Design Thinking Courses

Design thinking can help businesses innovate and transform the way businesses develop their products, services, operations, and corporate strategy. From Airbnb to Google, the most successful companies in the world use design thinking to merge their users' needs with business goals, unlock new markets, and drive substantial innovation.

2xDesign thinking can deliver twice as fast the business outcomes to market

32%higher revenue than traditional organisations via design thinking

69%design-led firms perceive the innovation process to be more efficient with design thinking.

10%Fortune 500 companies have stated that design is their No. 1 priority.

Design Thinking Certificate Courses

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From Netflix, Apple, Google to HBO, Design Thinking has gained momentum across the world. At a time when customer experience can overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator, a creative, solutions-based approach like design thinking can deliver a competitive edge. Businesses are increasingly hiring professionals who can solve complex business problems centered on the unmet needs of the user. Explore a catalog of design thinking programmes at Emeritus and learn how to use this systematic innovation process to achieve business outcomes.