How IIT Delhi’s Project Management Programme can equip you with the right skills to accelerate your career

Advanced and agile project management is now the secret to professional success. As digital technology has increased the frequency and occurrence of projects, it has also forced organisations to rethink project management skills. According to the Project Management Institute, the global economy needs 25 million new project professionals by 2030. To close the talent gap, 2.3 million people will need to enter PMOE every year just to keep up with demand – this includes project managers and all changemakers. A previous report by PMI also shows that organisations that undervalue project management report an average of 67% more of their projects failing outright.

To help meet the talent shortage and assist ambitious professionals in rising to leadership roles in project management, IIT Delhi has launched the Certificate Programme in Project Management . This 6-month live online programme will help you understand project management concepts and principles and deliver projects with a precise focus on time, budget, and quality. This programme will introduce you to the tools and techniques used for comprehensive project management – from its initiation to closing. Enrolling in this programme will equip you with robust planning abilities, the capacity to set clear goals and realistic objectives and achieve them with a single-minded determination.

Specially curated with real-world business applications, real-world case studies and an overall immersive pedagogy, this programme is ideal for professionals keen to amass a comprehensive understanding of project management concepts and their applications. You will be introduced to tactical and operational aspects of project management and learn how to plan, execute and monitor projects for schedule and cost.

Taught by the renowned IIT Delhi faculty, this programme will help you gain world-class insights about the best practices in Project Management and acquire winning techniques to manage projects effectively.

Who should choose this programme?

Currently, in its 4th batch, this programme has helped professionals from less than 5 to 16+ years of experience streamline project management for long-standing success. As a result, this programme will be beneficial for:

1. Recent graduates and early professionals who are working or aspire to work in Project Management roles

2. Managers without any formal qualification in project management who would like to learn and gain state-of-the-art project management and scheduling skills

3. Professionals across industries who want to deepen their competence through advanced project management tools and techniques

4. Consultants who want to absorb the latest project management tools and techniques to suggest pioneering project management solutions to their clients and master the art of delivering projects on time

5. Entrepreneurs and investors who would like to allocate resources efficiently, identify profitable opportunities and rehash their existing business processes using project management principles

More and more research shows that business growth across domains hinges on effective project management. But inaccurate forecasts of project time, costs, and resources dampen innovation and often inhibit success. Organisations are putting their power behind professionals with versatile skill set who can manage change and achieve project goals on time and within budgets. That’s where this programme comes in.

From spearheading projects by building a strong business case, drawing out the project scope, to effectively mitigating potential risks, this programme will offer you a comprehensive understanding of Project Management. Through a mix of lectures, data-based tutorials, and case discussions taught by renowned IIT Delhi faculty, you will grasp key themes and concepts of project management to lead successful projects for your organisations.

Key learning takeaways


Effective project management skills are often the difference between good and excellent project managers. This programme will help you aspire for excellence by teaching you how to:
1. Understand the project management trajectory from defining the project scope to closure

2. Leverage project management to increase profits and acquire a sustainable competitive advantage

3. Apply globally-recognised project management frameworks for real-world problems

4. Learn to apply risk analysis techniques and monitor projects on schedule & cost

5. Understand Six Sigma, Quality Management & Agile Project Management and apply them in an organisational context

After the end of the programme, participants who successfully meet the evaluation criteria will receive a Certificate of Completion and achieve swift career progression.

So without any further ado, enrol yourself in this project management course today and benefit from a distinct and exhaustive curriculum which incorporates all aspects of Project Management from initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing.

Disclaimer: The article has been produced on behalf of Erulearning by the Times Internet’s Spotlight team.

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