How to Become a Scrum Master and Lead Successful Teams

How to Become a Scrum Master and Lead Successful Teams | Product Design & Innovation | Emeritus

Scrum Masters are the soul of any Scrum team. They play the role of a mentor who is responsible for helping teams understand how to implement agile development methods and nail projects at work. Atlassian conducted a Twitter poll where 92% of respondents said they were practicing something custom, not Scrum “by the book.” With the scope for Scrum teams evolving quickly, lets define how to become a Scrum Master who can fit into various Agile environments. 

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What is Scrum and What is a Scrum Master?

what is a scrum masterThe role of a Scrum Master is to help teams adopt Agile development practices. If you want to know how to become a Scrum Master who leads efficient teams, you must understand that you will be responsible for ensuring that your team follows the Scrum framework, which involves creating and maintaining effective processes for developing software.

The Scrum framework consists of four roles: 

  1. Scrum Master 
  2. Product Owner 
  3. Developer
  4. Business Analyst/Tester. 

The Scrum Master coordinates between these four people while they work on projects to deliver quality products on time and within budget. 

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How to Become a Scrum Master?

Here are quick tips to aid your quest for how to become a scrum master.

1. Take the CSM Exam and Certification Courses

The CSM is a globally recognized certification. It’s an excellent way to improve your career prospects, especially in the tech industry. Your experience and learning through various certifications showcase your knowledge and skills making you a perfect fit for this role! 

2. Learn From Your Peers

For someone who is going to train countless people, knowing how to learn by themselves is necessary. In this case, the answer will be mentoring programs. Most companies run a formal mentor program that guides new Scrum Masters. If no such program exists in your organization, you must read books, ask questions in your peer groups, and participate in conferences and events.

3. Be the Agile Expert

For this role, one needs to be thorough with the principles of Agile software development. For their organization, it will help create better products, foster team collaboration, and ensure that everyone understands their roles.

4. Learn Everything That Scrum Is and Isn’t

Scrum is NOT a framework that teams can follow if they want to become organized or efficient. It is about getting everyone on board with the idea of self-organizing teams by creating clear expectations for each member.

Scrum is NOT an alternative to existing methods such as project management, SCRUM boards, etc., which are still valid techniques when used appropriately by experienced practitioners.

5. Gain a Business Perspective

You must understand the business domain, objectives, and outcomes. You need to ask a hundred relevant questions and know your organization better.

6. Communication is Key

You must communicate efficiently in writing and verbally, in person and on the phone. This will enable you to address questions from team members in any situation. 

7. Be Eloquent When it Comes to Conflict Management

The best way to handle conflicts is by speaking clearly during meetings, presentations, and team reviews. Be sure your words are always well thought out!

8. Understand the Demand and Salary Scenario

According to Money Control, Scrum Masters are in demand across the world. It was one of the top 15 emerging roles in 2020. As per the Dice Tech Salary Report, an average technologist makes $104,566 annually. A Scrum Master’s salary coincides with this salary figure.

9. Lastly, Stay Motivated!

You just got your guide to success in how to become a scrum master. Of course, there are many steps involved, but the rewards are great. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I Become a Scrum Master or Project Manager?

Both these roles have their own significance. While Scrum Master works within the Scrum framework by implementing Scrum principles, the project manager focuses on the logistical elements of a project. 

2. Can You Be a Scrum Master With No Experience?

If you have a drive for Agile, various certifications, and a passion for better organization, you can become a Scrum Master without experience. Skills matter!

3. How Long Does it Take to Become a Scrum Master?

First, you need to develop hard and soft skills to become a Scrum Master, which depends on your current skill set. Once you’re ready to become a Certified Scrum Master, you’ll need to take a CSM course with a Certified Scrum trainer, which takes 16 hours of training over two days.

4. Are Scrum Masters in Demand?

Yes, they are! Experts say the number of Certified Scrum Masters and Scrum professionals will grow by 38% this decade.

5. What is the Average Salary of a Scrum Master?

The average salary of a Scrum Master in the US is currently around $104,579. As you might expect, the average salary of a Scrum Master varies from country to country. 

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