How to Create an Appropriate NFT Marketing Strategy for a Business [Checklist Included]

How to Create an Appropriate NFT Marketing Strategy for a Business [Checklist Included] | Digital Marketing | Emeritus

In the digital age, the task of selling virtual and intangible products and services are keeping marketers on their toes, bringing NFT marketing to forefront. An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a digitized form of actual objects such as art, music, in-game items and videos. These are transacted online, typically with cryptocurrency. Many global brands have tokenized their products and services as virtual assets. 

NFT marketing focuses on promoting the NFTs in certain markets, blockchain groups, and social media platforms to attract potential purchasers interested in the crypto art.  As NFT collectibles are unique digital assets, a unique marketing approach is critical to attracting buyers. One reason why marketers need to sharpen their skills in this area is that the market for NFTs is predicted to reach $60 billion by 2031, with a CAGR of more than 19%. Hence, understanding the aspects linked to such marketing is essential for aspiring marketers.

This blog will discuss the concept of NFT marketing, highlight its importance and explore how to create an effective strategy.

 NFT marketing

What is NFT Marketing?

NFT marketingNFT marketing is about advertising and selling NFTs to a specific audience. NFTs are unique digital assets that are maintained on a blockchain and may be bought, sold, and traded in the same way that physical goods can. It focuses on adopting a variety of approaches and strategies to raise awareness about NFTs among potential purchasers.

This marketing entails developing a strong brand identity for the NFTs, reaching out to potential purchasers via social media platforms, and engaging with influencers and artists to generate discussion. 

A popular example of NFT marketing is that of Taco Bell which offered five NFTs showcasing digital artwork of its tacos on the NFT marketplace in March 2021. These were sold out in less than 30 minutes, with one selling for more than $200,000. The NFT sale helped in increasing brand recognition and engagement for Taco Bell.

Why are NFTs Important in Marketing?

NFTs are important from a marketing perspective for several reasons and the most significant ones are mentioned below.

1. Unique and Scarce

As NFTs are unique digital assets, these cannot be copied or duplicated. This makes them a valuable commodity that proves to be appealing to collectors and investors, opening up a new avenue for marketers to explore.

2. Creative Expression

NFTs open the door for marketers to promote and advertise unique works of art and creative expressions to a larger audience. It also proves to be an innovative way for artists to monetize their work.

3. Blockchain Technology

Collectors and investors show interest in investing in NFTs because NFTs are kept on a blockchain, which maintains a secure and transparent record of ownership and provenance. The open and secure nature of NFTs attracts many individuals in the market.

4. Ownership of Digital Assets

NFTs enable people to own and collect digital assets in the same way that they do physical goods. This makes NFTs an appealing option to a new generation of digital natives.

5. Secondary Market Potential

NFTs can be purchased and sold on secondary markets, allowing investors and collectors to gain profit from the value appreciation of unique digital commodities. This opens up a new cash stream for creators and marketers to investigate.

How are Brands Using NFTs For Marketing?

To gain the interest of prospective customers, brands are using NFTs for marketing in several ways. These include:

1. Limited-Edition NFTs

Many brands are introducing limited-edition NFTs, particularly with the intent to honor their most loyal customers. Frequently, companies associate these NFTs with special events or promotions, and they use them to grant access to unique discounts or experiences. 

2. Collectibles

Companies are developing collectibles that are linked to their products or services. They can trade these collectibles on secondary markets, which provides the company with a new revenue source.

3. Social Media Campaigns

Companies are also incorporating them into social media campaigns to increase the buzz and engagement. For instance, a brand can hold a contest in which customers can win an NFT by posting their favorite product on social media.

4. Charity Auctions

Companies are using NFTs to collect funds for charities. They make limited-edition NFTs and auction them to the highest bidder, with the money benefiting a charity of their choice.

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How Can Businesses Start With NFT Marketing?

NFT marketingFor those who want to foray into NFT marketing, here are some tips you can follow:

1. Learn About NFTs

As a beginner, a person needs to gain a basic understanding of NFTs, how they work, and their possible applications in marketing.

2. Define Your Goals

Whether a business wants to raise brand awareness or engage customers or earn revenue with NFT sales, define the goals related to NFT marketing as this will assist you in developing a focused and effective plan.

3. Determine Your Target Audience

Identify the target audience and their interests. This proves helpful in developing NFTs that are relevant and appealing to them.

4. Create a Strategy for Your NFTs

Create a plan for generating your NFTs. Ensure that they are original, compelling, and in line with the brand values. Consider collaborating with a blockchain developer or platform to assure the security and transparency of the NFTs.

5. Market Your NFTs

Using different platforms like social media, email marketing, and digital advertising, one can promote and advertise the NFTs. To reach a larger audience, consider working with influencers or executing a paid media campaign.

6. Monitor and Optimize

Keep an eye on the results of the NFT marketing campaign and make adjustments to the plan accordingly. To optimize NFT marketing activities, analyze statistics such as engagement rates, sales, and consumer feedback.

A Quick NFT Marketing Checklist

Following are some of the essentials to keep in mind while marketing an NFT:

  1. Define the audience first, then learn about their demographics, hobbies, behaviors, and purchasing habits
  2. Create a unique and intriguing story to go with your NFT by concentrating on the features, benefits, and value it offers to your target audience
  3. Choose the best NFT marketplace or platform for your NFT and audience
  4. Make an optimal NFT listing with high-quality photographs, a thorough description, and precise metadata
  5. To advertise your NFT, use a variety of marketing platforms such as social media, email marketing, influencer marketing, and paid advertising
  6. Reply to your audience’s comments, questions, and feedback by interacting with them
  7. Using analytic tools, monitor the success of the NFT marketing activities and discover areas for improvement

Is NFT Marketing Investment Worth it?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors such as individual business objectives, target demographic, budget, and so on. Following are some factors to think about when deciding whether NFT marketing is worthwhile or not:

  • NFTs have the ability to produce revenue via sales, auctions, and secondary markets. If a business believes there is a high demand for its NFTs among the target audience, then NFT marketing can be a good investment
  • This approach effectively promotes brand awareness and engagement to the target audience that is interested in collectibles or digital art
  • If a business wants to promote a brand and engage with customers in new and exciting ways, NFT marketing is an option
  • NFT marketing can be costly, particularly if a business develops high-quality digital products or collaborates with influencers or blockchain engineers. It is critical to examine whether the potential ROI or brand benefits outweigh the investment costs

Understand the World of Marketing with Emeritus

NFTs give marketers a new opportunity to reach out to their target demographic, raise awareness, and even promote new product lines. If you want to work as an NFT marketer, staying up to date on the latest developments in an ever-changing sector is critical. Explore Emeritus’ digital marketing courses which are designed to teach both entry-level professionals and senior executives a variety of skills, including planning, designing, analytics, strategizing promotion, and many others. 

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