Interested in Project Management? You Need to Read These 5 Books

Interested in Project Management? You Need to Read These 5 Books | Project Management | Emeritus

Ever wondered if project management is the right career for you? Well, according to the Harvard Business Review, this developing industry is projected to draw in $20 trillion in terms of economic activity with as many as 88 million people joining the project management workforce by 2027. So, it is a great time to upskill and go over the latest technical advances in the field. To enter the field of project management, you can explore online courses in project management from the world’s best universities. And you can augment your knowledge in this field by adding the best books on project management to your rack. 

Online Courses on Project Management

5 Best Books on Project Management

While there is no dearth of books on this subject, we have picked five to get you started on your journey of self-study. 

1. Harvard Business Review Project Management Handbook- How to Launch, Lead and Sponsor Successful Projects by Antonio Nieto Rodriguez

Best Suited For: Beginners looking for solid insights into project management 

Goodreads Rating: 4.36

This instructional guide draws on the framework of project management and is essentially a masterclass on the role of a project manager in today’s modern world. Its simple and beginner-friendly language gives you a comprehensive breakdown of project management essentials like initiation, planning, execution, and much more. 

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2. Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager by Kory Kogon

Best Suited For: Non-project managers or people who have grown into the role of project manager with any formal study of the same

Goodreads Rating: 4.09

This Wallstreet Journal bestseller is for professionals who may not officially hold the job title of a project manager but still tackle projects on a daily basis. It is one of the best books on project management that explores the five phases developed by the Project Management Institute (PMI) using real-life examples and practical insights. If you are looking for an actionable guide to project management, this one’s a must-read.

 Best Books on Project Management

3. Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice The Work in Half The Time by Jeff Sutherland

Best Suited For: Scrum Masters or members of Scrum teams

Goodreads Rating: 4.16

If you are a Scrum professional or are intrigued by the Scrum framework, this book is a great read. The book gives you a resourceful insight into the origin, philosophy, and principles of Scrum. It also tells you how it has adapted to the world of modern business. It is among the best books for project managers to read that also taps into the essentials of leadership and time management. 

4. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) – Seventh Edition by Project Management Institute (PMI)

Best Suited For: Project Managers who trying to climb the career ladder

Goodreads Rating: 4

The PMBOK guide is the holy grail among project management resources that covers all aspects of project fundamentals. It encompasses a step-by-step breakdown of integral project management systems and is a key study aid for Project Management Professional (PMP) exams and certifications. As a useful resource for both students and professionals, this tops the list of the best books on project management. 

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5. The Messy Middle by Scott Belsky

Best Suited for: Entrepreneurs and project consultants

Goodreads Rating: 4.06

This is an insightful read that explores both the technical skills and emotional intelligence that is required to become a successful project manager. It takes you through real-life experiences and tools to overcome challenges in the face of technical complications. It is one of those great project management books that will always come in handy, especially for an entrepreneur or self-starter. 

Learning and executing core concepts of project management can be quite a challenge, especially today with so many different iterations of hybrid work environments. Thankfully, you can bank on the best books on project management that can help you navigate this dynamic yet complex career path with ease. 

While books are a reliable and comparatively quick resource to get an in-depth understanding of project management as a field. You can also explore a more structured approach to study with a degree, diploma, or certificate course to upgrade your skills. Emeritus offers a range of project management courses in collaboration with global universities to help you become a professional. 

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