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As business demands evolve, organizations are now seeking well-defined frameworks to withstand uncertainties and leap toward growth. The role of finance professionals has become more extensive than ever, where strategic viewpoint, industry-ready financial knowledge, and prudence to help accelerate business profitability and growth are a must.



is the total addressable market by 2025, $1T AUM, $200B revenue by 2030


CAGR, $19.55M market volume by 2027


of global funding fuels India's FinTech, targeting $2.1 trillion by 2030

₹54 lakhs

is the average annual salary for Indian finance analysts

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Investment banking plays a crucial role in the financial sector, acting as a bridge between companies seeking capital and investors. This significant element is intricately covered in the finance courses offered by Emeritus from the best universities. These finance certificate courses offer industry-relevant skills, focusing on investment banking. They cover complex financial transactions and strategies, crucial for professionals in this dynamic field. Taking these finance courses online enhances investment banking knowledge and career prospects in finance, blending theory and practice.

Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) is a pivotal aspect of corporate finance. It focuses on budgeting, forecasting, and analytical processes that support an organization’s financial health and business strategy. Finance courses online delve into the intricacies of FP&A, equipping learners with skills in data analysis, financial modeling, and strategic planning. By participating in these finance courses offered by Emeritus from top universities, professionals can significantly improve their ability to contribute to their organization’s financial strategy and performance.

Risk Management is a critical discipline in finance, focusing on identifying, assessing, and mitigating financial risks to ensure organizational stability and success. The finance courses offered by Emeritus from the best universities provide an in-depth exploration of this essential field. These finance courses online cover various aspects of risk management, including market risk, credit risk, and operational risk, along with strategies to manage and hedge these risks effectively. Engaging in these finance courses empowers learners to navigate the landscape of financial risks.

Accounting is the systematic process of recording, analyzing, and reporting financial transactions, crucial for informed business decision-making and compliance. This fundamental aspect of finance is extensively explored in the finance courses offered by Emeritus from the world’s best universities. These finance courses online offer expertise in financial reporting, auditing, and compliance, along with accounting principles. These finance certificate courses enhance skills in managing financial records efficiently, regulatory adherence to pratices, and strategic financial analysis, which are vital for the finance sector.

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While banking includes the services such as giving loans, accepting deposits, underwriting, and giving securities, and offering shares to public, finance includes a larger range of services such as insurance services, asset management services, financial research facilities, and others. Based on your area of interest, you can choose to advance your career in any of the fields by undertaking Emeritus India’s certification course in banking or finance. Or you can even undertake a comprehensive banking and finance course.

In India, the average base pay of a Banking and Finance professional is INR 22,927 per month. Furthermore, the estimated additional pay is approximately INR 95,559 per year, which may include cash bonuses, profit sharing, tips and more.

And, the average salary of a Finance Manager is INR 12 LPA, which increases with experience. It may go up to INR 1,95,022/month for a Lead Finance Manager.

If you have just started your career in banking and finance, consider accelerating your career with a certification course in banking and finance and increase your chances of earning a competitive pay package.


If you are planning to build a career in banking and finance, you have a myriad of job role options that range right from entry-level customer service roles to top-level bank manager roles. Below we have defined a simple career path for banking and finance aspirants.

Banking and Finance Career Path

  • Bank-tellers and Customer Service Representatives
  • Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers
  • Accounting and Financial Clerks
  • Loan Officers and Credit Analysts
  • Investment Bankers and Sales Agents

And, if you want to accelerate your career in banking and finance, it is highly recommended to sign up for one of the online banking & finance certification courses offered by Emeritus India.

Simply put, financial management is the business function that deals with allocating available financial resources in order to increase corporate success and return on investment (ROI). Financial management experts are also responsible for allocating cash in the most efficient manner, such that they can ensure the organization’s financial stability and growth.

You can enhance your financial management skills by taking up a finance management course, financial risk management course or any other relevant course.

Blockchain is a data storage technology that makes hacking, changing, or manipulating the data difficult or impossible. A blockchain is a digital log of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the blockchain’s complete network of computer systems. You can learn more about blockchains and the relevant aspects by taking up an online blockchain certification course.

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Banking is the business of securing the funds of others. Banks lend this money, earning interest and profit for themselves and their customers. In simple words, a bank is a type of financial institution that is authorised to take deposits and provide loans. They may, however, provide additional financial services. The term “bank” can apply to a variety of financial institutions, such as trust companies, savings and loan associations, credit unions, and any other sort of deposit-taking institution. You can enhance your skills or be a part of the banking sector by doing a diploma in banking and finance.

Though there are several career paths in the banking and finance industry, you do need a wide range of skills in order to gain an edge over your competitors. The key skills required to build a career in banking and finance are:

  • Commercial awareness
  • Numeracy
  • Problem-solving
  • Networking
  • Leadership and team management
  • Analytical Skills
  • Technologically Savvy
  • Relationship management skills

If you want to develop these skills or hone your existing skills, it is highly recommended to undertake one of the online or in-person banking and finance courses from Emeritus India. We offer these courses in collaboration with reputed institutions.

Roles and responsibilities of a financial manager include overseeing all of an organization’s core financial functions. Finance managers nowadays spend less time creating financial reports and instead focus on data analysis, planning and strategizing, or counselling senior managers and top executives. If you wish to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of a financial manager, you could enrol in a banking and finance bootcamp or banking course with placement opportunities.

Building a career in finance and banking can be both, a fulfilling ambition and financially profitable. With the changing times, it is seamless and highly advantageous to pursue finance and banking management certifications. Some of the benefits of pursuing advance courses in finance & banking are:

  • High-paying jobs
  • Profile Building
  • Industry-oriented Curriculum
  • Networking
  • Multiple Career Options

If you also want to leverage these benefits, you can enrol for a course in a banking and finance to accelerate your career.

The banking, finance and accounting industries provide a broad range of job opportunities, right from the entry-level banking and finance jobs to senior level positions. A few of the many job titles in the field of banking and finance are:

  • Banking Associate
  • Bank Officer
  • Loan Manager
  • Portfolio Analyst
  • Credit Risk Analyst
  • Treasury Management Officer
  • Finance Director
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Vice President of Finance

If you wish to take up such interesting roles in banking and finance and advance your career, it is highly recommended to undertake a certification course in banking and finance.

List of Finance Courses

The world of finance is continuing to automate. With an increased focus on big data, analytics, and predictive modeling, finance professionals need to integrate finance with other functions and double down on business insights. By 2025, Finance organizations will not only need traditional finance and accounting skills, but also capabilities drawn from areas such as operations, technology, and engineering, according to Deloitte. Emeritus’ wide range of programmes can ensure the next-generation of finance leaders have the right data foundation, technology, and talent to succeed in an expanded financial role.

Following are the banking and finance certification programmes in India you can opt for to advance your career:

Programme University Duration
Executive Programme in FinTech, Banking and Applied Risk Management IIM Lucknow 6 Months
Executive Certificate Programme in FinTech and Blockchain SPJIMR 7 Months
Financial Analysis and Financial Management IIM Kozhikode 10 Months
Chief Financial Officer Programme IIM Calcutta 9 Months
Postgraduate Certificate in Finance XLRI 10 Months

Apart from the banking and finance courses listed above, Emeritus India offers various other in-person and online certification programmes. We offer these banking and finance certification programmes in collaboration with renowned institutes such as IIM Lucknow, Xavier School of Management, IIM Calcutta and more.