10 Highest-Paying Marketing Careers for Creative Professionals

10 Highest-Paying Marketing Careers for Creative Professionals | Sales and Marketing | Emeritus

LinkedIn’s 2022 Marketing Jobs Outlook report shows that over 618,000 marketers pivoted from their marketing jobs in 2021. So, what jobs are they doing instead? Marketers are looking for high-paying roles where they can put their marketing skills to use. Many have switched to sales, media and communication, business development, operations, and project management. All these career paths overlap with marketing. Therefore, the highest-paying marketing careers are no longer constrained to core marketing but focus on sales and business development.

This blog explains what the highest-paying marketing careers are. It covers the following topics:

  • What are the highest-paying Marketing Jobs?
  1. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  2. Vice President, Marketing
  3. Director of Marketing
  4. Public Relations
  5. Creative Direction
  6. Product Marketing
  7. Global Marketing
  8. Demand Generation
  9. Brand and Content Marketing
  10. Copywriting
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Highest-Paying Marketing Careers
  • Want to Land a High-Paying Marketing Job? Discover Our Top Courses for Success

What are the Highest-Paying Marketing Jobs?

Here is a list of the top 10 highest-paying marketing careers:

1. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

The CMO is the executive head of the marketing department in an organization. They lead and supervise all marketing functions and departments, like brand management and product marketing. The primary responsibility of the CMO is to increase business sales and profitability by leveraging various marketing strategies.

Average Annual Salary: $350,193

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2. Vice President (VP), Marketing

This leadership role is another one of the highest-paying marketing careers. VP of marketing takes end-to-end accountability for planning and executing marketing campaigns and projects. Moreover, their role also includes hiring marketing professionals, approving marketing budgets, and allocating resources.

Average Annual Salary: $278,893

3. Director of Marketing

The role of a marketing director is to collaborate with the sales and other teams to understand their goals and plan marketing strategies accordingly. They are also responsible for preparing marketing budgets and conducting market research to understand the demand in the market. Additionally, they use various data analytics tools to predict future market trends.

Average Annual Salary: $184,678

4. Public Relations (PR)

In a hypercompetitive market, all businesses need to establish a distinguished identity. Communication campaigns and promotional stories on multiple media channels are the best promotional methods for businesses. Hence, public relations is one of the highest-paying marketing careers. The primary responsibilities of a PR director are managing media relations, brand announcements, and collaborations to increase brand presence.

Average Annual Salary: $157,817

5. Creative Director

Creative director is one of the highest-paying marketing careers as they plan, create, and direct advertising or marketing campaigns for a brand. They also use their creative vision to establish a unique creative voice for a particular product/business. Creative directors either work as in-house creative directors or at a media agency, helping multiple businesses grow.

Average Annual Salary: $145,148

6. Product Marketing

Product marketing managers act as a bridge between the marketing team and the customers. They do market research to understand customers’ challenges and demands. As a result, they leverage the insights to create an excellent product marketing strategy and execute compelling marketing campaigns.

Average Annual Salary: $141,093

7. Global Marketing

Digital media has made it easier for brands to build an international presence and scale their business. Hence, global marketing has become one of the highest-paying marketing careers. Specifically, it involves marketing and promoting a brand in various countries requiring advanced marketing tactics. Moreover, global marketing managers conduct market research in various jurisdictions and plan custom marketing strategies as per the location to help a brand boost its international business.

Average Annual Salary: $108,420

8. Demand Generation

Demand generation refers to a marketing strategy in which a brand educates its target audience about its products and services and promotes the benefits to pique their interest. Additionally, it is one of the highest-paying marketing careers involving various inbound and outbound marketing techniques to promote a brand, engage with its potential customers, and educate them about the brand. In addition, it helps generate leads for a business that the sales team later converts to generate revenue.

Average Annual Salary: $103,324

9. Brand and Content Marketing

It is one of the most strategic and highest-paying marketing careers that uses content marketing strategies such as email marketing and LinkedIn engagement to build and nurture a brand. Moreover, brand and content marketing managers use various metrics to plan and analyze market campaigns and Return on Investment (ROI).

Average Annual Salary: $141,100

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10. Copywriting

Persuasive storytelling and copywriting can be game-changers in marketing because they help boost customer engagement. Hence, copywriting is one of the highest-paying marketing careers in marketing. In fact, a copywriting manager’s role involves leading a group of copywriters and writing, editing, and reviewing marketing campaigns and website content.

Average Annual Salary: $119,669

Green MarketingFrequently Asked Questions About Highest-Paying Marketing Careers

1. How Can I Increase My Earning Potential in the Marketing Field?

Marketing trends are always evolving. Hence, one of the best ways to become eligible for the highest-paying marketing careers is to learn relevant skills like email and content marketing.

2. Which Skills are Most In-Demand for High-Paying Marketing Careers?

Digital marketing, advertising, social media marketing, Google Analytics, media relations, conversion marketing, product marketing, and corporate communications are the most in-demand marketing skills.

3. Are There Any Specific Industries That Offer the Highest Salaries in Marketing?

Sales and marketing are the foundation of any business; hence, all industries offer the highest-paying marketing careers. However, some industries with a high demand for marketing jobs are health and lifestyle, consumer trends, EdTech, and FinTech.

4. What Educational Background is Required for Top-Paying Marketing Roles?

Many of the highest-paying marketing careers demand a global MBA in marketing or an equivalent qualification. However, professionals with a bachelor’s degree in any field and excellent marketing skills can also secure high-paying marketing roles.

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Want to Land a High-Paying Marketing Job? Discover Our Top Courses for Success

Gartner’s 2023 Multichannel Marketing Survey reveals that even though marketers now have multiple channels to reach out to their target audience and attract customers, they, however, struggle to improve user experience and generate ROI. As a result, there is a constant need for marketing professionals to adapt their marketing strategies and techniques to suit the changing customer demands.

Moreover, another survey contends that 75% of the surveyed marketing leaders feel pressured to deliver results with minimum resources. Furthermore, the growth of generative AI has also created intense pressure for marketers to demonstrate their value. Hence, marketers must constantly upskill themselves to learn new trends and marketing strategies to gain a competitive edge and become eligible for the highest-paying marketing careers.

Marketing jobs are evolving and require interdisciplinary skills like business acumen, advertising, media communications, and basic information technology. To that end, Emeritus’ online sales and marketing courses teach professionals the latest skills and marketing techniques. So, explore Emeritus’ online marketing courses to secure a high-paying marketing job!

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