazon, and self-driving cars. Another important application of AI is in the healthcare industry where it can help doctors diagnose illnesses or perform complex surgeries. 

AI engineers are usually computer science students with postgraduate degrees in artificial intelligence or data science. You can also become an AI engineer by picking up the necessary skills from online courses that can teach you the steps necessary to become an AI engineer

What is TableauWhat Does an AI Engineer Do?

AI engineers work on creating AI models where machines replicate human intelligence by solving problems and learning from each iteration. These models are trained using large amounts of data, which allows them to learn and improve their performance. The maintenance, performance, and supervision of the model are the responsibilities of an AI engineer. 

AI engineers require a specific set of skills to be able to do their jobs well. Proficiency in programming is non-negotiable for anyone doing this job. AI engineers also need to have an understanding of fields like robotics, physics, mathematics, and statistics. The latter two are vital since they play a huge part in the design of AI models. 

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AI Engineer Salary: Location-Wise

Today, AI engineers are in high demand around the world, which means that you can expect an attractive AI engineer salary package.

The U.S. is one of the best places to build a career as an AI engineer. According to ZipRecruiter, the average AI engineer salary in the U.S. is around $156,648 per year, with annual salaries ranging from $79,500 to $266,500. The highest-paying cities for AI engineers in the U.S. are Green River in Wyoming, Atkinson, Nebraska, and Santa Clara in California.

In the U.K., AI engineers can earn an average base pay of £49,991 annually, according to Glassdoor. London, Manchester, and Cambridge are the best cities for AI engineer jobs in the United Kingdom.

Nearly every country across Europe is facing a talent shortage, particularly when it comes to AI engineers. They are in high demand across major cities like Berlin, London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Stockholm. In Germany, AI engineers can earn an average base pay of €64,000, annually. 

In Canada, AI engineers can make over CAD101,385 on average annually. Salaries may range from CAD 73,000 to 140,000. Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal are the best cities for AI engineers here. 

In Australia, the average base salary for AI engineers is AUD 111,000. The cities with the highest pay for AI engineers are Melbourne and Sydney.

The average annual AI engineer salary in Singapore is SG$5,000, with salaries ranging from SG$3,740 to 6,470.

7 Top AI Engineer Jobs

The salary earned by AI engineers throughout their careers largely depends on their expertise and experience. Let’s take a look at some of the jobs for AI engineers where the salaries are the highest. 

Job Title Educational Requirements  Skills  Years of Experience  Average Salary
Machine Learning Engineer Master’s degree or PhD in mathematics, computer science or AI
  • Neural networks
  • Programming
  • Data modeling
4+ years $146,801
Big Data Engineer PhD in mathematics, computer science, or a related field.
  • Computer programming
  • Databases and SQL
  • Big data frameworks
2+ years $130,674
Data Scientist Master’s degree or PhD in computer science 
  • Statistical analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Data visualization
Entry-level after the master’s degree $126,927
Artificial Intelligence Engineer Bachelor’s or master’s degrees in mathematics, computer science, IT, or AI
  • Programming 
  • Statistical analysis
  • Data engineering
5+ years  $114,000
Research Scientist Master’s degree or PhD in computer science 
  • Statistical analysis
  • Data modeling
  • Applied research
6 to 10 years $111,351
Software Engineer Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related fields
  • Programming
  • Object-oriented design
  • Problem-solving
3+ years $107,346
Business Intelligence Developer Bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science, or a related field
  • Business analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Programming
3+ years $100,572

what-is-agileTop AI Hiring Companies

Some of the biggest companies in the world are always looking to hire top AI engineering talent. Here are the highest average annual salaries for AI engineers in the U.S., according to Glassdoor:

  • Google: $205,657 per year
  • Apple: $196,533 per year
  • LinkedIn: $194,564 per year
  • NVIDIA: $192,524 per year
  • Bloomberg: $189,505 per year

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How to Boost an AI Engineer Salary

There are numerous ways you can boost your AI engineer salary. The most important thing is to focus on acquiring the new skills needed to secure a better-paying position. Be sure you stay updated with the latest developments in the field. Gain expertise in new, in-demand technologies through courses that help you widen and deepen your knowledge. It will go a long way in giving your employability a significant boost.

How to Upskill and Reskill With Emeritus

Both upskilling and reskilling are extremely important for your career as an AI engineer. Since both AI and ML are expanding, upskilling is important so as to keep abreast of the latest developments. On the other hand, if you are already a developer, reskilling can help you transition to a high-paying AI job. 

Courses from Emeritus are perfect for either of these two endeavors. We partner with some of the top universities in the world to give you access to the best professors and learning resources, and we have the figures to back that up. Of all the participants in the 2022 Emeritus Impact Survey, 94 per cent believed that their learning journey with Emeritus had a positive impact on their careers. Boost your career today by taking up a course on AI and ML from Emeritus and give your career a boost.

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