Coding Bootcamps: Should You Sign On and What Kind Fits You Best?

Coding Bootcamps: Should You Sign On and What Kind Fits You Best? | Coding | Emeritus

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall employment in computer and Information Technology (IT) would increase by 15% in the next decade, adding 682,800 new jobs between 2021-2031. To keep up with the rising demand, coding bootcamps may be an ideal way to quickly join the workforce. So, what is a coding bootcamp? It is a technical training program that teaches coding enthusiasts the programming skills valued by employers. 

The following guide explains the most commonly asked questions around coding bootcamps to provide aspiring programmers with a clear picture of what to expect when they enroll in one. 

What is a coding bootcamp

What is the Importance of Coding Bootcamps?

Every industry is being radically impacted by how technology is reshaping the world. Hence, skilled software developers who can create the technology that we rely on are in demand. Attending a coding bootcamp is important to learn the requisite skills and enter the field of web development to fill the gap for skilled programmers in the industry. Learners can acquire critical skills without investing excess time—in fact, many of them take as little as 12 weeks to finish.

How Do Coding Bootcamps Work?

Coding bootcamps typically last between 12-40 weeks. Given the condensed time limit of training, these educational programs are built around two main pillars: speed and high-impact learning. 

  • Speed 

Students typically spend 4 years to earn a degree in computer science. Coursework for computer science degrees covers a wide range of subjects such as networking, operating systems, and computing theorywhich are useful for learning the subject in the academic setting but are unrelated to the daily activities of software developers in the real world. 

Coding bootcamps take the most relevant skills from a four-year program and combine them with essential industry skills to bridge the gap between academia and the practical world and meet current industry needs quickly. 

  • High-Impact Learning 

Coding bootcamps emphasize high-impact learning and teach the skills that are most useful in the real world. Therefore, these educational programs are the best for professionals who want to develop a wide range of valuable technical skills to make themselves more employable through intensive training within a short time-frame. 

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What are the Different Types of Coding Bootcamps?

What are the Different Types of Coding Bootcamps?

With an understanding of what is a coding bootcamp and how they work, let’s explore the different types of coding bootcamps aspiring developers can choose from based on their educational needs and schedule. 

  • Full-Time vs Part-Time Coding Bootcamps 

Depending on your schedule, you can choose between a full-time and a part-time coding bootcamp to become an expert coder. 

The typical duration for part-time bootcamps is 34 weeks. For professionals who attend bootcamp while working, part-time coding bootcamps are the ideal choice.

In contrast, the typical duration of full-time bootcamps is 17 weeks. They are more immersive and intensive in nature. These programs are ideal for students who are passionate about coding and have enough spare time. 

  • In-Person vs Online Coding Bootcamps 

When it comes to format, there are two different kinds of coding bootcamps. This gives professionals the flexibility to choose from where and how they will take the course. 

When you register for an in-person coding bootcamp, you need to attend a scheduled class at the specified location. In-person bootcamp classes are more structured and include an instructor to offer guidance.  

In contrast, online coding bootcamps bring a fast-paced learning environment to your home. They are an ideal choice if you are self-motivated, organized, and need the flexibility to learn on your own schedule. With access to both world-class mentoring and the student community, online coding courses provide all the resources and tools needed for success.

What are the Subjects that Coding Bootcamps Cover?

Depending on the program you select, coding bootcamps cover a variety of topics. These include:

  1. JavaScript 

Programming principles, data structures, algorithms, functions, program logic, and JavaScript variables are all the topics covered in these bootcamps.  

  1. Python 

Python is another popular object-oriented programming language that is similar to JavaScript. Integers, floaters, data strings, data and object types are a few subjects frequently covered in Python bootcamps. 

  1. Web Development 

Depending on whether the curriculum involves frontend, backend, or full stack development, these bootcamps are designed to offer knowledge on a broad range of topics. Design, web technology, computer graphics, HTML, CSS, databases, and application development are the subjects covered in web development bootcamps.  

  1. Networking 

Core subjects such as network devices, internet access, wireless networks, cables, connectors, and TCP/IP are covered in networking bootcamps. Students enrolled in these programs frequently train for popular network certifications like CompTIA A+. 

  1. Artificial intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an emerging and rapidly expanding technology. Python libraries, data visualization, machine learning, linear algebra, data interpretation, and deep learning are among the subjects covered in AI bootcamps.

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What is the Career Outcome After Taking a Coding Bootcamp?

To help learners understand the career outcomes after taking a coding bootcamp, let us outline the best available bootcamp career pathways. 

  • Web Developers 

Websites and applications are created and maintained by web developers. By tracking traffic and speed, they monitor how effectively a website functions. Coding bootcamps are ideal for professionals to build frontend, backend and database skills to become full stack web developers and advance to higher-level development positions. 

Average Remuneration: $73,631 per year 

  • Quality Assurance Analysts 

Quality assurance analysts use their in-depth technical knowledge to test applications, software, and computer systems and fix any potential issues like bugs. The essential coding and technical abilities needed for success in this field are taught in coding bootcamps.

Average Remuneration: $66,699 per year 

  • Data Scientists 

Data scientists work with data to obtain meaningful insights. An AI and Machine Learning (ML) bootcamp provides hands-on training in data science to ensure professionals have the required knowledge and skills to properly analyze and use raw data. Data scientists have a high job outlook rate and draw lucrative annual salaries. 

Average Remuneration: $121,761 per year

All salaries are according to Glassdoor

On Average, How Much Do Coding Bootcamps Cost?

Coding bootcamp costs vary depending on the topic, program length, and course delivery format. A 2022 research by Forbes Advisor into coding bootcamp tuition prices demonstrates that the average cost of a coding bootcamp is $10,762 in the US. 

Moreover, many of these bootcamps offer financial assistance, frequently in the form of loans, scholarships, and university grants. Besides, companies may also provide financial aid for employees who want to pursue such bootcamps and enhance their skills. 

What is a Coding Bootcamp Duration?

Coding bootcamps offer a wide range of specialties and diverse learning techniques. But exactly how long do these programs take to finish? As per Forbes Advisor, full-time programs can take as little as 12 to 14 weeks to complete, whereas part-time bootcamps may take six to 10 months.

Is Coding Bootcamp For Beginners?

Is Coding Bootcamp For Beginners?

Coding bootcamps are an excellent choice for beginners to get started in software development. The bootcamp experience provides a career path forward into some of the most prominent enterprises in the field. However, these bootcamps are not only for beginners. Each bootcamp has a different curriculum, instructors, and format based on the candidate’s experience. Even mid- or senior-level executives can get enrolled in them to develop new skills and climb the professional ladder. 

Should I Take a Coding Bootcamp?

After having a complete knowledge of what is a coding bootcamp, a question that often comes to an aspirant’s mind is whether they should enroll. Although coding bootcamps are highly rewarding, these are intensive programs and can be stressful. Therefore, it is important to determine whether a bootcamp is the right fit for your preferred learning style before enrolling. 

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If you’re determined, strong-willed, and possess the willingness to work hard, then, the answer is clear: Enroll in Emeritus’ online coding bootcamps in association with the world’s renowned universities to take your coding skills to the next level and make your career in technology skyrocket.

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What is a coding bootcamp

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