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Operations Management


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Guide to Operations Management

Concepts: Operations Management

With India becoming a global manufacturing hub, industrial competition has increased. Organizations are implementing production planning, scheduling and control systems to produce quality goods. It involves forecasting demand, understanding capacity, allocating resources, and monitoring production processes to improve product quality, cost efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Emeritus operations management courses offered by top universities help operations or logistics professionals learn the steps of production planning and control systems. These operations management courses also offer practical learning on implementing the system.

With multiple product substitutes available in the market, companies must provide excellent-quality products to retain customers. Therefore, quality management has become the top priority for manufacturing companies. It is a business philosophy that involves monitoring business processes continuously to detect and reduce bottlenecks. It improves efficiency and product quality. Emeritus offers operations management courses by leading global universities to help leaders learn and implement quality management principles and strategies. The operations management courses also teach how to frame total quality management policies.

Continuous process improvement is a key principle in total quality management that involves non-stop improvement of business processes and systems to maximize efficiency. Its purpose is to continuously optimizing processes, tools, relationships, and work environments to gain a competitive edge and build resilience in the evolving business environment. Emeritus’ online operations management courses from the top Indian institutions teach professionals continuous improvement methods and principles for achieving business goals. The courses also teach how to plan and implement process improvement strategies.

Scaling a business requires a thorough understanding of capacity planning, a process that helps organizations assess their maximum production capacity with respect to the market demand. This helps companies with inefficient budget planning and resource allocation. Moreover, capacity planning helps organizations analyze how fast they can scale. Efficient capacity planning requires understanding various business factors and processes. Emeritus’ online operations management courses by leading institutions teach relevant skills and processes to master capacity planning.

The rapid shift in industrial trends and consumer demands requires companies to rethink their values and processes to deliver more quality. This is called Business Process Redesign(BPR)—restructuring business systems to find improvement areas, increase cost efficiency, and boost customer service. The BPR concept is based on eliminating redundant steps in a process instead of automating them. Professionals can pursue operations management courses to learn the fundamentals of BPR. Emeritus’ online operations management courses offer practical learning and skills to implement BPR.

FAQ on Operations Management

Operations management is an administrative function that manages and monitors resources like materials, machines, technology, and people required for product manufacturing or providing services.
An organisation’s operations management team balances cost with revenue to achieve the highest operating profit potential. Therefore, having knowledge of operations management prepares early career and mid-senior-level professionals to transition into managerial roles.

Here are some common job titles in the field of operations management.

  • Operations Analyst
  • Operations Supervisor
  • Operations Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Operations Engineer
  • Director of Operations
  • Chief Operating Officer

There are many skills required to make a successful career in operations management. Below we have listed a few important ones:

  • Attention to detail
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Project management skills
  • Problem-solving and critical-thinking skills
  • Strategic planning
  • Staff management
  • Decision-making skills
  • Leadership skills

Having the right skills is a valuable asset that helps accelerate your career to new heights. Emeritus India has different operations management courses that help improve your existing skills and acquire the advanced skills required to enhance your career prospects.

We have partnered with prestigious institutes to provide these courses to freshers and working professionals.

Operations managers are mostly resourceful and energetic individuals. They are also known to be methodical, which makes them detail-oriented and organised. This makes them natural leaders who can get the job done.

Along with having the above-mentioned natural traits, you will also need a set of skills since operation managers are key members responsible for production and services. Hence, developing relevant skills is a great way to become eligible for the role.

Emeritus India has collaborated with reputed institutes like IIM, IIT, ISB, XLRI, and others to offer advanced certificate courses in operations management. In our programmes, you will gain advanced knowledge of lean thinking, analytics, and other operations management concepts and learn the practical skills required to fulfil your responsibilities in an organisation. Additionally, our courses prepare you to lead and advance operations across various industries.

List of Operations Management Courses

Emeritus India offers operations management certificate courses to help you adapt, evolve, and transform your business operations with innovative and effective strategies. We have partnered with reputed institutes like IIM, IIT, ISB, XLRI, etc., to enable early career and mid-to-senior level professionals to make career growth and attract exciting work opportunities in the field of operations management. Our comprehensive curriculum is delivered through online sessions, workshops with industry experts, group assignments, real-world case studies, etc. Enrol in our learning programme to acquire the skills and knowledge required to lead and advance operations in your organisation.
Programme University Duration
Advanced Operations Management & Analytics IIM Kozhikode 10 Months
Executive Programme in Strategic Operations Management & Supply Chain Analytics IIM Lucknow 10 Months