How to Upskill and Improve Your Salary as a Web Developer

How to Upskill and Improve Your Salary as a Web Developer | Coding | Emeritus

Since the last decade, consumers have come to value personalized products and experiences, making them key differentiators in establishing a brand reputation. A recent McKinsey report shows that user-personalization accounts for 40 per cent growth in company revenues worldwide. As website personalization goes through remarkable evolution and its importance is unanimously felt in marketing, web developer salary packages have gone off the charts. With novel tools to master and newer technologies to innovate, the role of a web developer in a company has naturally diversified. Moreover, industry demands vary according to regions and countries and so do the average salaries of developers. Read on to learn more about all the parameters that determine a web developer’s salary and find out what it takes to shine in this pioneering world of technological innovation. 

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Introduction to Web Development

Web development can be defined as the end-to-end creation of highly responsive web pages with a focus on design, interactivity, and visual aesthetics, all aimed at increasing user engagement and brand value. As companies compete to grab user attention in unique ways, it becomes essential to keep up with the latest advancements in website development. Proficient web developers tailor their vision to evolving technological trends to create a seamless digital experience with more relevant content for its users.

Average Web Developer Salary by Position

Web developer salary varies according to location, role, and seniority. 

Junior Web Developer

Junior web developers assist senior developers in brainstorming new web applications and features that can be incorporated into the projects. They are also responsible for furnishing back-end and front-end developers with test results after running the applications. Their duties culminate in client servicing and stringent feedback exchange to identify problems with a website. 

Annual median junior web developer salary in the U.S.: $53,558

Web Developer

Starting from project execution to solution development, mid-level developers work on everything. They assist their seniors in identifying system deficiencies and maintain strict prototypes for client engagements. Mid-level developers significantly assist in relational database design and proficiency with at least one structured programming language such as Java or C++. 

Annual median web developer salary in the U.S.: $82,662

Senior Web Developer

A senior web developer synthesizes all the different branches into one multi-dimensional web platform that caters to consumer demands as well as the internal needs of the clientele. Senior web developers always aim for an enjoyable and interactive user experience as their end game. The post demands extensive experience in website development and superior programming expertise. 

Annual median senior web developer salary in the U.S.: $118,841

what-is-agileFront-End Web Developer

Front-end web developers design the visual counterpart of websites as they integrate the art of design with the science of programming. They work within a module of continual collaboration with back-end developers and UI/UX designers to determine website appearance and functionality. Working knowledge of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and serverless architecture is crucial for excelling in this role.  

Annual median front-end web developer salary in the U.S.: $76,206

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Back-End Web Developer

Back-end developers are the architects behind everything designed by front-end developers. They participate in every stage of the app lifecycle and undertake to debug as a means to troubleshoot functional issues. Apart from seamless programming skills, this portfolio also demands expertise in integrating cutting-edge technology with outmoded applications, contributing to the reusable code library of the company. 

Annual median back-end web developer salary in the U.S.: $73,720

Average Salary Range Based on Knowledge and Experience

Web development teams owe their efficiency to the perfect sync of analytical skills with creative development. Each function has its own hierarchy and set of functions. Let’s now break down the average web developer salary packages according to experience.

Web Developer Salary


Experience (Years) Average Annual Salary Range 
Junior web developer


$37,000 – $78,000
Senior web developer


$47,000 – $100,000

Front-End Web Developer Salary


Experience (Years) Average Annual Salary Range 
Junior front-end developer


$66,000 – $125,000
Senior front-end developer


$79,000 – $186,000

Back-End Web Developer Salary


Experience (Years) Average Annual Salary Range 
Junior back-end developer


$59,000 – $120,000
Senior back-end developer 3-5

$73,000 – $185,000

Build New Skills in Web Development

women in codingStrong business acumen and industry knowledge have become essential criteria for hiring in all technical fields. To equip yourself for the highest web developer salary levels, you need to understand the modern framework of web development and the specific skills required.

The Creative Department

The creative faculty of a web development team works with multimedia tools such as Photoshop, InDesign, and Sketch to handle the design amendments covered under the web environment. To increase your prominence in the creative field, a thorough understanding of user-friendly interfaces and user experience is central alongside SEO expertise and content creation. 

UID or Front-End Developers

Front-end web developers require proficiency in:

  • Coding in Python, R, or C++
  • Javascript/JQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS and JavaScript frameworks
  • Version control software systems

Other than this, working knowledge of graphic design applications and SEO techniques will amplify your hiring chances manifold times. 

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Back-End Web Developers

Backend website programming demands a sharp knowledge of:

  • Coding skills and PHP programming
  • Query languages such as SQL
  • Relational database management systems such as MySQL or Redis
  • Non-relational database management systems such as MongoDB
  • Caching mechanisms such as Memcached and Varnish
  • Modern API protocols

Web Development Salary by Location

Here are the average web development salary packages across different regions:

Country Average Annual Salary 
U.S. $77,801
U.K. $49,686
Canada $47,692
France $44,376
Spain $32,871
Australia $49,960

What is the Highest Salary for a Web Developer in the U.S.?

According to Indeed, the highest annual web developer salary packages in the U.S. are as follows:

New York, NY $95,630
Houston, TX $100,625
Atlanta, GA $103,827
Los Angeles, CA $90,524
Dallas, TX $96,647
Miami, FL $78,690

Note: All salary information has been collected from Glassdoor

Are Web Developers in Demand?

The International Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted a whopping 23 per cent rise in the employment of web developers in the ongoing decade. Clearly, whether it’s front-end or back-end development or a portfolio of design, web development is here to stay. 

As the world steadily moves toward the crypto-verse, web developers also need system upgrades to keep navigating the tumultuous waves of innovation and prove worthy of the high web developer salary packages on offer. You can explore Emeritus’ courses on coding to upskill yourself in web development and stay competitive in an in-demand profession.

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