How Much is a Scrum Master’s Salary Package and How to Get a Good One

How Much is a Scrum Master’s Salary Package and How to Get a Good One | Project Management | Emeritus

The effectiveness of Agile project management hinges on the quality of teamwork and collaboration exhibited to achieve often intense and complex goals. In this context, Scrums are a pivotal framework to execute the Agile philosophy and help teams work together. As the job title indicates, Scrum masters are the leaders of Scrum and play a pivotal role in every Agile team. They are responsible for the team’s goals, environment, productivity, motivation, meetings, and communication. The criticality of their role reflects in the Scrum Master salary levels. Let’s dig deeper into what this role is and how lucrative it can be as a career choice. 

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Introduction to Scrum and Scrum Master

how-to-become-an-entrepreneurScrum is an Agile project management framework that helps teams collaborate and work towards solving complex problems. The emphasis with Agile projects is on teamwork, accountability, and an iterative process to achieve goals, and the responsibility of achieving this lies with the Scrum team led by the Scrum Master and includes a product owner and developers. 

The Scrum Master establishes the Scrum and leads the team to the intended objective. A product owner prioritizes features, gives feedback, and makes sure that the team creates a high-quality product. And developers work in collaboration with the team to facilitate this process. 

The Scrum framework is primarily used by teams for software development, but it is also applicable to other fields such as marketing, sales, and research. Scrum works on three fundamental pillars–transparency, inspection, and adaptation. It values respect, courage, commitment, openness, and focus. If all of this is adhered to, Scrums can enable teams to manage their work and develop products in a fast-paced manner. 

Scrum Masters play a significant role in leading collaborative work. Their responsibilities include: 

  • Leading and training the Scrum team
  • Facilitating and conducting meetings 
  • Effective time management 
  • Mentoring the team on their roles and responsibilities
  • Ensuring the team’s motivation and productivity 

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Although the job profile of a Scrum Master is similar across the world, the salary varies based on many factors such as experience, task, performance, industry, and geographic location. Here is an overview of a Scrum Master salary based on geographical location, knowledge, and skills. 

Average Scrum Master Salary by Location

The Scrum Master salary level according to geographical location depends on the demand for work and the cost of living in that region. Here is how the average annual salaries of a Scrum Master compare across the world: 

  • United States: $104,579
  • United Kingdom: $72,450
  • Germany: $68,865
  • France: $52,616 
  • India: $16,900
  • Singapore: $59,303
  • Australia: $79,675

Average Salary Range Based on Knowledge and Experience

In addition to location, excellent credentials, knowledge, and experience play a critical part in determining Scrum Master salary packages. For instance, the entry-level Scrum Master job in the United Kingdom pays an average of $52,068 per year, while the highest annual salary can go up to $1,00,660 per year. Similarly, in India, the lowest salary for a Scrum Master is $7,015 per year, while the highest is $28,948 per year. 

Note: All salary figures are from Glassdoor

Build New Skills in Scrum and Project Management

what-is-a-scrum-masterThe difference in pay scale based on experience and knowledge is worth noting and working towards. To that end, Scrum Masters need to work on their skills in a holistic manner. Apart from technical expertise, they need to hone their soft skills as well to be effective as leaders. Some of the must-have skills of a Scrum Master include: 

  •  Expertise in Scrum 
  •  Business analysis 
  •  Knowledge of software development 
  •  Expertise in project management
  •  Excellent leadership
  •  Communication skills 
  •  Problem-solving abilities 
  •  Motivational skills 

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What is the Highest Salary for a Scrum Master in the US?

The highest salary for a Scrum Master in the United States is $1,43,337 annually. According to a survey by Glassdoor, Scrum Master is one of the highest-paying jobs in the United States. 

Are Scrum Masters in Demand?

In the last few years, organizations worldwide have recognized the vital role played by a skilled Scrum Master to meet business goals and in product development. According to Moneycontrol, Scrum Masters are among the top 15 emerging roles and are in high demand globally. Scrum Master is, therefore, a lucrative career prospect that offers excellent scope for professional advancement.

As discussed, a Scrum Master serves the team, product owners, and the organization with excellent technical and soft skills. That is why Scrum Master salary levels are attractive for any professional with the requisite qualifications. If this role appears to be in your wheelhouse, you can enhance your project management skills by enrolling in any of these specially curated project management courses on Emeritus, taught by experts from top universities.

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