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In 2019, multiple coding bootcamp courses sprung up globally and everyone wanted to learn to code. In fact, the bootcamp industry shot up by 49 per cent. This trend is continuing to grow and it has pushed more people to rethink their career trajectories. The future of work is changing rapidly and technology is changing the workplace. Working professionals who are currently in jobs that are ripe for displacement are learning new skills to become coders. Coding isn’t just about being able to write lines of code. It demands a creative, analytical, logical, and structured mindset. A growing number of global companies are hiring web developers, software engineers, and other skilled technology workers who can use such technical skills to streamline operations and leverage the power of technology. If you are looking for the best online coding courses to get started on your journey, you are in the right place. 

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6 Best Online Coding Courses

In association with the world’s top universities, Emeritus has created the best online coding courses that are ideal for learners of all ages. 

Coding Courses Offered by Carnegie Mellon University

1. Computer Vision

Scope: The increased adoption of Machine Learning (ML) has pushed up the demand for computer vision and its applications. This has triggered transformation across industries. This program is designed to help tech enthusiasts master the core computer vision skills needed to advance robotics and automation. The curriculum enables learners to expand their computer vision knowledge and image processing skills to become ready for the future. 

Duration: 10 weeks, 5-10 hours per week

Course fee: $$$$$

What makes this program different: This program requires a functional knowledge of linear algebra, calculus, probability, and statistics. Along with insights into the real-world uses of computer vision, the program helps learners understand techniques, including image detection, recognition and processing, 3D reasoning, and video analysis.

Faculty to watch out for: Kris Kitani and Ioannis Gkioulekas

Who is this program for: This program is ideal for participants who have programming experience, preferably in Python. Highly suitable for software developers, technology and ML professionals, and data scientists looking to gain a deeper understanding of computer vision technologies.

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2. Fundamentals of Software Engineering

Scope: This program is ideal for participants who wish to execute software engineering projects from conception to completion. Learners acquire the essential skills to understand the entire software development life cycle from requirement gathering to testing, deploying, and maintaining. The curriculum also focuses on effective stakeholder communication, team management, project planning, and open-source contribution.

Duration: 10 weeks, 5 to 10 hours per week

Course fee: $$$$$

What makes this program different: This program consists of 10 modules, each designed to explore a specific aspect of software engineering fundamentals. Learners get an understanding of software engineering and demonstrate their newly acquired skills by contributing to a real-world software project.

Faculty to watch out for: Travis Breaux

Who is this program for: Participants are expected to be proficient in at least one programming language (preferably Python) and should have experience writing code in a real-world environment.

3. Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures

Scope: At the end of this program, learners acquire invaluable knowledge and hands-on skills for pursuing advanced education or careers in coding. The curriculum is handcrafted to help first-time coders to design, analyze, and implement algorithms.

Duration: 10 weeks, 5 to 10 hours per week

Course fee: $$$$$

What makes this program different: Participants solve real-world problems by formulating a variety of algorithms. They then analyze each algorithm for its correctness and efficiency. Each of the 10 program modules focuses on a specific type of algorithm or data structure, encompassing an array of computational theories and applications.

Faculty to watch out for: David P. Woodruff

Who is this program for: The curriculum is ideal for early-career STEM graduates as well as career switchers. Participants must be comfortable with high school algebra, and mathematical arguments, and have a working knowledge of at least one programming language (preferably Python).

Coding Courses Offered by MIT xPRO

Scope: For continued business relevance and profitability, organizations are looking for the most talented full-stack developers. The program curriculum is designed to help learners become job-ready, learn in-demand coding skills, and compete in a high-growth field. This coding program is available in three formats:

Name of the Program Duration Course Fee
Professional Certificate in Coding – For Women 32 weeks, 15-20 hours of effort per week $$$$$
Professional Certificate in Coding: Full Stack Development with MERN 32 weeks, 15-20 hours of effort per week $$$$$
Professional Certificate in Coding: Full Time 16 weeks, 35-40 hours of effort per week $$$$$


What makes this program different: The MIT xPRO Professional Certificate in Coding is an immersive program and one of the best online coding courses in the market. With personalized feedback, live weekly office hours, Ivy League faculty, and an opportunity to develop a GitHub portfolio for potential employers. 

Faculty to watch out for: John R. Williams

Who is this program for: The program is ideal for career launchers, builders, and switchers. The curriculum helps learners prepare for these potential careers: web developer, front-end developer, full-stack developer, and software developer. 

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Coding Course Offered by National University of Singapore

1. Programming with Python

Scope: NUS has designed this program to curate a strong emphasis on real-world problems to meet fast-evolving industry needs and trends. If you are ready to learn market-ready coding skills and Python applications, then this program is for you. Python is the highest-ranked programming language and can be seamlessly used to meet the evolving needs of every organization. 

Duration: 12 weeks, 6 to 8 hours per week

Course fee: $$$$$

What makes this program different: This program is specially designed for professionals without any prior coding experience. Learners acquire fundamental concepts of Python programming and practical application opportunities to solve real-world problems. The curriculum also exposes students to develop a program using Anaconda. 

Faculty to watch out for: Danny Poo

Who is this program for: This program is ideal for professionals who have no coding experience. The learning can be applied across industries – IT, Banking, Management, Marketing, and Advertising. Those who are looking to future-proof their careers, transition into data science roles, automate tasks, and increase professional value in the global marketplace can benefit from this program. 

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Coding Course Offered by Columbia Business School

1. Python for Managers

Scope: Gone are the days when leaders and managers didn’t need any technical skills and could outsource programming work to developers. In order to survive in today’s corporate world, non-tech leaders must learn how technical concepts apply to business. Python is robust, easy to read, and powerful, making it ideal for beginners. It is also the world’s most popular programming language and has an all-time high of 15.42% market share. This course is designed to help senior professionals program and analyze real-world data with Python.


Duration: 8 weeks, 6 to 8 hours per week

Course fee: $$$$$

What makes this program different: The program’s curated curriculum will help experienced professionals solve business problems, prepare for the future, and communicate effectively with coders and developers. No prior coding experience is required 

Faculty to watch out for: Mattan Griffel

Who is this program for: This 8-week program is ideal for consultants, senior managers, CXOs, team leads, and directors. The curriculum will help learners build the skills and capabilities to organize large volumes of data, combine information from various sources, and make informed business decisions. 

Ready to Pick a Coding Course?

Reach out to learning advisors from each of these universities if you have any further questions. All you need to do is open the course page and find their contact information. Also, ask yourself these seven questions before making that final decision. Find all the best online coding courses only on the Emeritus website. Happy learning!

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