Is Coding a Good Career and Will It Stay Relevant in the Future?

Is Coding a Good Career and Will It Stay Relevant in the Future? | Coding | Emeritus

It’s 2022 and lines of code surround us from every direction. According to a report, over 83% of the world’s population owns a smartphone. Most people today interact with some form of code every waking minute of their day. You interact with it while texting a friend, using social media, at work, and lately even at school. The vast number of applications we use are a result of coding. Are you still wondering, is coding a good career for me? Let us help you decide.

What is Coding?

If you are to decide whether coding is a good career, you must first be acquainted with what is coding, which is also known as computer programming. In essence, it is how we communicate with computers by assigning them a set of instructions. By writing code, you can make computers complete a task or a set of tasks. Computers do not understand human language; they only understand binary code consisting of ‘0s’ and ‘1s’. Thus, coding languages were created to translate human commands into binary code. Using coding skills, you can build apps, websites, and other computer programs. 

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Today, coding is necessary to develop the technologies that have become an essential part of our daily lives. As a result, several programming languages have emerged to help software engineers write the various applications we use. While learning any coding language can be helpful, some stand out from others.

Amongst coding languages, Javascript and Python are the most popular. These are the best programming languages to learn for beginners and are in high demand across the industry. So, learning one of these two might be your best bet if you want to enter software programming. 

We began with a question, is coding a good career choice? According to Forbes, the global number of software developers will increase to 45 million by 2030. So, the demand for coders is certainly growing worldwide. . With this rise in demand, many coding jobs have become available, with new ones materializing every year. The following are the top roles you can choose to pursue a coding career in: 

1. Software Engineer

Software engineers develop applications for cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices that people use daily. It is an excellent career for people who like to bring ideas to life and directly impact the user. Javascript and Python are helpful languages to learn as a software engineer.

2. Web Developer

They help businesses develop and operate their websites. Web developers handle how a webpage looks and functions. Today, every company worth its salt needs a website. Hence, web developers are in high demand. Aspiring web developers must know Javascript or HTML5.

3. Computer Systems Engineer

They are the ones you call when you need to solve complex issues in your application or network. They work with clients to understand the functioning and demands of a system and develop required solutions. Python or C++ are the languages to learn to be a computer systems engineer.

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4. Database Administrator

They are responsible for organizing, operating, and utilizing large amounts of data stored in databases. Successful companies often own a massive amount of online data. Database administrators are essential for such businesses. Learn Python or SQL if you want to enter this field. 

5. Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer

QA engineers are the first to determine whether the software is ready for the market. They run tests, document issues, and provide reviews for new software applications. Given the rate at which new technology is emerging, QA engineers are in high demand. Pick up Java or Python to secure a job in this space.

What is the Average Salary for a Computer Programmer?

As discussed, coding skills are in high demand around the world. To meet this demand, universities are training many computer programmers. Your salary as a computer programmer depends on your skills as a software developer, the coding languages you know, and the kind of applications you can develop. 

According to a survey for the US, in 2020, the salary was: 

  • Median: $89,000
  • Highest: $116,000
  • Lowest: $67,000

With the proper skill set, computer programming can be a lucrative career allowing you to lead a comfortable lifestyle. For a global perspective on the salary of a programmer and to answer the question, ‘is coding a good career’ for your region, please explore the global salary of software engineers

Career Outlook for Coders and Computer Programmers


According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of computer programmers will decline by 10 percent between 2021 and 2031. However, despite this decline, they project 9,600 new openings for computer programmers each year due to workers who will transfer to other occupations or retire. 

Automation is also responsible for the decline of programming jobs. As companies continue to automate simple or repetitive tasks, the positions of workers who used to perform these tasks become obsolete. However, this creates the opportunity for people with different sets of skills. While simpler tasks will get automated, the demand for strategic roles will rise. Programmers need to upskill to fulfill these tasks to remain competitive. You can explore the best coding courses by Emeritus here

Is There a High Demand for Coding Jobs?

In a world that relies more and more on technology to make life more convenient, developers will always be in high demand. As senior programmers exit, the workforce, and mid-level engineers get promoted, and entry-level positions will continue to open up. 

What’s more, with the emergence of new technologies, there is a demand for skilled programmers to create and operate them. The distinguishing factor is the programmer’s skill level. Hence the need for full-stack developers is exceptionally high since it is far more lucrative to hire one person who can understand and handle your entire operation than to hire multiple people with limited coding skills. 

Tips for Getting Started in a Software Engineering Career

Becoming a software engineer in 2022 is not that hard. Top firms around the globe maintain that “anybody can code.” Finding open positions for developers isn’t hard. The real challenge is the process of obtaining the skills and experience needed. 

There are several ways you can gain an education in software engineering:

  1. Formal education: Many colleges around the globe offer courses in computer and software engineering. 
  2. Online Coding Bootcamps: These curated programs teach you specific coding skills needed to get you job-ready. 
  3. Self-learning: You can also try and teach yourself to code. While it may seem impractical, hundreds of sites and apps can teach you how to code online. However, it is always advisable to back up self-learning with online coding courses to make sure you do not miss out on essentials. 

Once you learn a coding language or two, it is essential to put your skills to the test. You can take up projects or internships to gain valuable experience. Participating in competitions and hackathons is also a great way to gain expertise in real-time coding. Finally, building your portfolio with certifications and other experiences is vital to securing a job.

Shortlist the positions that interest you. This way, you can plan your education to gain the skills which will help you score your dream role. 

Coding is an essential skill for many professions in today’s world. It has a part to play in almost every aspect of our lives. A career in coding can be fulfilling not only because of the remuneration it offers but also because it lets you directly impact the lives of those around you. Learn more about our online coding courses here. 

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