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Enhance your product management skills, devise impactful strategies, and lead projects that will successfully launch industry-defining products. Learn from industry experts to analyze markets, create product growth strategy, product roadmap, and define metrics for success. Enrol in an excellent opportunity to build a successful product management career.

Product Management


of global SaaS projected for the Indian ecosystem


annual growth projected for the Indian product lifecycle management industry by 2030

$30 billion

yearly revenue forecasted for the Indian software product industry

$50 billion

expected for India’s SaaS industry by 2030

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It feels good to complete the “Applied Business Analytics” online programme from the Indian School of Business (ISB). It was a very enriching experience, managing work and assignments. I have learned various aspects of Business Analytics and Machine Learning.
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Rakesh Guleria

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Guide to Product Management

Concepts: Product Management

User research and customer insights are foundational to successful product management.  Product management courses online provide in-depth knowledge in these areas, enabling you to conduct meaningful user research and translate findings into actionable insights. Emeritus brings you product management courses from the world’s best universities that teach you the intricacies of gathering and interpreting user data. The top online product management courses in India offer a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical application, enhancing your skills in user-centric product development.

Agile methodologies are transforming product management by reshaping how products are developed and delivered. Emeritus offers product management courses from the best universities in the world. These top product management courses online in India provide a thorough understanding of agile principles and practices essential for modern product development. These product management courses give a comprehensive view of agile methodologies, equipping you with the skills. These courses, designed by industry experts, will prepare you for a successful career in product management.

Embark on a creative journey in UX/UI design through product management courses from the world’s best universities on Emeritus. A deep understanding of UX/UI principles is essential for designing products that connect with users, leading to enhanced satisfaction and loyalty. These product management certification courses provide theoretical knowledge, practical exercises, and case studies in UX/UI design, enriching your learning experience. You’ll gain expertise in user-centric design thinking, wireframing, and prototyping, integrating these principles into the product development process.

FAQ on Product Management

Product management is a strategic function that focuses on developing a product that meets the expectations of the audience while prioritising target customers. It is an integral function that provides support and guidance to a product’s lifecycle, from development to positioning and pricing.
You can learn more about product management by taking online courses offered by Emeritus India in association with globally reputed institutes. You will gain hands-on experience on the following by taking an online course:
• How to develop a new product and feature?
• How do engineering and design teams bring life to products?
• How to meet the wants and expectations of the target market?

Here’s a typical career path for product management aspirants. While some begin their journey from Associate Product Manager, others earlier in a technology role may directly transition into senior roles based on their prior experience.

  • Associate Product Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Senior Product Manager
  • Director of Product
  • VP of Product
  • Chief Product Officer

Irrespective of the stage where you start, demand for product managers is exponentially growing and the role is emotionally and financially rewarding.

To acquire crucial skills required for product ideation, development, testing, marketing, and sales, you can pursue an advanced course from Emeritus India. We have collaborated with reputed institutes to offer different product management courses for freshers and professionals.

Few courses you should consider are:

  1. Kellogg School of Management – Post Graduate Certificate In Product Management
  2. Indian School of Business – Professional Certificate in Product Management

The average salary of product management professionals differs depending on their work experience, qualifications, company, and location.

While a fresher, on average, can earn INR 3,42,748 per annum, an experienced product management professional at an entry level can also earn up to INR 20,00,000 annually.

Senior roles attract even a higher salary. (Source)

You must know that honing your skills or upskilling is the only way to secure a high-paying job. Emeritus India has collaborated with reputed institutes to offer various certification programmes in product management to help you acquire industry-oriented skills, increasing your chances of securing a high-paying job.

Here are the skills required to make a career in product management:

  • Strategic thinking skills
  • Empathy skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Research skills
  • Technical skills
  • Financial skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Project management skills
  • Presentation skills

It is very difficult for working professionals to leave their job and enrol for a full-time classroom programme. An online programme in product management from a reputed institute is a prudent choice to maintain a healthy balance between job and continuous learning, thus enabling the learner to constantly stay relevant to the market demand.

Other benefits include geographical flexibility, convenience, a comprehensive learning curriculum, and interaction with industry experts and peers.

Moreover, online courses have wider acceptance and recognition across different organisations and educational institutes, making them the most preferred choice for students and working professionals.

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Below are the roles and responsibilities of a product management professional in an organisation.

  • Analyse market by comparing competitors’ products with your own
  • Conduct market research to identify customers’ needs and wants
  • Plan, and create a strategic product roadmap
  • Monitor product metrics and continuously work on improving them for better customer acquisition, retention, and monetization
  • Work with third parties to determine licensing opportunities or product partnerships
  • Use marketing knowledge to understand customer purchases and product competition
  • Act as a leader within the product management team

Emeritus India has partnered with reputed institutes to provide advanced certification courses in product management. Our programmes will help you develop comprehensive product management skills and give you an in-depth knowledge of skills like prioritisation, a/b testing, market sizing, positioning, branding, marketing, communication, and logistics among others to execute product strategy successfully.

Enrolling in our learning programme will help you acquire vital skills for successful product ideation, development, marketing, and sales. Our courses will give you a solid strategic and tactical understanding of business models and how to conceptualise and create innovative products while keeping the customers’ needs and wants in mind.

With the rapid rise of start-ups in India, the demand for product managers in India has seen an exponential rise. The demand for game-changing products has widened the scope of product management across industries. To survive and sustain in the current business milieu that emphasises prioritising the needs and requirements of the customer, companies need to deploy professionals with advanced product management skills even in India.

Emeritus India has partnered with reputed institutes to offer some of the best certification courses to help you develop product management skills and knowledge and gain hands-on experience in building new/managing existing products.

Product management focuses on the product’s entire life cycle whereas project management focuses on completing the project on time, within the set budget, and in line with the customer’s requirements.

A product manager understands the requirements of customers and business and accordingly creates a product roadmap, which translates into a product development plan. A project manager is supposed to manage the development and testing of features planned within a stipulated time period and deliver them in time by managing agile teams.

List of Product Management Courses

Emeritus India provides an immersive learning experience to aspiring product management professionals. Our product management certification programmes are designed to give you an end-to-end understanding of product management techniques including product positioning, branding, business communication, and logistics and help you develop relevant skills. We offer these courses in association with globally renowned institutes to make stellar education accessible globally.  
Programme University Duration
Post Graduate Certificate In Product Management Kellogg Northwestern 36 Weeks
Product Management ISB Executive Education 12 weeks
Professional Certificate in Product Management ISB Executive Education 24 Weeks
Professional Certificate Programme In Product Management IIM Kozhikode 39 Weeks
Product Strategy For Business Success IIM Kozhikode 12 Weeks
Advanced Product Management XLRI 10 Months
Certificate Programme In New Product Development And Management IIT Delhi 5 Months
Advanced Strategic Management Innovation XLRI 10 Months
Certificate Program In Product Management IIT Bombay 6 Months
Professional Certificate Programme In Product Strategy IIM Kozhikode 5 Months